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How Shields Work (Info for Newcomers)

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Sonny 2 is a very popular game, therefore there can be many newcomers curious just to become experts of the game. To help them in this path, this topic shows how shields really work. This also demonstrates how damage calculation works (it works along with shield calculation, please refer to paragraph 4 of the explanation) PLEASE KNOW that I am not an expert of the info for shields and that this info is not exact, so if you know more, you can tell me so I can re-correct it.

Note: The shields in here mean as in shield buffs, not as in shield items for the secondary wield slot.

Variables (Please refer to this if you encounter any of the variables to understand them!)
X = Damage a shield takes, explained by description
Y = One of the 4 primary stats (not including focus) by its own number (For example, Instinct, 397)
Z = Any percent (50%, 25%, 69%, etc.)

Table of Contents (Helps you identify which paragraph in the explanation has the thing you’re looking for)
Paragraph 1. Explanation
The beginning of how the shield works…
Paragraph 2. The Thing Is…
How a shield works basically.
Paragraph 3. How Understanding Helps
How knowing the components of the shield helps throughout the game.
Mini-Paragraph, Complex Understanding Border
To help know that further on is the complex things about the shield.
Paragraph 4. Some Calculating
We take a look at how the shield’s life is calculated.
Paragraph 5. All The Math
How the calculation works if you can’t understand any of the previous paragraph.

Shields look very ANNOYING on the enemy. At first glance you might think that it blocks all damage by X, and you somehow break through it. This leaves many newcomers curious to how it works. The thing is it really doesn’t block all damage by X, it’s like a temporary addition to life by X. Using shields will be useful if you’re near death, as they work much more than normal healing.

The Thing Is…
The thing is that once a shield is now on someone, it has a life of it’s own. Once this life is depleted, the shield will no longer work and damage becomes redirected to the one with it. Once a shield becomes useless, this adds as a cooldown since trying to replace the shield while the useless old buff is still on will still keep the shield life at 0 so you need to wait until it disappears.

How Understanding Helps
How understanding shield mechanics can help you throughout the entire game is so valuable that it finally helps you understand a few flaws of enemies that use shields to trouble you. For example: Android Guards mostly (not always) waste one turn regenerating their shield buff before it even expires. Using previous information on the second paragraph of the explanation, you would get a free chance to finally annihilate him if their shield is already busted.

Further in is now the complex understanding. If this part is hard to understand, you are free to skip this part.

Some Calculating (Keep a calculator handy for understanding this!)
If a shield move is based on the % of Y, The shield life is the base number of the stat plus (the percent of Y used – 100, not in percent). This process is now mentioned as ShieldC1. If, however, a shield move is based on the % of two Ys, then the shield life is the base number of the two Ys added together, then the sum is added by ShieldC1 if the percent values of what is taken from the two Ys are equal to each other (ex. Strength 120%, Instinct 120%), otherwise the two Ys need to be added by ShieldC1 seperately before adding the sums. A shield move might also include a healing effect. This does not mean that the healing effect will split Z the healing for the shield.

All The Math (This is for the calculation in paragraph 4 if you don’t understand)
ShieldC1 is simply equal to (% of Y used – 100), right? If you don’t understand, here is how it works:
(% of Y used = 120. 120% -100 = 20%. Unit of Y with number + 20% itself = Shield life. ex. 100 + 20% = 120 shield life)
If it’s two Ys equal in percent…
(% of Ys used = 200. Y1 + Y2 base number = sum. ex. 139 + 121 = 260. Sum + % of two Ys = Shield life. ex. 260 + 200% = 520 shield life)
If it’s two Ys inequal in percent…
(% of Ys used = 150, 190. Y1 + (% used – 100) (and same for Y2) = sum. ex. 139 + 50% = 209 (with roundoff), 121 + 90% = 230 (with roundoff)… Sum1 + Sum2 = Shield life. 209 + 230 = 439 shield life)

End of Explanation
It’s not very hard to understand that, was it?

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Interesting, though how do you get access to the coding?

I would like to find out which part of the game names the moves used by enemies, as they can vary but mostly stay the same in certain clusters.