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more IDEAS:


hits 10 on the foe you shot on and then splits to 2 shells. each shell do 25 damage.


does 1 damage on first shot then 2 damage on other then goes 3,4…etc.etc- up to 8 times.


Its a shot that does 0 damage but then a devil like thing comes from underground and does 55 damage and 50% chance to do effect called ’’demonic’’: the tank takes 15% more damage from all projectiles on 3 turns.


You shot a normal bullet on enemy dealing 1 damage but then only 1 builder splits out of it to the nearest tank.


shots a symbol out dealing 45 damage but then splits to 3 light bullets following to nearest tank dealing 8 damage each


shots a green bullet that splits to 5 palms at the same time.


Shots a black lantern to the enemy dealing 30 damage then has a 100% of bleed and 45% of demonic.


shots a GIANT bullet that calls 3 big bullets dealing 20 damage each 25% chance each shot that he gets the effect
’’radioctived’’: enemy tank gets 30% lower damage on weapons for 2 turns.

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@ZumaBeast09 you suck at ideas and they are bad seriusly.



the original bullet explode right when you shot it so it explode on you dealing 25 damage on yourself, But then it splits to 2 bullets that goes to 1 bullet again then it explodes right before hitting the surface and splits to 5 bullets dealing 20 damage each.

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Really, it was meant to be a joke – _ -

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Effect: shoots a triangle (same AoE as heavy shot) and upon exploding splits into 3 smaller triangles (heavy shot AoE), does this 2 more times
Damage: First triangle does 33 damage, all other triangles (do 3 damage)

Ring of Fire
Effect: a mix of napalm and O attack
Damage: 11 units in circle formation do max burn damage of 9 each and minimum of 3 each (longer distance= more damage)

Cluster strike
Effect: acts like 3 “mini” area strikes, shoots like 3 ball
damage: 10 damage per hit (too much?)

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Ok i understand @ZumaBeast09


OVERLOAD (dont get many comments at this that it is too OP i know it is too OP)

a tiny shot (as hard as sniper to shot) deals 5 damage then deals 20 damage over 3 secounds.

IMMORTAL (dont get many comments that this is OP this too .)

gives you 50% less damage from all projectiles from 3 turns.

THE TEAMS (maybe too OP but dont comment about it’s too OP)

shots the name of the team.
example: TEAMS: MasterMinder-Cain11-ead.
ENEMIES: EpicSapphire-LulzLolz-C4t3rPilLar
each name shot does 20 damage. 30 damge if only 2 players and 60 if alone.

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Foot of Fury
2. Shoots a signal flare. When the flare stops bouncing, a giant foot falls down from the sky, crushing all tanks below it. Additionally, the foot flattens the land.
3. Deals moderate damage to all those within range (damage should depend on foot’s length).

Homing Missile/Heat Seeker
2. Shoots a projectile into the air. At the peak height, the missile shoots towards the nearest tank for a 1/4 – 1/2 second. After this time period, the missile continues normal projectile motion.
3. Medium blast radius, moderate damage. Maybe a bit of fire damage, especially if named Heat Seeker.

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Shoots a white signal flare. After 5 bounces, it disappears, then 40 white shots similarly to Rain. Each shot does 3 damage and bulges the ground by 1 pixel.

A complicated weapon. Shoots a hamburger that falls apart to these things (sorted from top to bottom):

  • 1 bread (10 damage, medium sized explosion)
  • 3 pieces of salad (5 damage each, small explosion, doesn’t effect terrain)
  • 1 patty (25 damage, large explosion)
  • 5 cheese (does 3 damage, small explosion, doesn’t affect terrain)
  • 1 bread again (10 damage, medium sized explosion)
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like sniper but gose straight dose 60-70 dmg

shoots an blue and brown ball that bounces 3 times then calls down 3 diggers and 2 builders B=builder D=Diggers DBDBD

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@Grokmin thats too OP

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some ideas:
Peace Please: does 0 damage and is’nt a shot but is just used. after use, it makes a (golden) peace sign fall down on all opponents and they get (80% chance) a effect called ‘’peace-man’’ which decreases damage done of the opponent by 80% but also decreases damage taken by 80%.

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@Grokmin LASER is ok

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new idea


shots a normal shot that does 1 damage and doesnt effect terrain.
90% chance to get bleed
25% chance to get demonic
50% chance to get burn
1% to get Holyfied: gives shield for 2 turns but loses 99,9% of his weapons(means only 1 wepon left)

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I feel as if weapons with effects would complicate the game by an unnecessary amount.

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Originally posted by m3person22:

I feel as if weapons with effects would complicate the game by an unnecessary amount.


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How about game modes
I thought of “Food Haven”
It only uses food weapons like
“cake grenade”
“candy bouncer”
please reply to this

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Originally posted by davidesp06:

How about game modes
I thought of “Food Haven”
It only uses food weapons like
“cake grenade”
“candy bouncer”
please reply to this

Sounds more like a deluxe pack more than a starter-player thing….

Delicious Hamburger: 1-2 damage (to self.) 4-10 damage to enemy.
Effect: when shooting yourself, get 40 health back. when shooting enemy, they get 10 health back. encourages friendly fire on teammates.

Dispencer: fires a missile that transforms into a floating air-tank. it flies around and drops 1 weapon down to each team, along with enemies. IF shot, however, it uses the weapon it is supposed to drop on the shooter.

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Effect: All trajectories and power are randomly reset for that round causing all tanks to shoot at random locations.

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Like fountain but deals more damage (+5 more). The area damage is lower but same width

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like a tunnler it can go through the terrain or be shot normaly what unique is that this wepon drills through aromor ignoreing it and olny damages health 40 damnage

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Oh, Christmas Bomb

Say merry holidays to anyone with this weapon!
Shoots out a Christmas tree that explodes with a large radius on impact, dealing 40 damage. While flying, it drops off 2 ornaments/second, which do 8 damage each and explode with a medium radius. After impact, it shoots out 5 more ornaments, and a garland consisting of 30 lamps which do 2 damage each. (The garland acts like a Stream.)

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Doom Telporter

You aim yourself at a person if you hit, you get teleported there and does 45 damage.

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Turn upside down into the ground and all shots that land on you will do half damage. All of your shots will do half as well. It only lasts 1 turn after you use this.

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Spontaneous combustion
Someone randomly will light on fire, including teammates and yourself, causing 1 or 2 damage until he dies.

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It’s the troll face.Do 50 dmg
It’s a diamond.Do 35 dmg
It’s a poison pot.Do 10 dmg, as a effect that do 5 dmg for 3 turns