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How about a weapon named something like “Grabber.” The grabber when fired at an enemy has the radius of a heavy shot, and deals about 25 damage. But it’s damage is not what makes it special. A player may fire a grabber at a weapon crate that is lying on the ground and “retrieve” it if the shot is to land, radius applies to this effect. Something like this may already exist, I just started playing and am like level 9.

Another weapon that could be made would be the “AF Bomb” or the “C Bomb” I can’t decide between Air Friction Bomb, or the Charge Bomb, but the function of the weapon is that the arc of the weapon determines it’s damage. If you shoot it at a 90 degree angle it will do far more damage than if it is shot at a 35 degree angle. While if you shot it at 90 degrees it would just come back down on you, it is just an example. The damage of the weapon could further be augmented by the amount of power that is used in the launch. This is to ensure no one simply goes right up next to a person and shoots this at an arc at them. The point of the weapon is to use it like a mortar.

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Originally posted by ninjacloneXD:
Originally posted by Behemoth542:

Mirror shot

Shoots two heavy shots, one going through air, the other going underground. Underground shot angle is the same angle, but at inverse. For example, the angle is 140º, the underground shot would go -140º (the tank being underground or inverted, don’t know how to explain it). Damage is 40 for each shot. Explosion radius is the same than Heavy Shot

Already exists – Yin Yang

It does? Didn’t knew

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Bee-line: Shoots a yellow sphere that explodes with a radius similar to a large shot. This weapon deals about 45 damage, and does not arc. Once fired it continues on a straight path until it collides with something or goes off screen. It’s trail could alternate between yellow and black.

Deluge: Similar to the “Rain” skill, the main difference is that this weapon is worth using. Each drop deals 6 or 7 damage. Perhaps add this in a weapon pack?

Storm cell: A “call-in” that launches a blue sphere with a yellow core. Lightning strikes twice where it lands, first a little to the left for 20 damage, then to the right for 20 damage once more. If it lands on or very close to a target, the target takes damage from both bolts. Rain will fall while the lightning strikes, dealing 6 damage per drop in the designated area.

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shots 20 yellow bullets that does 2 damage each but it has a little homing on the player that dealt most damage to you.

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Unholy grenade:

shots a black grenade with a skull ontop instead of a cross. when it hits the ground it just disapear. Then it comes from above and strikes 30 damage and disapears again and comes from underground upwards again does 15 damage.

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HellForger Big red ball with a smaller black one inside. that when hit at tank takes 30dmg but after that 30 small red balls fall from the sky in a arc hitting about one fourth of the map or more if aimed best Should be used only if your in a high spot.

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Unholy driller small blue and whit ball works like the digge but takes 10 dmg each time it comes down on it but each time it slams into its foe it shoot a small grey bomb three times into the air to came back down on the other tank and explode with 20 dmg

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Gamma Ray

Laser that can go through the ground. Reflects off of the edge of the screen 4 times expanding as it travels but also gets weaker.

Magnifying Doom

Travels for 1 second then creates a magnifying glass. Light shines through and hits the target below. The closer to the focal point, the higher the damage. (bit of science)


Like flattener but creates very rough and steep terrain.

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if you shot it normally straight on a person it has radius of ghost bomb and it does destroy terrain but does 10 damage if shto straight, So the point is to shot over the screen where you CAN’T see the shot, then it comes down and THEN it does 40 damage

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Originally posted by Smokescreem:
Originally posted by MasterMinder:


Almost same shot as a roller but it walks towards nearest tank then stabs him (3 stabs total) each does 25 dmg (needs weapon pack for it, maybe)


shots one giant shot that splits to 2 other bullets that follow eachother to nearest enemy (30 dmg each, no dmg for the giant shot)


same as holy grenade only it says ‘’Meet Your DESTINY!!’’ Then does 40 damage then splits to 5 dark shots that splits around and each dark shot does 10 damage


it damages 35 then steals 20 hp and same explosion radius as a boomerang.


shots 9 bullets that does 9 damage each and 9% chance that each shot splits to 6 shots that takes 6 damage then 6% that one of the 6 shots split to 3 shots damages 3 damage.


when shot out it does 45 damage and builds a random figure up to: square, rectangle, threesome or circle.


shots out 15 spikes that does 5 damage each and 25% chance that one of the shots do the effect: Bleed that does 10 damage this round then 5 damage after then 1 damager after that then stops bleeding.


Shots a laser like thing. same as sniper but does 75 damage and 70% chance to do effect: Burn.
Burn: does 20 damage 3 times.


Does 75 damage and does not explode. 100% to do bleed: 10 damage this round then 5 damager after then 1 damage after that then stops bleeding.


shots a bouncing ball then calls a storm of swords coming for the air.
each sword does 5 dmg here. Shots 22 swords


it stays in the air until round is over. When you wait to the other round, Then shots, Then it goes to sighted place you shot with the TOO LATE gun. TOO LATE gun does 65 damage

All of your ideas a WAAY too OP.Assasin does 75 damage.From your desc,i can make out the twins home towards enemies and deal 60 total damage.Unholy nade,leecher and origamier are the only weps not op but origamier threesome isn’t really explaining itself.Lucky Shot can do 81 damage without splitting at close range.Spiker is a luck shot.Deals alot of hurt or only 45.Beam is total op.75 damage is alot,but count it up with the high possibility of an additional 60 damage is mindblowing,unless its as hard to aim as a sniper.Sword does 81 damage in 3 turns.Not too weak.Sword storm is’t correctly explained,since ‘coming for the air’ doesn’t make much sense,believe me.Too Late can be easily dodged by anyone with a bit of sense.

And cactus strike is creativity too as you know

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Focused Shot shoots a sniper and kills every thing on the game for 56034906902384968203460 damage or points

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Maybe a weapon pack based on the Astrological Signs.
Scorpio – some poision/acid blast
Aquarius – a jet of water
Leo – a close range slashing weapon.

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Originally posted by qazq:

Focused Shot shoots a sniper and kills every thing on the game for 56034906902384968203460 damage or points

Grow up, And that idea is pretty much RETARDED i hate these kids that don’t even know what forums are used for.

well heres a idea


same as volcano but it makes you go down instead of going up and then 10 blue shots same as volcano. and does 5 damage each blue shot, Blue shot is the sign of water xD

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kChamp please add these ideas to the next game or this game!


shots a yellow signal bouncing around until it stops, then it comes 4 yellow bullets raining down that splits to 2 bullets each dealing 15 damage


Shots a green signail bouncing anround until it stops, then 4 breakers rain from the sky, 15 damage each splitted bullet.

Napalm strike:

Shots a red signal bullet bouncing around until it stops, Then ONLY 1! napalm comes from the sky.

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moar ideaz


shots a blue bouncing signal that calls 3 giant blue shots size of a massive shot raining down and each giant blue shot splits to 5 smaller blue shots size of a heavy shot dealing 5 damage each. similar to CactusStrike

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SUPER splitter
Fires a splitter that splits into a novemquimquagtillion different splitters(10^180) that deal 1 damage.

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A good weapon
Destruction – Earthquake Effect, Only Deals 50 Damage and has a….how should I put this….Call of Duty Black Ops Nuketown like effect,

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Originally posted by qwertyuiopazs:

SUPER splitter
Fires a splitter that splits into a novemquimquagtillion different splitters(10^180) that deal 1 damage.

SuperSplitter name already exists.

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Not a weapon, really, but you should be able to trade in items (Jetpacks tracers, drops, and shields) for 2 coins apiece.

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9/11 (no offense)

Raises the land where it hits similar to wall then a plane crashes into it.


Shoots a frisbee shaped ship that stops and grows halfway. Then shoots out several small ships with the same trajectory as the mothership. Small ships will shoot until they crash similar to chopper.


Shoots a plane that starts doing tricks then homes in on someone crashing into them.


Shoots a flare similar to airstrike. Calls in paratroopers that shoot until they hit the ground.

War zone

Shoots a flare. Combines area strike, airstrike, and artillery strike (in that order) with reduced damage.

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Tomahawk Shoots a tomahawk that if hits in a certain area of the tank does +15 dmg. Normally does 30 without +15.

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Throwing Star X Shoots a Throwing Star that is shimmering light red (not pink) and splits into the same (smaller) 5 throwing stars on each side but does 8-10 dmg each.Most of the stars direct towards the middle of the shot,still doing massive dmg. Small radius.

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Uber Weapon KO Beam Unlockable at Lvl 100. Instantly KO’s the target. (Who would’ve thunk?) Might not be a good idea cause kChamp might not let the lvl’s go to 100. Baddest accuracy ever though. Even if your shot is directly aimed,no-miss for sure,Low Wind would make it miss entirely,even though it is a beam. It has an arc,and even if no wind,it would be really hard to aim it. Uber stuff aren’t always perfect,are they?

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Weak Shot 8 dmg,but very good accuracy. Aim it if they have low hp,and you’ll most likely hit them.Medium and High Wind would do something,but Low wind wouldn’t affect it.

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Lava Boom Just like Flame,Blaze,and Inferno but does more dmg and it shoots only 5 fireballs,burning 5 dmg each for 1 second. Lasts 3 second. Slightly better accuracy then Inferno. It “Booms” when hitting target dealing 10 dmg only.