[Recruitment] Decepticon #25 (TOP 30 last war) !!

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Hi everyone ! After the last war, we decided ( Decepticon #29 in top guild ) to kick some inactive or selfish players ( Those who prefered to use attacks against weak opponents and not keep it for hard fights )

We finished #28 in the Valentine’s war, and #30 in the Red Maw Invasion ( We could finish easily in the Top 25 if we hadn’t met Sithlords (#14) at the last fight )

Here is a little recap’ of our battles during the last war:

1-20: Only defeats

Win against qpPREDATOREN (#24)
Win against Hussars (#27)
Win against Siberia (#30)
Win against XcessiveKnights (#32)
Win against ColbyCocaine (#35)
Win against DiamondDogs (#40)

Defeat against Apogee (#26) they were really really good, congratulations to them, they were a really amazing opponent, hope we will meet again in next war to get our revenge !
Defeat against RighteousSlayers (#36) We met them just after another hard war and ran out of battles for some players, we lost by 1k or less, but congratulations they were an hard opponent ! :)

41+: Only wins

We finished near to the top 25, and we would like to become better again ! That’s why we need some new recruits, if you want to join us:

- You should have a really good deck
- You should be active during wars and listen officers ( The 2 main points are, we keep battles for big fights and don’t use all against weak guilds, and we don’t destroy structures of weak guilds too, by fair-play ! )
- You should speak with us, on Line, or if you don’t want to install it ( All our players don’t use it ^^ ) you could use the Guild chat, but you will have to speak ! :)
- You should be funny ! ( Because we enjoy jokes, and it’s a game, we’re here for fun first of all ! :D )

So, if you think you have the abilities to join us, you just have to:
- Send me a PM
- Let a message there
- Send me a message on line ( ID: Pierrel43 )

Don’t forget to mention your deck, your BR and a little presentation of you ! :)
Here we go ! Together ! DECEPTICONS ! :D

PS: Sorry if you had some difficults for understanding me, I’m not english, I try my best to make it easier to understand ! :)

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Bump ! :D

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have your leader contact me on line chat lee2212 is my id

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Hey, I scored 16k points this war, and am 56k BR.
Here is my deck:


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52k br, 14k last war. (was in yeah’s) Really annoyed with players that blow against weak guilds then have nothing left for proper fights. which was about 25% of our guild. Love to join you… sounds like you play a good tactical game.
not sure what Line is – will install if required.
Sulf1re is my game name, plz recruit me!
dracorex l5
kronus l6
seculded rig l4
glorius vigil l5
xeno overlord l5
starformer l6
tartarus scion l6
auger l5
apex overdrive l3

need to upgrade a l5 draconian queen to get the venemous raptor fuse.

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Hi Pizdetc, I would like to know on which fusions / cards you’re working at the moment to improve your deck ? :)

Flowirin, your deck seems to be interesting, but I have the same question and I don’t really know why you’re playing a Kronus in your current deck ^^

For information, Line is a free application that some of us are using during Line to coordinate easier our attacks ^^

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Bump ! ^^

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Hi, I’m very interested =)
Username: OmniscientEye battle points: 60k
scored 21k war points during last war and searching for a better guild (ours ended 126)
My deck:

-Halcyon Lv4
-Blitz Plate Lv4 x2
-Havoc Alpha Lv5
-Tartarus Scion Lv6
-Razor Maiden Lv4
-Auger Lv6
-Apex Lv6 (currently making Apex Overdrive)
-Thunder Crag Lv5
-Aegis Lv5
-Unholy Daemon Lv6

please invite me if you’re interested =]
I’m a very acive player

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Speaking from Apogee – nice battle! Thanks for keeping the game fun! Keep up the good work ;)

See you next war!

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Hi I wannna join!!
Username: “ivanchan11” battle points: 90k

My deck:

-Xeno Suzerain
-Xeno overlord
-Sacred Sanctuary
-Tempest Hold
-Auger x2

please invite me if you’re interested =]
I’m a very acive player

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Omniscienteye, Your deck seems to be a bit less powerful than what we expect, do you have any other cards in your inventory or any plan for the future ? :)

@LuckyTrefle, It was really hard, your guys are really good, nice work guys, I hope you will continue to be an as strong opponent as you were in this war ! :) ( I also see that I wrote " Congratulation to us, and not congratulations to them in my first message, such a stupid thing, I will change it now ! :D )

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Hello again Pierre. Here’s a more detailed look at my deck and inventory:

Current deck:

Dracorex Lv. 5
Venomous Raptor Lv. 6
Venomous Raptor Lv. 6
Savage Beholder Lv. 3
Blight Demolisher Lv. 6
Blood Pool Lv. 5
Brood Minion Lv. 4

Draconian Queen x2
Smog Tank x2
Blight Crusher x2
Prometheum x2
Thunder Crag
Slug Borg
Nexusiste x2
Reaver x2
Skycom x2
Equalizer x2

Current roadmap is to build Brutal Beholder, two SR’s, and then Promethium+/Blight Trampler if I don’t have anything that better synergizes with my BT deck by then.

BR is 42k (trying to keep low) and scored 12k in Red Maw.


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Hi Flavorbaby ! You have a pretty nice deck, and you know where you go and this is a really important point ! We would be happy to have you with us for next wars !! :)

Can you send me a PM with your username ? You can also leave your current guild, we will invite you soon ! :)

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Hello, if you are looking for recruitments still here is my info.
BR – 48,196
13,650 points in last war despite working two days.
10/10 activity rating
Deck info:
Alaric level 5
Equalier level 5
Pantheon Disciple level 5
2 reckless fanatics (1 level 5 1 level 6)
Auger level 4
zodiac level 6
contaminant scout level 6
wildfire level 4
dutiful veteran level 4
angelwing level 4

Also currently in the process of upgrading other cards to replace the rares in my active deck
If interested invite NicholasC192.
I will leave my current guild after acknowledgement

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I’m also looking for an active guild. BR-62711. Last war 24 400 points. My current deck:

Halcyon Lv.4
Galereaver Lv.6
Pack Dozer Lv.6
Forsaken Beetle Lv.6
Tartarus Scion Lv.6
Masterwork Aegis Lv.6
Masterwork Aegis Lv.6
Heart Shredder Lv.6
Rupture Ogre Lv.6
Hephatat Fury Lv.6
Terminator Mech Lv.4

My inventory, over 90 cards. Some interesting ones:
Swift Hellion Lv.4
Iron Maiden Lv.1 X2, Lv.2 & Lv.4
Pantheon Progeny Lv.1 X2
Terraformer Lv.6
Unholy Daemon Lv.6
Aegis Lv.1 X4

If your interested let me know. My current guild is just to low for me.

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Hello Galahad ! We would be happy to have you with us ! Can you leave your current guild and tell me what’s your username ? :)

Don’t forget that you can also join us on Line if you want :)

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Just left. User name Galahad1001.


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Nice, My leader will invite you soon ! :)

You can also join us on Line if you want, add me: Pierrel43


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As a former member of Decepticon I can honestly recommend the guild. Friendly and helpful, however you will have to be active and responsive when needed.
We had a good time together and I wish Decepticon the damned 25th spot in the next war. After being 26/63/29/30 they deserve it.

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Thank you KarstenK for your nice message ! We will always be happy to had you with us during 5 months, you were a great member, And the new guild you will choose will be really happy to have you ! :)

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Would love to join a more active guild , play this game everyday as have the app on my phone, all guilds iv joined have been inactive and is quite frustrating, last guild leader didnt even set up a fortress !! Im currently 17k br .. My tag is SpacemArine90 would love to join your guild please invite me if i can :)

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Hello SpAcemarine90, can you tell me what’s your deck please ? :)

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BR: 41.000
Battlepoints in last Guild Fight ~8.000
Commander: Alaric 5*
Fanatic 6* + 5*
Terraformer 6*
Tartarus Scion 6*
Blitz Plate 6*
Dutiful Veteran 4*
Tiamat 6*
Equalizer 4*

Broodwalker 1* + 3*x4
Terminator 1* + 4*
Blitz Guard 4*
Indebted Veteran 4*
Honor bound Veteran 4*
Smog Tank 3*
Blood Pool 1* + 4*
2x Nexusisite 1*
Tiamat 1*
Absortion Shield 4*
Iron Maiden 1*
Thunder Crag 4*
Dreadship 4*
Deamon 1* + 5*
Mongore 1*