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Common Issue Solutions

  1. I got a reward from a battle, but can’t find it now – Please refresh the game and check again, also make sure to check the craft section too. Sometimes your reward may look like equipment (sword/bracers etc) but its actually a craft material
  2. My daily reward reset to day 0 – Please note that daily rewards reset every day at 5pm PST, not 24h after you last logged in, so make sure you don’t miss it by a small margin
  3. Buttons are not responding when trying to do stuff – Make sure you are viewing page at 100% zoom
  4. I can’t login to the game – Please try the following:
    bq. – Make sure your browser and Flash is updated
    - Clear cache/cookies
    - If you use AdBlockers/NoScript or you have a browser setting that disables popups, please allow &
    - If you are behind a firewall, make sure it does not block Outbound port 443
    - Increase flash storage settings to 1 MB or more here
    - Try a different browser. Does that make any difference? Recommended are mostly Chrome and FF, but all browsers should work fine with the game
    - If nothing solves this, please mail