Fallen Champions guild ~ Recruiting ~

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A new guild im making. We are going to be VERY active once we get going :D


~Dont dis anyone or you you will be kicked.

~Be active in guild raids( If there is more then 1 up be active in atleast one )

~If you need a specific boss up I will see what I can do for you :)

~If you got an alt that you want in tell me

~If you are going to leave please tell me ( You dont really need to its just so I know your gone and I can let more people in )

~Please notify me if some one is being rude to other members of the guild.

~Enjoy the game :D

Must be 20+ and able to do atleast 50k in one go.(Members already in are exceptions)

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Guilds made everyone :D

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Mk :) Np cuz im only 24 on kong xD 185 on FB tho :P

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I would like to thank who ever it was in the Celanio raid :D we killed our first guild boss :D good job everyone :)

Please post your damage either here or in the guild chat :) thank you very much everyone :)

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I would like to apply. Lvl 28, though I’m not sure how much damage I deal per hit… In Game Name is Darius. Will send application once enough time has past since my last guild. They weren’t active enough with raids for me… 90+ members and only a 10 man up for 3 days…