Patch Notes: October 12, 2012 (locked)

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Scheduled Maintenance


  • Enchanting has now been released. You will find this feature in your Crafting section.
  • Enchanting allows you to take runes and other components collected throughout the game and apply them to a piece of equipment in order to enchant it with increased stats.
  • There are a limited number of initial components for now, but we will be expanding them as the system grows and we gauge player feedback and desires.
  • Enchanting an item will provide it with a bonus to Attack, Defense, and Perception. When you enchant an item that has a quantity greater than one, the affect is applied to all items in that stack. If you enchant a unique item, it remains as that item with a bonus. You are not creating a new item.
  • You cannot enchant Troops, Generals, or Mounts.
  • For the initial release, there are six Runestones of varying glow effects: None, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple.
  • Each Runestone will graphically indicate its color. Some colors will naturally look better on some equipment. There are Runestones of each tier that have no glow effect.
  • The effect of a Runestone is indicated in its text.
  • Pragmatic Relics and Pragmatic Relic Fragments are also Enchanting components in addition to the Runestones.
  • Enchantments do not stack. When you attempt to enchant an item multiple times, it will always overwrite the previous bonus, even if the previous was better. Note that a lower tier component cannot overwrite a higher tier component. However, if you have enough components, you may want to take the risk and keep enchanting until you get the best possible bonuses.
  • Day Two of the Daily Rewards now drops a random T1 Runestone.

Requiem for an Eclectic Dream

  • This event has been modified and extended.
  • Cooldown timers remain at 8 hours for Hargamesh, Headmaster Grimsly, Rift the Mauler, Sisters of Song, and Mardachus the Destroyer.
  • Each of the above mentioned raids contain every rarity color of the Plundered Treasure Chests.
  • These raids have had all equipment removed from loot for this week, increasing the crafting drops.
  • These five raids also contain the first release of Runestones.
    • Hargamesh and Headmaster Grimsly: Tier 1 – No-Glow, Orange, and Blue
    • Rift the Mauler: Tier 2 – No-Glow, Orange, and Blue
    • Sisters of Song: Tier 3 – No-Glow, Orange, and Blue
    • Mardachus: Tier 4 – No-Glow, Orange, and Blue
  • 3x crafting drops from random encounters in Ryndor and Together in Eclectic Dreams are still active.
  • A Runestone Bandit may be encountered in both Ryndor and TiED. This bandit will drop Tier 1 to Tier 4 No-Glow and Green Runestones, and Tier 3 and Tier 4 White Runestones.
  • ! ! NOTE ! ! If you do not loot these raids before the next patch, the loot will have reverted and you will receive loot from that table.

Dragons’ Lair

  • For this week only, the cool down on Dragon’s Lairs has been reduced to six hours.
  • The drop rate of both Pragmatic Relics and Fragments has been increased for this week.


  • Removed Mardachus’ Beastman from Lucian’s Lesson on Hard difficulty.
  • Corrected Mardachus’ Beastman’s health on Nightmare difficulty.
  • The Ironclad Essence should now drop correctly. People who completed the area previously and didn’t receive it will be given it next patch.
  • The Disan Necromancer’s Grimoire now correctly summons undead troops.
  • The proc description and actual in-game effect for the Arena Horn Beast now match.


  • New General bonus damage has been happening even when the item was not owned.
  • Commanders and equipment currently do not count toward Legion Power or Damage.
  • Perception Bonuses gained from Static effects on generals are currently not working.
  • Infernal Champion’s set produces 0 damage vs non-Ryndor raids when used with a legion commander.
  • If you have ever purchased a Starter Pack 1, you cannot obtain future packs even when items are changed.

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