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Submit your application in-game, or simply click the link below.We are recruiting active friendly players, of all levels

Guild Link, Click here to apply

We are constantly doing raids, and we make sure there’s one raid up all the time.
The new raids are being killed constantly, fast, and almost instantly re-summoned. We will wait a bit before going against N’rlux as we simply want to be prepared.

There are no spoken rules, except that of language and common sense.
We will teach you how to play, we will show you the basics and we will help you to grow.

We are looking forward to anybody that wants to have fun.

See you In Game !

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I will also post tips and tricks, and things to look for in the game

Generals :

Free – Yes
Obtained by – Scrolls of Dahrizon quest bosses:
– Scroll of Dahrizon I from Dahrizon’s General quest boss
- Scroll of Dahrizon II from Guardian Golem quest boss
- Scroll of Dahrizon III from Animated Armor quest boss
- Scroll of Dahrizon IV from Simulacrum of Dahrizon quest boss
- Scroll of Dahrizon V from Simulacrum of Dahrizon quest boss
Improvement – Dahrizon’s Attack and Defense increase for every 12 different Troops owned
Special – Adds a bonus of 100% to all Legions.

Free – Yes
Obtained by – Drop from World Raids
Improvement – High Sister Agnes increases Machaon’s Attack and Defense
Special – When you have him in your current Legion, there is a chance for him to use Rejuvenating light, Restoring some Health, Energy and Stamina, depending on your level

Items :

Shield of Ryndor
Free – Yes
Obtained By – Ryndor quest bosses
- Circle Bloodmane: Quest Boss Loot – Bloodmane
- Circle Kerberos: Quest Boss Loot – Kerberos
- Circle Hydra: Quest Boss Loot – Hydra
- Circle Sir Cai: Quest Boss Loot – Sir Cai
- Circle Tyranthius: Quest Boss Loot – Tyranthius
Improvement – This shield can be upgraded to the Shield of Ryndor
Special – Increases Health by 200(max) , Energy by 10(max) , Stamina by 10(max) , Attack by 20(max) , Defense by 40(max) ; PvP Bonus: +175 power(max) , +7 deflect(max)

Sword of Conquered Kingdoms
Free – Yes
Obtained By
Blade of Eldarun – from Erebus the Black (Raid)/Tainted Erebus (Raid)
Blade of Anothia – from Gravlok the Night-Hunter (Raid)
Carnus’ Crest – from Lurking Horror (Raid)
Carnus’ Hilt – from General Grune (Raid)
Improvement – This weapon can be upgraded to the Sword of Conquered Kingdoms
and again to Sword of Conquered Kingdoms

Special – Chance to create a Sword Fanatic; Extra damage for each Sword Fanatic owned; PvP Bonus: +225 power(max), +30 damage eflect(max)

We seek the way, wandering wherever we wish

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Some extensions that people may find usefull

Kongregate RoomJoinEnhancement
Used to join any room, full or not

Kongregate Quick Friend Manager
Used to manage your friend list.It will delete your friends in bulk, and it will add the people in the same room as you.
Use it to get the AP for 5000 army.

SRDotDX – wpatter6/JHunz
This one is a MUST for everybody, it lets you manage your raids, join “Pastebins” and shows you in chat what the FS/OS is for all the raids. Keep on eye on this one as it is updated constantly

Other scrips you may want to look at can be found here:

To install follow the steps on SRDotDX, works the same way for any script:

If you are using an old version of the script, remove it from your browser before installing.

Google Chrome:
Click the green button that says “Install” at the top right of the screen then refresh the DotD Page
Note: Newer versions of Chrome may give you an error stating that extensions may only be installed from the Chrome Webstore. If you get this error, you will need to use the following steps instead:
1) Download the userscript to your computer
2) Open the url chrome://chrome/extensions/
3) Make sure the file you downloaded is called “140080.user.js” and doesn’t have a “(1)” appended. If it does, delete the old version and remove the “(1)” from the new.
4)Drag the saved .user.js file and drop it to the page above.

You need Grease Monkey for Firefox before installing this script.
Click the green button that says “Install” at the top right of your screen then refresh the DotD Page

If you haven’t done so, you will need to setup a userscript directory in Opera before you can install this script:
Mac Users: Click O Menu > Preferences > Advanced > Content > JavaScript Options
Windows & *nix: Click O Menu > Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Content > JavaScript options
Select the directory where you will put your User JavaScript files.

Right Click the green button that says “Install” at the top right of this page
Click “Save Target As” and save the file as SRDOTDXJHunz.user.js in your user script directory
Reload Opera

Internet Explorer:
Get a better browser that support userscripts, then follow the instructions above for the appropriate browser.

We seek the way, wandering wherever we wish

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Already in a guild, but for the beginners, you may find these links to be useful:




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https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0AvP2qXrWcHBxdHpXZkUzTHNGNkVWbjE5c2VEZUNNMUE&toomany=true Damage Procs

DOTD Log Analyzer http://www.fooby.de/dotd/log.php

http://tinyurl.com/OH-Legions Legion Optimization & Evaluation

http://prntscr.com/2m6yt6 screenshot of a table of naked/no legion tests (damage)

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvP2qXrWcHBxdHpXZkUzTHNGNkVWbjE5c2VEZUNNMUE#gid=0 Damage Procs (4th gen)

http://tinyurl.com/d28ht4w Equipment PvP Power Guide

http://dotd.wikia.com/wiki/Legions legions

http://www.dawnofthedragons.com/forums/forums/showthread.php?35446-Updated-Gear-Comparisons Gear Comparisons

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http://leon.dx.am/pages/tnl.htm To Next Level Time Estimator

http://tinyurl.com/dotd-autoleveling-guide autoleveling

http://dotd.azurewebsites.net/ImageViewer.aspx?p=~/Styles/Images/StatAllocationTable.png stat link

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the script to join raids has been changed completely, use the following link for a new, improved raid-joiner (same developer – wpatter6 and JHunz)


The script instalation guide is the same one as posted above
TSkraba’s dotd script tutorial is a bit outdated, as the new script does not support pastebins anymore, and nobody makes them .
for any questions and help, feel free to ask here

We seek the way, wandering wherever we wish

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http://prntscr.com/ LightShot prt scr

https://adblockplus.org/en/firefox adblocker firefox

http://dotd.azurewebsites.net/ScriptPage.aspx RC link

http://leon-dotd.clanteam.com/guides/12-LyreABa%C2%80%C2%99s+DotD+Raid+Catcher+Script+Guide.htm rc info

http://tinyurl.com/ TinyURL

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http://tinyurl.com/7ebke53 and raids fs/os

http://tinyurl.com/mkh2fbh Wizard Tower Raids Loot Tiers

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnrEuegyLHjpdHJnWGZLckJRNl9waUp6TmlrYTNhVVE#gid=10 raid loot tabel’s

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Bump, we could use some more active players!

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http://www.dawnofthedragons.com/forums/forums/showthread.php?22818-SOCK4-Hunt-Guideb SOCK4

http://www.dawnofthedragons.com/forums/forums/showthread.php?21517-Scroll-locations Citadel Scroll locations

http://www.dawnofthedragons.com/forums/forums/showthread.php?21517-Scroll-locations&highlight=scroll Citadel Scroll locations 2

http://www.dawnofthedragons.com/forums/forums/showthread.php?35832-Hauberk-of-Gleaming-Gold-What-we-know&highlight=hauberk Hauberk of Gleaming Gold

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Questing :

The first thing you should aim for while questing : “The Scrolls of Dahrizon”
It may take some time before you can complete everything about that zone, but it will be well worth it.
You will need the following items to be able to run through the zone :

Normal :
Required item : Kyddin’s Signet
Crafted From :
1x Kyddin’s First Map ( Bloodmane )
1x Kyddin’s Second Map ( Kerberos )
1x Kyddin’s Third Map ( Hydra )
1x Kyddin’s Fourth Map ( Sir Cai )
1x Kyddin’s Fifth Map ( Lord Tyranthius )

Hard :
Required item : Suneate of the Last Emperor
Crafted From :
Misako’s Essence
Obtained By: Each Vornstaag quest boss will drop a piece
Misako’s Journal PageIronclad quest boss
Misako’s Journal PageZombie Horde quest boss
Misako’s Journal PageStein quest boss
History of Carnus the WarwalkerBogstench quest boss
Eurydice’s Compendium of CursesNalagarst quest boss
Misako’s Cleansed Ring
Obtained by defeating Misako

Legendary :
Required item : Hauberk of Gold
Crafted From :
Championship Belt
Obtained by defeating Mestr Rekkr
Mestr Rekkr Essence
Obtained By:
Wrestling Contest Invitation : Gunnar the Berserk quest boss (Bludheim 1)
Alte Armatur und Ringkunst : Nidhogg quest boss (Bludheim 2)
Flos Duellatorum : Kang-Gsod quest boss (Bludheim 3)
Gladiatoria " Ulfrik quest boss (Bludheim 4)
What Ya Gonna Do? : Kalaxia quest boss (Bludheim 5)
Stylin’ and Profilin’ : Kalaxia quest boss (Bludheim 5 – very rare drop)

Nightmare :
Required item : Gauntlets of the Realm Walker
Crafted From :
Hargamesh’s Stinger from Hargamesh quest boss
Grimsly’s Diploma from Headmaster Grimsly quest boss
Rift the Mauler’s Hand from Rift the Mauler quest boss
Music in a Bottle from Sisters of the Song quest boss
Mardachus’ Claw from Mardachus the Destroyer quest boss
Mysterious Emblem from Strangers in a Strange Land quest in Hargamesh’s area

Rewards :

Each time you complete a different difficulty, you will receive 1x
Legion Tactics of Dahrizon I

By the time you are done, you will receive a 200% boost in legion damage. Even if you are using an Energy build, during WR, it will be usefull. Add this to the 100% bonus you get from Dahrizon the general and you will see a great difference.

We seek the way, wandering wherever we wish

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Achievement Points :
Achievements are part of a system to track in-game achievements and rewards players for reaching each level with increasing numbers of Achievements Points (AP) which can then be gambled for unique items.
The amount of AP given from achievements also varies depending on what achievement that was completed not only level.

Your current list of achievements can be found in the lower left hand corner of the profile tab and once clicked will load up your recently received awards and the list of all achievements available below and your current status.
Achievement List

Following Items can be obtained from the AP Packs :
Peasant’s Tribute
(100 achievement points)
1x Loyalty of the People – (Crafting Item)
1x Adoration of the People – (Crafting Item)
1x-5x Colosseum Tickets – (number may vary more)
1x Death Touch – (Quest Boss Consumable) (number may vary)
1x Javelineer – (Troop) (35A, 20D, Human, Strength, Ranged)
2x Planet Coins
5x Planet Coins

Knight’s Reward
(500 achievement points)
1x Ottosorden Knight – (Troop) (35A, 55D, Hhuman, Strength, Tank)
1x Rhynhart Warhorse – (Mount) (210A, 150D, Increases crit chance)
1x Respect of the Knights – (Crafting Item)
1x Allegiance of the Knights – (Crafting Item)
1x The Red Prince’s Helm – (Helm) (95A, 95D, 95P; +10 Energy; PVP Bonus: +60 power, +10 deflect)
5x Planet Coins

Noble’s Gratitude
(2,500 achievement points)
1x Patronage of the Nobles – (Crafting Item)
Lord Ruthven – (General) (95A, 150D at lvl 1, Undead, Intellect, tank; Chance to deal bonus damage and heal you)
1x Noblesse Oblige – (Ring) (80A, 80D, Chance on hit to recruit a Javelineer)
1x The Red Prince’s Gauntlets – (Gloves) (95A, 95D, 95P, +8 energy, PvP Bonus: +60 power, +10 deflect)
1x The Red Prince’s Sabatons – (Boots) (95A, 95D, 95P, +10 energy, PvP Bonus: +60 power, +10 deflect)

King’s Bounty
(10,000 achievement points)
ALL items in this set are UNIQUE
1x The Red Prince’s Legplates – (Pants) (95A, 95D, 95P, Increases Attack and Defense by 5 for each piece of the Red Prince’s armor equipped; PvP Bonus: +60 power, +10 deflect)
1x The Red Prince’s Cuirass – (Chest) (95A, 95D, 95P, Increases Attack and Defense by 5 for each piece of the the Red Prince’s armor equipped; PvP Bonus: +75 power, +10 deflect)
1x Avenger of the Realm – (Main Hand) (200A, 80D, Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if Defender of the Realm equipped; Extra damage for each piece of the Red Prince’s armor equipped; PvP Bonus: +75 power, +24 damage)
1x Defender of the Realm – (Off Hand) (80A, 200D, Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if Avenger of the Realm equipped; Extra damage for each piece of the Red Prince’s armor equipped)
1x Henchmen – (Legion) (3 Generals: Intellect; 16 Troops: Strength; Power Bonus: 200)
150x Planet Coins

with 10 000 achievement points you can get Peasant’s Tribute 100 times.If you want to gamble with it, you will have to get planet coins, at least once in two-three tries.

Most players advise you save for King’s Bounty. Once you got all the UNIQUE items, you will only get planet coins. well worth it in the end. It is still up to you if you want to use 50,000 AP before you get your first Planet coin, and then keep getting them 100%,
or just gamble with Peasant’s Tribute

We seek the way, wandering wherever we wish

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http://dotdstuff.blogspot.fi/ Revan’’s blog

http://dotd.cu.cc/login Dawn of the Dragons – help

http://dotdstuff.blogspot.fi/2013/06/all-helpful-shit-in-one-place.html [Guide] All the helpful shit in one place

http://tinyurl.com/dotd-linklist links

http://dotd.cu.cc/login dotd help

http://www.kongregate.com/forums/137/topics/329807 dotd guide

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EZFW5iaVTeXulfQeCkiB8_cADgaAdqnEQLkSdS5UqFM/edit?pli=1 dotd faq

http://tinyurl.com/b777ewd Quick guide for beginners

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will like to join lvl 229 pvp’er slightly inactive due to summer jobs

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http://dotdstuff.blogspot.fi/2013/07/public-information-starter-magic-list.html [PUBLIC INFORMATION] STARTER MAGIC LIST

http://www.dawnofthedragons.com/forums/forums/showthread.php?28835-Seven-Unyielding 7u

http://www.dawnofthedragons.com/forums/forums/showthread.php?9529-Magics-Full-Report proc list for Magics

http://tinyurl.com/ovkvpbk Magics v.2

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http://dotdseer.azurewebsites.net/Expedition Expeditions

http://www.dawnofthedragons.com/forums/forums/showthread.php?35925-Expedition-Simulator&p=685404#post685404 Expedition Simulator

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https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjGTnRIlJaMldGFzeVJ4UUxWY1V5UXN5QUZ4eFJDWHc&usp=sharing#gid=3 guild raids exp/rep

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AibTOJCdZhaYdDlQcTVxclpFd2pmaVhiTXBvS1dPTmc&single=true&gid=4&output=html Elite Gladiators

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http://dotdleaderboard.azurewebsites.net/ Dawn of the Dragons Leaderboard

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Magical Creatures:


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Look forward to playing with y’all :)

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https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_ZB7rTupOOWH41fJSfxfRYctiXEDsScVZOWVRSkmB34/edit#gid=0 Campaign Gear

http://www.dawnofthedragons.com/forums/forums/showthread.php?31940-Campaign-nodes-loot-tiers&highlight=campaign Campaign nodes loot tiers

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AimN0sV7HDgzdExESGhvVk9HR3YxN190X2liRFh5S3c#gid=1 campaign loot tiers 2

http://dotd.wikia.com/wiki/Guild_Campaigns Campaign nodes