[To Devs] Demand For ALL Button

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Please implement a button that uses up ALL energy/stamina/honor. Over 300 clicks plus lag is too time consuming.

To adjust for the bulk usage premium, program a separate object calculating the premium rate for every benchmarked current energy/stamina/honor units used, such as 5, 10, 20, 100, 250, 1,000, etc.

Even better, implement a dialog box requesting how much energy/stamina/honor the player wants to dump in the raid and 1) calculate damage per unit, 2) calculate the bulk usage premium, and 3) calculate the stuff procs on a per-unit basis.

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Very commonly requested, not happening bro. Besides the devs only read the suggestion forum anyway.

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Used all stamina, got 1 flag.
15 levels later.
1 mail, 1 leather straps, 3 flags, 5 troops.

What a wonderful idea

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we arent getting a 100 button
we are surely not getting a all button

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lol, this is a MMO, they want you to spend as much time playing their stuff to show you have no life, its called if your unhappy with the game, just quit, that what Im planning on doing, lvl 600+ and the game has not changed one bit. Don’t even try to complain to the dev’s. They only listen to bugs issues or wallet warrior’s past level 1k, hell I remember having a petition for them to see how many people wanted a 100 button even on just WR’s to stop so much lag, its not going to happen.

to Leothyr’s troll comment its easy to add a “per this many stamina, this many RNG rolls for items” its called a loop?

The game is ment to be tasking of your time and brain, even though its 2000+ clicks on a single mouse developing your very own arthritis to live with the rest of your life.