Patch Notes: December 28, 2012 (locked)

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  • Four new Limited Items are now available on the Home page and in the Bazaar. These represent the first installment of Green Knight related items.
  • The contents of the Mystery Pack within the Expeditions have been changed.
  • The pack now contains the Yeti Hunter and Runemaster sets, along with Faustus and Vigbjorn the Crazed.
  • The Expedition packs’ descriptions now inform players that their chances of obtaining each item within a tier vary.
  • An item’s placement within a tier indicates its relative chances of being obtained. The further to the left an item is, the rarer it is.
  • The War Chests are still available in the Bazaar, and will remain so until next week’s build.
    The Planet Coin stockpile sale also remains active for another week.



  • Players have reported reduced damage from Legions. Although we do not currently see any cause for this, we are still investigating.
  • Commanders and equipment currently do not count toward Legion Power or Damage.
  • Infernal Champion’s set produces 0 damage vs non-Ryndor raids when used with a legion commander.
  • If you have ever purchased a Starter Pack 1, you cannot obtain future packs even when items are changed.
  • Rare issue with Random Encounters or Quest Boss fight resulting in a defeat while results show 0 damage for both player and opponent.

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