Recruiting for TW Army

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Hailing originally from another game, hence the name, we are TW Army with a leader who has ironically quit the game our guild is named after and now focuses solely on this one.

At the time of this post, we are currently at 29 members, with fewer being active. However, we’ve been fairly active raiding and have some really strong people ready to push raids forward and can reliably do the big raids. In addition we’re fairly well coordinated and can likely handle more people with ease.

So if you’d like to join, PM/message/get in contact with one of us. Also not all DoTD IGNs are our kong igns. We don’t have any strict level requirement but preferably someone who aims to get stronger in the game and participates in the raid. Of course, one also should be nice and everything so everyone gets along.

Edit: Link, at least what I think is the link:

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You could add a link to your guild.

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Damn it waraxe.

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They let you in waraxe?

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Added what I think is the link :p, I assume the Invite Friends button is it.

@Spectral, need more love in the place ;p.

@MoW, yeah, haven’t killed me off yet. :)

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Well this is what was sent to me from Dirty (one of your members),..[Apr 2 02:36:39 – dirty] i`ll tag all i want and you cant stop me xD and you tard bich when non rides i have tagged has failed! so stfu!

I assume this isn’t what your team represents and would appreciate people not tagging raids, thanks.