Patch Notes: January 11, 2013 (locked)

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  • Legion filter for Generals and Troops should now allow selections combining all three filters of Race/Role/Source
  • Changes to Perception in Questing
    • The chance to obtain a perception drop while questing is dependent on the amount of energy used.
    • The quality of items found will improve with your perception skill.
    • You may find pieces of the Golden Garden set at any skill level, but your chances greatly increase with your skill.
    • You may also find Perfected Clockwork Parts at any skill level, though the quantity may vary.
    • New Perception drops:
      • Brown: + 25 to skill
      • Grey: +100 to skill
      • Green: +200 to skill
      • Blue: +500 to skill
      • Purple: +800 to skill
      • Orange: +1200 to skill
    • All clockwork pieces have been converted to Perfected Clockwork Parts at the following rates:
      • Brown = 1
      • Grey = 4
      • Green = 16
      • Blue = 64
      • Purple = 256
      • Orange = 1024
  • All clockwork crafting recipes will now use only PCP as construction parts.
  • Since all clockwork items are centrally tied to perception now, we are looking into appropriate perception boosts for all pieces of this set.
  • War Chests have been removed from the Bazaar.
  • Four new Limited Offer items can be found in the Bazaar.
  • The Expedition New Item Pack is on sale. Sale applies only to random buy purchases. Once you have collected all items and entered into the Direct Buy phase, the items will be the standard price.

Return to Burden’s Rest

  • We updated Burden’s Rest quest art and boss art with this update. We will be updating Faedark Valley art next week and holding a special event at that time.


  • Balathu should no longer do bonus damage 100% of the time.
  • Fixed display amounts of PvP bonuses on Heroic Callissa armor.


  • Unrewarded achievements for Scrolls of Dahrizon and Bernard Ironfist are planned to be rewarded on Jan 18.
  • Players have reported reduced damage from Legions. Although we do not currently see any cause for this, we are still investigating.
  • Commanders and equipment currently do not count toward Legion Power or Damage.
  • Infernal Champion’s set produces 0 damage vs non-Ryndor raids when used with a legion commander.
  • If you have ever purchased a Starter Pack 1, you cannot obtain future packs even when items are changed.
  • Rare issue with Random Encounters or Quest Boss fight resulting in a defeat while results show 0 damage for both player and opponent.

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