Patch Notes Jan. 18, 2013

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Patch Notes: January 18, 2013

Scheduled Maintenance

-UI Update – Item-related Popups
-Item type and rarity is now described a bit more clearly on item tooltips and on the purchase window. (For instance, an epic rarity troop is now referred to as “Epic Troop”)
-Visual layout of the Item Purchase window has been improved.
-UI Update – Popups
-The visual style of the following popups have been changed: Level Up, Item Received (Craft, Expedition, Perception, Daily Reward, Gifts), Raid Looted, Achievement.
-The Raid Loot popup now many more items without requiring you to scroll! Loot from certain world raids will still require scrolling…
-Clicking anywhere on screen will now close the popups. There is a half-second delay before this is enabled, to prevent accidental immediate click-throughs.
-UI Update – Expedition Screen
-Improved visual representation of Expedition rarity tiers.
-Unowned items are now faded out, and owned items no longer glow green.
-The New Item Pack has been changed and contains new items.
-When purchasing from the New Item Pack, you will receive a random item each time. You will not receive duplicates from this pack. Once you own all item, you will then be able to directly purchase multiples of each item.
-Relic and Mystery Packs are completely random and duplicates are possible.
-Expeditions have now been noted with the Total chances of items in that tier.
-Additionally, items in the packs have been individually marked to show chances. At present, this is found at the beginning of the items Lore text.
-Until we complete new tech to display each items chance in a better fashion, PCs have been removed from the Mystery Pack.
-Expect to see Clockwork items updated with higher perception and a brand new proc next week.
-The Faedark Valley Event has been postponed.

-Consumables should now count correctly for perception drops in questing.
-Generals should now correctly calculate their personal increases from items or sets owned. This should correct the unexplained damage drop that some people were experiencing.
-Fixed zone and area unlock messages for Crypt of Caracalla and future zones.

-Unrewarded achievements for Scrolls of Dahrizon and Bernard Ironfist are planned to be rewarded on Jan 25.
-Commanders and equipment currently do not count toward Legion Power or Damage.
-Infernal Champion’s set produces 0 damage vs non-Ryndor raids when used with a legion commander.
-If you have ever purchased a Starter Pack 1, you cannot obtain future packs even when items are changed.
-Rare issue with Random Encounters or Quest Boss fight resulting in a defeat while results show 0 damage for both player and opponent.