Beginner Guide for Dawn of the Dragons

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This version is literally out of room. Additions cause Kong to remove all formatting. A new version has better formatting, a Table of Contents, and much more information. Please use that guide at:

Short link:
Solprovider's Old Guide for New Players of Dawn of the Dragons

First Things First
You loaded DotD. You are looking at the Home screen. A sequence of three pictures is announcing the newest changes to the game.

Click one of the small circles along the bottom left of the pictures to stop the sequence. 5thPlanetGames, the makers of DotD, use that slide show in all their games. If left running in the background, it eats your computer. The game will quickly start lagging terribly. Always stop it from running.

AP = Achievement Points. Also used for the damage needed to get credit towards the Achievement for participating in a Nightmare raid. Example: "Maz AP is 100k" means to get credit for Achievement for "killing" a NM Mazalu, you must do at least 100,000 damage.
FS = Fair Share, the total health of a raid divided by the maximum attacker slots.
KB = King's Bounty, an Achievement Points reward. See the PC section.
NM = Nightmare, the highest difficulty for Raids and Areas.
PC = Planet Coins, the real currency of DotD.
SoD = Scrolls of Dahrizon, a special Quest area.
SP = Stat Points. The devs forgot how to spell "statistic", which most games call attributes. You get 5 SP per level. More are created from Crafting.
WR = World Raid. Occasional short-term events with a raid that cannot be killed. The raid link is in yellow at the top of the Home screen.

[Brackets] indicate something is rarely available and probably costs PC when it is available.

Badge Hunters
DotD has 3 Badges: "Reach level 6", "Reach level 30", and "Do 100,000,000 raid damage". Focus on the third. Most of this guide applies. Use the Stamina class. Do not put any SP into Energy unless you expect to complete the Badge during a WR. Buy some Land so you do not worry about buying Health. Tag for stuff.

"SP Farm" when you have decent gear. Forget about NM raids and AP. Hit Normal raids for some very low damage. The more successful raids you hit, the more loot you get. If you cannot find more Normal raids, hit some from your Active Raids list again. (Normal FS is 1/2 NM FS, so hitting a Normal raid for 1/2 AP value, you get the same loot as from hitting AP on a NM raid.)

You want the class giving Stamina fastest. At level 6, choose Battlemaster, then Warlord at level 100 and Warmaster at level 500. After level 500, players do not choose. You cannot reset your character.

During World Raids, only add Energy.

Initially, Stamina is most important Stat for tagging raids, and hitting Mesyra. Increase Energy so you can hit the Quests available to you. Put the rest of your SP into Stamina.

When you reach the "More Raids" section, switch from Stamina to Energy until you complete NM SoD and have General Dahrizon.

LSI is (Energy + 2*Stamina) / Level. After level 100, you cannot increase Stamina or Energy to increase LSI over 7. Put extra SP into Attack (and Defense if needed) until 10,000.

For Zone 10, you will need Defense. 6000 should reduce damage received to 1 per attack.

Do not put SP into Perception until your LSI is 7, and your Attack and Defense are 10,100. See the Quests section for its effects.

Do not put SP into increasing maximum Health. Health is lost when attacking Raids and Quests. You cannot die. You cannot lose a raid, just cannot attack without at least 10 Health. You can lose in Quests to the random encounters and bosses. If you lose to a random encounter, you do not get the extra loot. If you lose to a boss, you cannot progress to the next area. If you stall because you cannot beat a boss, first try using equipment with Health bonuses (see below "Item Sets"). If you still cannot progress, work on a previous zone.

Raise a stat to exactly 10,000, then buy 100 in a single purchase to reach 10,100. Then increase a different stat because the cost increases to 2 SP until level 1500. The costs at each level are on this page:

World Raids
If a World Raid is available, hit the World Raid with all your Energy, Honor, and maybe Stamina. The rewards are usually much better than anything else you could be doing. During World Raids, only increase Energy because you get 2 Energy for the same SP as 1 Stamina, and they do the same damage to the WR. If a WR has much time left, you may use Stamina for normal raids with the Quicken Mind and Haste magics so you level more often. When you cannot level again before the end of the WR, use your Stamina on the WR.

Check the rewards for each WR. The largest WR have per-hit drops so keep hitting as much as possible. Some mini-WRs only have Tiers for Loot so you should stop at the best Tier you can reach.


From best to worst, use these Magics: Haste, Quicken Mind, Suicide Is Painless, [Shadow Strike], Eyes of the Walrus, Greater Impending Doom, (Dragon-only combo) Chriseis' Kiss + Briseis' Blessing, [Mad Marcia's Momentary Massacre], [Insanity Laughs], Impending Doom, [Kyddin's Nexus], Lesser Impending Doom.

If it isn't on this list, do not use it.

MMMM must be removed at 85% health. SS must be removed at 80% health. This is usually difficult except for Guild raids. Do not use either on small raids that will die quickly.

Horgrak gets QM. Highly desired and never reaches full so adding damage magics is bad.
Dragons get Haste+QM, (SIP), [SS], (EotW), GID, CK+BB, [MMMM], [IL], ID. Even a Colossal Dragon does not have slots for TB+LS.
Non-Dragons get Haste+QM, (SIP), [SS], (EotW), GID, [MMMM], [IL], ID, [KN], LID. The only non-Dragon raids with 6 slots are Tyr, Jack, Jack's Revenge, Caracalla. Beg for someone to add EotW, IL, or KN.

When you summon a raid, use what you want to get your damage, then remove the magic, and add the first you have from the list. If you Summon a non-Guild raid, you are the only player able to remove magics. Check your raid after distributing it to see if the magics make sense. Usually that means removing low damage magics or expired MMMM/SS.

How to Obtain (in typical order based on damage required):
Quicken Mind - Rare loot from Grune (AP:200k), Lurking Horror, Gravlock, Al-Azab, Ragetalon
Haste - Epic loot from Groblar (AP: 600k)
Impending Doom - Craft from Wizard Hats, loot from Hydra (AP:650k), Bloodmane, Kerberos, Sir Cai, Tyr. Orange is Epic loot.
Greater Impending Doom - Craft from Runestones, loot from Kang-Gsod (AP:950), Gunnar, Nidhogg, Ulfrik, Kalaxia. Orange is Epic.
Vampiric Aura - Epic loot from NM Guilbert (AP:2200k) raid. Only use on Horgrak for Brough's Trinket 6 and Dirthax for Enigmatic Item 2
Briseis' Blessing - Epic loot from Legendary and NM, Tenebra (AP:4000k) and Valanzes raids.
Lesser Impending Doom - Buy from Bazaar after reaching Zone 6.
Chryseis' Kiss - Epic loot from Dragon's Lair raid. (Tiered:105M. Available on Normal min 7m, best 20m)
Eyes of the Walrus - Reach level 2500.
Suicide Is Painless - Reach level 5000.

Magics to avoid: Beastmaster (needs 9200 Mounts to equal LID), Burning Rain, Expose Weakness, Glimmering Moon, Greater Midas Touch, Greater Poison, Harmony, Harpy's Curse, Khan's Gift, Lesser Poison, Lyria's Swiftness, Morituri Te Salutant, Nela's Kiss, Poison, Reflection, Terracles' Blessing, Vampiric Aura.

Join a Guild. Guild raids use Honor, which is otherwise wasted (except for WR.) The Groblar raid is the only source for Haste magic.

The Salome raid has changed the game with the best Legion and free troops available from tagging, and the best free Mount and a great General available from hitting.

The Rhalmarius raid gives the Bucket Brigade legion and the great generals Kalevra and Booma. Tag even if you cannot do much damage because everybody gets the same number of rewards. Most Guilds like to kill Rhal quickly to start the Cooldown. Rhal's Loot includes Pragmatic Relics (also available from Dragon's Lair and Tisiphone) which everybody wants.

Do 10M damage to Kasgore, Malchar, and Xessus to get parts for Insecticide. 20M is best Loot for damage. 90M is highest Tier. Use Insecticide to get Eyes from N'rlux. Once you have 20 N'rlux Eyes, only hit N'rlux for 100M for AP.

Your Raids
Only create raids on Nightmare. Never solo a raid. Do your damage (see below.) Then release it into the Raid Catcher or Kong Chat. Everybody is looking for Nightmare Horgrak.

Raids from other people
You can copy/paste Raid links from Kong Chat into the field in the bottom right corner of the Raids page. This will quickly become extremely tiresome.

Use Firefox. Install GreaseMonkey. Install the Raid Catcher script using the light green "Install" button in the top right corner of:

Raid Catcher allows clicking links in Chat without reloading, joining all raids from Chat, filtering which raids you see, and an Import function that sometimes works if you have submitted a raid to Raid Catcher.

Tagging raids
Tagging is using 1 Stamina on a raid to get loot. Tagging is the most efficient way to reach a decent level of power. Many raids give nothing useful for tagging. This section lists the useful stuff that can be gained by tagging. When tagging, a Normal raid is as good as a NM raid; the loot is the same, and the raid has a better chance of success.

Too many taggers can kill a raid. Wait until a raid has enough margin that the high-levels can still make the raid succeed. Do not tag a raid until health is under 80% and the time is visibly much higher than the health. Check the list for other taggers.

1. Join a Guild. Use Honor to tag Salome for Chaste Angels and "Angels of Virtue" Legion, which will likely become your main Legion for a while.

2. Tag Mesyra, Nimrod, Phaedra, Tenebra, and Valanazes for the Cyan Scale Helm, Gloves, Pants, and Boots (80/120 each), Wyrm-Worshipper's Band (Ring:70/70/60), and troops (see "Legions and Troops" section.)

3. Tag Normal Riddlers for Treasure Golems, third best available-early troop behind Oroc Invaders (from Invasion) and Chaste Angels. Can also tag Leonine (Normal and Hard), and Centurion Marius (Normal, Hard, and Legendary, not NM.) Check if your Legion can use Treasure Golems - "Angel of Virtue" cannot.

Do not tag these if a raid already has enough taggers. Each hitter must do 100M damage. For these raids, a tagger is anybody who will not reach 100M.

3. Other tags (best to worst):
Mardachus, Sisters, Rift, Grimsly: Glorious Sword of Unimaginable Doom (MH:124/57), Sky Shark (Mount:120/90,Bonus raid damage), Grim Guardsman Breastplate (Chest:75/105)
Jack, Jack's Revenge: Dread Butcher's Ring (100/60,Stam+5), Dread Butcher's Gloves (100/60,Stamina+6)
Zombie Horde, Stein: Spectral Dagger (OH:54/26/20)
Lord Tyranthius, Sir Cai, Kerberos: Iirhinian Pavise (OH:0/75, worse than Spectral Dagger)

When you have these items or better, stop tagging those raids.

Legions and Troops
Most of your damage will come from Legions. For Raids and Quests, your character and your Legion are summed to determine damage. Your Legion will quickly surpass your character's power. Early in the game, Legion power is mostly determined by Troops. As you gain Generals, they will have as much or more impact on Legion power as the Troops. The total power is summing the Attack and adding 1/4 of the Defense of all Troops and Generals, then multiply by any Legion Bonus. Some Legion Bonus only apply in certain battles; a second Legion Special damage number appears at the top for when those criteria are met.

As you gain Legions, check whether they are stronger than your current Legion by clicking Auto-fill. If the new Legion is stronger, then add your unique Troops, rearrange your Generals, and replace all the equipment. You only use the last Legion that was loaded when you leave the Legion screen.

The Legions you use will likely be:
Boar's Snout II (from Mesyra) with Terraclean Statues and Demon hunters/Dragon-Slayer Mages, quickly replaced by Angels of Virtue.
Angels of Virtue (from Salome) with Chaste Angels.
Bucket Brigade (from the Rhalmarius Guild raid) with Chaste Angels and Treasure Golems for Rhalmarius.
Insecticide (from Guild raids) with 10 Demon hunters/Dragon-Slayer Mages, 10 Manticore Hunters, and 10 Centaur hunters for N'rlux.
Wyrm-Slayers II (from Z9 NM Vala Quest) 12 Demon Hunters, 6 Treasure Golems, and 6 Manticore Hunters for Dragons.

When you have 3 Legions, start PvP/Invasion. The best easily available troop is at 700 points:
198 = 120/70 Oroc Invader (Oroc, Ranged, Agility)

The next best Troops are from tagging these raids (which you've already been tagging):
122.5 = 90/130 Chaste Angel in Angel of Virtue Legion.
85 = 60/100 Chaste Angel (Angel, Special, Wisdom) UNCOMMON FROM Salome
83.3 = 67/65 Treasure Golem (Construct, Melee, Strength) COMMON FROM Krugnug. Riddler, Leonine, Marius
65.0 = 40/10 Terraclean Statue (Construct, Tank, Strength) RARE FROM Tenebra, Valanazes
62.5 = 55/30 Dragon-Slayer Mage (Half-elf, Ranged, Agility) RARE FROM Mesyra, Nimrod, Phaedra
48.8 = 40/35 Blood-Drunk Vampire (Undead, Melee, Special) COMMON FROM Mesyra, Nimrod, Phaedra, Tenebra, Valanazes

Auto-assign uses the unused Attack stat to choose equipment ignoring whether the equipment adds any value. Legion Equipment only use their bonuses, not their Attack/Defense/Perception, or any bonuses that affect stats such as Energy, Stamina, or Health. Check to use equipment with "Bonus raid damage". No filter or sort is available to help find the equipment that has effects in Legions.

Item Sets
You can save a set of equipment for your character by first changing the Item Set under your character on the Profile screen, changing the equipment, then clicking Save. Very early in the game you will just use items with the best Attack. When you have more choices, save your best Attack set into Item Set #2.

Item Set #3 should be your best Stamina and Energy gear. Switch to this set just before you level to get extra Stamina and Energy when you level. After leveling, use the extra Stamina and Energy before switching back to your Attack set. The Day 5 Daily Gift Calissa Armor is great for leveling.

Item Set #1 is for any combination you need for a specific purpose. Common uses are bonuses vs specific enemies such as dragons. Questing can benefit from using your best Perception items. If you are having difficulty with a Quest boss, use items with the highest Health bonuses, and save it in Item Set #1 because you will want it for the next Quest boss after using your Attack set for the other Quest nodes.

You will often use a specific Item Set with a Legion that has complementary bonuses. Use these Generals (best to worst) for:
Energy/Stamina for leveling (Abbess Catherine with Boost), [Pelari], (Angus with 2 Boost), [Woosen], [Belsamus], [Kember], Milaku, Kapitän Karotte, (Angus with 1 Boost), Ridolphus, Aeric, Galatea, Pugnacious, Angus, Syriss, Ullis. (Dant'Kun unknown)
Perception for Questing Cogs2, Cogs, Panoptica, [High Priest Maclis], [Katya], [Pelari], Aeric
Health [Wun Ping], Calla, Galatea, Abbess Catherine
Attack and Defense Medea2 (WR boosts), Roland2 (Crossed Swords boosts), Tiberius, [Ariala], [Dao], [Rubarb], Prince Xand, Queen Lena, [Shandra], Olaf, Francis, Abbess Catherine, Kapitan, Galatea. ([Gerlow] and [Sycrax] unknown)

For more about setting up to level quickly, see:

While 5thPlanetGames never releases any useful information about their games, many players have worked to guesstimate numbers for Generals and Equipment. You can find their results here:

Your first real raids
You have some gear and troops, and can do some damage.

Your first real Stamina attack should 4.000m to NM Mesyra for:
* General Bakrax
* Boar’s Snout II Legion, which can use 10 Terraclean Statues and 10 Dragon-Slayer Mages (but not Blood-Drunk Vampires or Treasure Golems.)
* 2 Nestor (Mount:150/150/80), the second-best free Mount for you and your Legion until you get Battle Drake from Salome.
* Dextrous Cyan Claw (MH:158/42), Sinister Cyan Claw (OH:118/82), and Cyan Scale Wings (Chest:80/120).

Your first real Honor raids should be:
* NM Celeano (300k) for Caelian Stallion, Mount for Leveling set.
* NM Groblar (600k) for Haste magic.
* NM Salome: Start with 6.660m for Angels of Virtue legion and Chaste Angels. When you can, hit the Epic Tiers (min:13.33m 18.66m 24m best:26.64m 40m 53.28m 67m 80m 93.24m 107m max:120m) for General Matilda and Battle Drake mount (get second for Legion.)
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More Raids
You have good gear, a good legion, and good troops to fill it. Put SP into Energy with the goal to reach Zone 4 and then complete the Scrolls of Dahrizon zone to boost all your Legions. For your Stamina, it is time to look at other raids. Ignore “Tiered” raids not listed here.

Many raids give Generals and craft materials for under 4,000M. See below for a few important items. Check the Wiki for other loot:

Work on gaining AP. Most of your playing time will be trying to get the Orange achievements for “killing” NM raids. This list is the minimum damage (1/2 FS) needed to get AP for each NM raid. Hit each raid until you have this much damage, then stop. If you overhit, you will get slightly more loot, and fewer people will be able to join the raid, which is not nice, especially for the small raids marked $. Some players will accidentally do more than their Fair Share due to Magic and gear procs. Occasionally check your Active Raids list sorted by Ascending Time to check if a raid needs more people, or if full, you should help kill it.

300K Alice $
200K Ataxes $

1360k Baroness
1800K Bellarius
700K Bloodmane $
1800K Bogstench
450K Briareus $
1240K Erakka
600K Erebus
500K Gravlock $
200K Grune $
1440K Grimsly
2200K Guilbert
1200K Gunnar
1800K Hargamesh
15K Horgrak $
650K Hydra $
1000K Ironclad $
950K Kang $
1600K Kalaxia
700K Kerberos
350K Lurking $
1500K Maraak $
2200K Mardachus
100K Mazalu $
4000K Mesyra
1400K Nalagurst
1040K Nidhogg
4800K Nimrod
5600K Phaedra
1250K Rift
500K Scylla
1400K Sir Cai
2400K Sisters
800K Stein – Regenerates, but does not fail
1000K Tainted Erebus
4000K Tenebra
1200K (Lord) Tyr – Regenerates and fails often
2000K Ulfrik
4800K Valanazes
1100K Wexxa
900K Zombies

Raids give diminishing returns: the more damage you do, the less that damage increases your chance of gaining another Epic. For non-Tiered NM raids, always do at least the AP amount, which is 1/2 FS (Fair Share = total health divided by maximum number of player slots), and almost always gives 1 Epic Loot.

Loot Kyddin’s Maps from these NM raids to craft Kyddin’s Signet required for SoD (see Quests), one Map each in order: Bloodmane, Kerberos, Hydra, Sir Cai, Tyranthius.

Loot Teucer Tullian from Hard or NM Bloodmane, Kerberos, Hydra raids. Upgrade with Bone Arrows from Mesyra (Purple), Nimrod (Cyan), Phaedra (Chrome), Tenebra (Black), Valanazes (Gold). Original Teucer disappears from Legions when upgraded or recrafted for SP; must add upgraded version. You can stockpile Bone Arrows, but can only have one unupgraded Teucer.

Loot these raids for SOCK, one part each in order matching Craft – Legends – Sword of Conquered Kingdoms (top entry): Erebus (or Tainted Erebus), Gravlok, Lurking Horror, Grune.

Loot the Blood of these NM raids to craft Mina: Grune, Lurking Horror, Gravlok, Erebus, Tainted Erebus (same list as SOCK but must be NM.)

The first upgrade to SOCK requires Stones from NM Kalaxia, NM Tyr, NM Bogstench raids (and Quests.)

Eventually work on crafting Brough’s Trinkets for upgrading Shield of Ryndor, and getting Enigmatic Items needed to upgrade Sword of Conquered Kingdoms. The items are not loot; they have a chance to drop during the raid when you hit the specified raid using the specified items.

If you win battles easily, use a Perception build for Quests. Do not put SP into Perception, just use gear with the best Perception. Perception from 0 to 1000 affects the chance of a “Perc reward” (the pop-ups) from Quests. Stop at 1000 until you can reach 4000 Perception to have a chance for Green Perc rewards. If you lose battles, try using a Defense or Health build, use scrolls for bosses, or work on an easier Area.

Do all Quests on Normal difficulty until the first area of Zone 4. When starting Zone 4, do the first area on Normal and Hard to unlock the “Scrolls of Dahrizon” (SoD) zone in the bottom right corner of the Map. You also need Kyddin’s Signet (see Raids section.)

Scrolls of Dahrizon
Complete each difficulty to add 50 bonus to all Legions. Get 5 Scrolls (any difficulty, one from each Area, two from Area 4) to craft Dahrizon, the best free General who adds 100 bonus to all Legions. The bosses of each difficulty also drop other Generals: Samuel the Six-Armed (Normal), Snulgar the Screamer (Hard), Telaria (Legendary), Rissa D’Tang (NM).

Zone 5: Attack to unlock SoD Hard. Check Craft/Legends/Misako Essence. Repeat each area (climb Area 5) until you have the corresponding “Misako’s Journal Page”. Page#1 is from the boss of Area 1; Page#2 from Area 2; etc. When you have the Pages, craft Misako Essence, do the Misako personal raid to get “Misako’s Cleansed Ring”, then craft the “Suneate of the Last Emperor” to start SoD Hard.

Zone 6: Climb Areas. Each boss drops part for Craft/Legends/Mestr Rekkr Essence; two in A5. Repeat Areas on Legendary or NM to gain Wintermail armor from Snow Beastman Pack. Do Mestr Rekkr personal raid for Championship Belt. Craft Hauberk of Gold to unlock Legendary SoD.

Complete Zone 7 on Normal.

Zone 8: The boss of each Area, and the third battle of Area 1 (part #6 in Crafts/Legends), have parts for Gauntlets of the Realm Walker needed for NM SoD. Repeat each Area (climb Area 5) until you have the part. Once you have Hargamesh’s Stinger, reset Area 1 and only do “Strangers in a Strange Land” for “Mysterious Emblem” (normal hit drop.)

If you are missing only one Scroll after completing Legendary, repeat the appropriate Area until you can craft Dahrizon. If you are missing a General from a difficulty, repeat the Area on that difficulty, otherwise do the highest difficulty.

More Quests
When you reach Zone 10, your progress may stall so increase Defense while working on other areas.

To get the AP for completing a Zone, you must kill the boss of the last Area of the Zone on NM. Repeating the NM difficulty of the last Area of each Zone gives credit towards the Zone’s AP for completion. You cannot reset an Area/Difficulty more than once per level.

“Climb” means complete each area on Normal, Hard, Legendary, Nightmare. Repeating an Area on NM costs much more Energy and may give better chance at an item than repeating Normal. Some items require completing NM. For the last Area of a Zone, you want to repeat only NM to gain AP. When neither condition applies, repeat Normal.

Normal Quests from Z1A3 (Grune), Z2A3 (Lurking Horror), Z3A4 (Erebus), Z5A5 (Nalagarst), Z7A5 (Bellarius), Z9A5 (Valanazes), and Z12A1 (Teremarthu) guarantee a Book for the Citadel.

Zone 1 Area 2: Repeat until you have Barrel Lid. Mazalu has chance to drop Barrel Lid needed for Brough’s Trinket 8 needed for Shield of Ryndor upgrade.

Zone 1 Area 3: Climb to NM Grune, always drops Mayor Tullian’s Helm needed for Brough’s Trinket 5 needed for Shield of Ryndor upgrade.

Zone 2 Area 3: Climb to NM Lurking Horror, always drops Doomed Bandit’s Dagger needed for Enigmatic Item 2 needed for the second upgrade to Sword of Conquered Kingdoms.

Zone 3, Area 2: Repeat until you have Black Coral Blade. Scylla has chance to drop Black Coral Blade needed for Brough’s Trinket 3 needed for Shield of Ryndor upgrade.

Zone 3, Area 2, 3, 4: The March III Legion is an occasional drop from these quests. After getting the Black Coral Blade from Area 2, climb Area 4 until you have the Legion.

Zone 4 Area 5: Climb to get Hero’s Cuirass (guaranteed from NM) and the General “Lady Elaine” (chance for “Tyranthius’ Ashes” on any difficulty) needed for the Shield of Ryndor upgrade from Lord Tyranthius Quest boss.

Zone 4: Attack to get parts for Shield of Ryndor. Each part has chance to drop from named boss. Repeat each area (climbing Area 5) until you have the boss’ part.

Zone 5, Area 3: Repeat until you have Shadowknight’s Agony. Stein has chance to drop Shadowknight’s Agony needed for Brough’s Trinket 6 needed for Shield of Ryndor upgrade.

Zone 5, Area 4: Repeat until you have Shadowknight’s Toil. Bogstench has chance to drop Shadowknight’s Toil needed for Brough’s Trinket 6 needed for Shield of Ryndor upgrade.

The first upgrade to Sword of Conquered Kingdoms requires Stones from Zone 4 Area 2, Zone 5 Area 2, and Zone 6 Area 3 (and Raids.)

Zone 7: Magma Horror Essence has a chance to drop from all Zone 7 bosses to allow the Magma Horror personal raid needed to upgrade Sargaash.

Zone 8 Area 5: NM Mard drops Archimage Letharin (INT General)

Zone 9 Area 5: NM Valanazes always drops Wyrm-Slayers II Legion.

Zone 9: Attack to upgrade Mina. Craft – Legends – slide almost to the bottom – Mina von Richten. Each bottle is from the boss in the corresponding area of Zone 9 – Purple Bottle is from the Area 1, Cyan Bottle is from Area 2, etc.. Repeat each area (climb Area 5) until you have the corresponding Bottle.

Zone 10, Area 5: NM Caracalla always drops Dungeon Plunderers Legion.

Time Calculator
You have reached level 500 and are not in a coma. Dawn of the Dragons no longer lets you play when you want to play. To learn when you can level, use this calculator: (Often down) (Mirror)

AP = Achievement Points
Most of the game is working on getting AP from raids. You must do 1/2 FS to NM raids to get AP credit.

Look at the Achievements list in the bottom left of Profile screen to learn about silly achievements such as losing PvP and “Stashing” your gold, which loses 10% of the gold initially. Buy General “Ruth the Miser” from the Bazaar and get her to level 5 before Stashing to only pay 2.5%. She does not need to be in your Legion when Stashing, just while increasing her level. You Stash with the bank/trash can icon to the right of your gold at the top of the screen.

Do not buy Peasant’s Tribute, Knight’s Reward, or Noble’s Gratitude

Only buy King’s Bounty. The first 10,000 AP takes a month. The second takes weeks. King’s Bounty initially gives one of 5 unique items or 150 Planet Coins (PC). Once the 5 items have been gained, every King’s Bounty gives 150 PC, which is why long-term players have much PC.

PC = Planet Coins
You get 1 PC every 5 levels (on the multiple of 5: 5, 10, 15, 20, etc.). You can make 15 PC from 4 Idols every 4 weeks. You will eventually get 150 PC for every 10,000 AP.

“Scourge of the Faithless” recrafts for 25 PC per 6 Idols. Needs 60 weeks to break-even. +18PC at 2 years. +40PC at 3years. Don’t miss a day. And hope DotD is still on Kong

Save your PC. You want to have 100 PC ready for when an awesome item is on sale. You will want much PC (>600?) for when a previous awesome item is placed into the Expeditions.

When you have an extra thousand PC, think about buying the “New Item Pack” Expedition for 700 PC.

When you have a couple thousand PC, you might start thinking about getting a “Set” = 2 sets of 9 items (~20PC each) plus a Legion (10PC?), General (30PC?), and 10-30 Troops (10PC each?), and a magic (25PC?). Four items are on sale each week. You will not know if a Set is good when you start purchasing.

You just started. Quests keep asking you to buy things. And you don’t have gold.

Click Bazaar, Land, Buy 10 Cornfields. You want to always buy 10 at a time of any Land purchase. For your first purchase, if you cannot afford 10, still buy some Cornfields. Take a nap. When you return, gold is no longer an issue.

This is a Land Purchase Calculator that (when working) will tell you what to buy next:

You only use gold to buy Quest requirements, health, things in the Bazaar, and more Land. Soon you will be buying Land just to get rid of gold, which makes more gold.

Daily Gift
You only get the Daily Gift when you login. It is automatic. Troops go into your Troops. Equipment goes into Inventory. Crafting Items (including Idols) are added to the appropriate Craft entries. Only use Idols for the “15 PC for 4 Idols” Craft.

Army Size is your current Kong Friends who once loaded DotD. You need 3 to fill your Colosseum Team. DotD tracks everybody who was ever in your Army for AP so you can add and remove Friends to reach the 5000 Army for AP while remaining under the Kong limit of 5000 Friends.

Combat Health is at the top left, and matches what your main character has, not any of the setups inside the PvP area. Refill Combat Health using gold by clicking the plus sign (+) hidden to the left of the words “Combat Health”.

Achievements are available for winning and losing each type of PvP so do not worry about losing, which also helps keep your Duel and Colosseum Ranks low.

Duel and Colosseum have Ranks. You can buy things when you reach certain Ranks.

Use all your Tickets for Duel and Colosseum every day. If you gain Duel Tickets (Serpina drops them), use them immediately. Each day the total is reset to your maximum. If you still have Tickets at midnight server time (somewhere in Africa near Nigeria where those friendly emails originate), they are wasted.

Duel – Equip for the highest Attack (and Defense.) That score is multiplied by your BSI, which should be abysmal until over level 100. DotD adds a random number to you and your opponent, and chooses a winner. Find beatable players by checking who attacked you and lost. Keep clicking “Again” until out of Tickets. Do not worry about losing. You can only attack and be attacked by players within 5 Ranks of you and within tiers based on level. Level borders at 100 and 500; at level 99, you can only attack and be attacked by players below level 100; at 100, the lowest opponent will be at least level 100. Cannot drop below “Safe” Ranks indicated by crossing the white lines in the Rank list to Ranks multiples of 4 plus 1 (1, 5, 9, 13, 17, etc.).

Invasion – Poorly designed new addition to DotD. Should change once the major flaws and easy fixes are mentioned where 5PG can read them.

Colosseum – The Rank system is the same as for Duels. Click “Team”, sort Level – Descending. Choose your 3 highest level Friends and equip them to get the highest total power. Details are at:
For a calculator, register and enter your best gear on this site:
NOTE: As of 2013-06-24, this site does not use Enchant bonuses for selecting Raid gear.

Joust – Requires Guild. Uses Honor. Uses character and equipment. Losses give no XP so good for using Honor before leveling. Stash before trying for losses.

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Thanks for this. Can you go into more detail about the point of troops? I’ve got Strike II and Riot, and clicked auto on them, but what do I do with them once I have them? Do they automatically just increase my damage in raids or what?

Also, I’m pretty clueless about the army tab. It tells me I have 2. I have no idea what to do with that info.

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I would also recommend this link for newcomers :

Originally posted by Wretchingwretch:

Thanks for this. Can you go into more detail about the point of troops? I’ve got Strike II and Riot, and clicked auto on them, but what do I do with them once I have them? Do they automatically just increase my damage in raids or what?

Also, I’m pretty clueless about the army tab. It tells me I have 2. I have no idea what to do with that info.

You mostly have to adjust your equipment – only their proc count in the damage – so put in armor and weapons if they give extra damage, increased crit, ect. Also keep in mind that a known bug is that the commander’s attack and damage doesn’t add to the legion damage – so you might have to switch your general and commander for increased damage.
You get get an army if you pay with PC, but I never saw a good reason to do it.

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Very nice guide:)!

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Nice guide, Solprovider, thanks for putting it together.

For your Army, it’s used in PVP, to increase your army size, add people who play DotD actively on Kong to your friends list. There are also tabs for equipping yourself and a small team for pvp. Many people will eventually get into pvp for AP. Don’t worry too much now, just don’t buy anything other than King’s Bounty with your AP yet, and deposit your gold in your bank on occasion and buy at least some of the cheaper land items, like corn fields. Don’t spend your PC or AP until you know the game well and focus on the things in the guide.

Also, when you need something from a particular raid, politely let people know. Don’t beg or demand, but sometimes other players will summon raids for you, whisper you the link, allowing you to get the share you need before sharing the raid in chat. This can be very helpful when you can’t do damage quickly and are trying to craft some of the legendary items and need FS in a NM raid to get them to drop.

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Thanks for the explanations all.

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Quickfriend script. Lets you quickly add friends for army count, and remove them when you have the maximum amount (5,000).
Raid Catcher addon made by YepoMax. Only one I know of – so far.

Both are direct links – you should be able to just click them and it’ll automatically install.

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user10000 this script is vastly better and to the original author you don’t mention how to get kyddin’s signet for SoD normal

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Here’s my guide for anyone interested in PvP:

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Also here is a High Level Players Guide:

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Here is my guide, strictly for higher level players:

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Originally posted by jphl:

user10000 this script is vastly better

It’s an add-on to that script. That’s why you see “add-on.”

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A few points about pvp:
1) You can lose rank in duel and colosseum if you lose a lot. Once you reach a safe rank, however, you cannot fall below that point. Maybe the OP was trying to say that, but I can’t quite tell. Edit: “Some Ranks are ‘safe’, meaning once you reach them, you cannot return to attacking safe opponents,” makes it seem as if you cannot attack people under your last safe rank, which is not true.
2) One type of pvp reward (bonus attack + defense) has a display bug. Bonuses work but are not shown on your character profile.
3) Once you start investing in attack (rather than just energy and stam), you will want to occupy the Ranged spot on your colosseum team. Make sure your teammates are all displayed as “30% bonus” in the setup page – replace them with higher level/rank players if they are not, and make more friends if no one has that high of a bonus. Equip the items with the best attack to your ranged player and those with the best defense to your healer. Next, give your second best defense items to your tank and your third best to melee. When in doubt, experiment (such as when an item you have only one of has the best attack and defense in that slot). Edit: “Assuming your Friends are more powerful than you, put the highest Defense in Healer, second highest Defense in Tank, highest Attack in Ranged, and yourself in Melee,” makes it seem as if you should know your team members stats. This is unnecessary. You should instead arrange gear that way, not people.

One general point: I’m 99% sure that commanders DO add legion damage, even though it is not displayed. If someone has contrary test results, please share.

Edit – How to test Commander effects
The damage dealt by a 1 stam or 1 honor attack is 4*attack + defense + legion damage. Then a random amount up to 12% is added to or subtracted from this total for each hit. Also, pvp bonus attack and defense are not showing up on character profiles, so be sure to add those. Damage procs are in addition to this formula.

To best test whether the commander adds legion damage, remove all gear, clear your legion, and summon a fresh raid. Don’t share or buff this raid. Put a strong commander in your legion to note the damage he does, and then move him to the commander slot. Hit your shiny new raid with 1 stam attacks. Take note of the damage you deal – it should be consistent with the commander counting normally as a general. My own tests were done with Bragus (600/1,000) in Fellowship II to make the difference as clear as possible.

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Some thoughts on Magics:
1) Some people do not want Haste and QM on raids. If a raid is Normal difficulty, it is likely that the people who want to hit it want the least XP possible.
2) Sometimes consistent damage is the biggest benefit. Lyria’s Swiftness, Burning Rain, and Raging Blizzard are all very consistent. LS is the least annoying of the three since you have to click heal less often. Yes, it’s even good on non-dragons.
3) Sometimes big damage is no benefit. IL or GID on raids like N Grune makes no sense. A few low level players may save some stamina, but the raid will likely die when someone accidentally hits for way too much damage. The raid summoner gets his cooldown back 5 minutes earlier, but many people miss out on the raid. Big proc buffs are best for raids that people need to use a lot of stam on. I won’t speculate about the demographics of the game (i.e. the proportion of players who could get an IL proc and benefit from it on a given boss), but I’m comfortable recommending GID and IL only for 100- and 250-man raids. Anything smaller is too likely to be splattered way too soon.

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nice guide ;) good work sol :)

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Some Notes:

1. SP are stat points (see mouseover text), not skill points
2. Your definition for OS is actually the one for MS – Maximal Share. OS a number that people decide when to move on to another raid, because the next range requires more stam than they want to spend for the rewards. For most people, this is 2 epics/9 total, on this page:
3. If you are going to list NM, may as well list N,H and L.
4. SoD is also used for the Sim personal raid.
5. Immortal Drake Slayer is now the highest class, at 5k. Level 1k and up, there is only one class available for choosing.
6. The reason you choose the stam class is it gives you the most xp gain/time. Since the xp for stamina is around 2x that of energy/honor, having this refill faster means you can level faster.
7. I think both stats are equally important, but yes, under 500 more players will benefit from stam. However, shirking energy will actually put them at a MASSIVE disadvantage when trying to get through zones. I would say no more then 2x one stat over another.
8. New players should put all extra into defense, as it takes a long time to build up. They will build up strength from enhanced legions, gear, etc far more than they will from attack at this point. Focusing on defense has huge advantages later.
9. The main reason you shouldn’t put sp in to health is because it leads to getting farmed in pvp, and doesn’t make you any stronger when hitting raids.
10. Focusing on regular raids for stam during a WR can have mixed results, depending on how well they auto. This should be tested by each player first.
11. You are missing LS+TB on your magic list.
12. Rhal is also the only source for beginning players to get prag frags, which can be used to craft mighty calissa, one of the best available early leveling and questing armor sets. They drop at about a 7% rate, so they are not overly common, but still available.
13. Farm raids can be created on N.
14. Loot DOES get better after OS. It does not after MS. It is just usually cost prohibitive.
15. Script can easily be installed in chrome as well. Opera works, but requires some extra work.
16. Some taggers will benefit more by getting to the 1/6 range shown on the raid ranges link above.
17. I do not expect someone to go through and count other taggers. Procs from other players should take care of most of this concern.
18. Damage is (4*att)+def+leg. Legion does contribute, but not MOST of your damage.
19. The legion calculation is changed, and you multiply all troops and generals*.36 I believe. I’ll have to look up the exact number later.
20. They had better not be tagging z10s… careful with that note there.
21. Recheck when you get z10 troops. They changed the tiers

Thats all the time I have at the moment, I’ll come back to this.

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1. SP are stat points (see mouseover text), not skill points.

Fixed. Thank you.

2. Your definition for OS is actually the one for MS – Maximal Share. OS a number that people decide when to move on to another raid, because the next range requires more stam than they want to spend for the rewards. For most people, this is 2 epics/9 total, on this page:
3. If you are going to list NM, may as well list N,H and L.
13. Farm raids can be created on N.
14. Loot DOES get better after OS. It does not after MS. It is just usually cost prohibitive.

I recommend working on AP, which is only from NM raids, and requires much less damage than any number others have suggested, but is above the best Epic/damage level.

5. Immortal Drake Slayer is now the highest class, at 5k. Level 1k and up, there is only one class available for choosing.

Nobody on Kong will be level 5000 soon. A “Class Selection” guide is useless for levels with only one choice.

6. The reason you choose the stam class is it gives you the most xp gain/time. Since the xp for stamina is around 2x that of energy/honor, having this refill faster means you can level faster.

The guide has always said players should always be the class that refills Stamina fastest.

7. I think both stats are equally important, but yes, under 500 more players will benefit from stam. However, shirking energy will actually put them at a MASSIVE disadvantage when trying to get through zones. I would say no more then 2x one stat over another.

You missed my recommendation to switch from Stamina to Energy after getting the good loot from raids.

8. New players should put all extra into defense, as it takes a long time to build up. They will build up strength from enhanced legions, gear, etc far more than they will from attack at this point. Focusing on defense has huge advantages later.

Why would anybody care about Defense until wanting to do Z10? And they have plenty of other zones to grind while adding Defense. Improving Attack has immediate benefts in raids.

9. The main reason you shouldn’t put sp in to health is because it leads to getting farmed in pvp, and doesn’t make you any stronger when hitting raids.

Getting farmed in PvP is good. Keeps your Rank down so you can win. Eventually you will be too strong, and Rank will increase. But wasting SP on Health is silly when refilling Health just costs gold.

11. You are missing LS+TB on your magic list.

No, they are in “If not listed, do not use them.” They are a 2nd Dragon-only combo. Dragons should get Haste, QM, GID, CK, BB. That is 5 slots, no room for TS+LS on even the largest dragons.

16. Some taggers will benefit more by getting to the 1/6 range shown on the raid ranges link above.

“Tagging is using 1 Stamina on a raid to get loot.”

18. Damage is (4*att)+def+leg. Legion does contribute, but not MOST of your damage.
19. The legion calculation is changed, and you multiply all troops and generals*.36 I believe. I’ll have to look up the exact number later.

Tried to figure out how to phrase it so the paragraph could not be misunderstand. For a player following the guide, most of their damage will come from the Legion for quite some time. Yes, their character should eventually surpass their Legion.

No, I am not adding more formulas to the guide.

21. Recheck when you get z10 troops. They changed the tiers.

As of this moment, NM Krug, N and NM Leonine, and N and NM Riddler still show Treasure Golems as Common Loot.

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I don’t normally post, but however… Please stop being condescending in raids. No one needs a link to your guide in every raid, nor do they need yer statement of “these are the only right magics”, nor do they need to be told the AP in k for every single raid. I used to find your AP posts helpful in smaller, non-memorized raids, but now you are just being obnoxious and your chop and paste is getting longer and longer. Thanks.


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this is garbage… any new player that follows most of this advice will be frowned upon by the community of DotD and they will not progress in this game very quickly

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@sol replying to cryo
-Damage on raids
The point of cryo’s values is that, even when you’re farming AP, hitting just a bit higher can give far better sp returns.
For example, I see you stating “AP 600k” coldly on NM buses. Why not hit like less than 200k more and get a good chance at 2 epics?
Cryo’s values are about damage/epics ratio’s efficiency.
-“Getting farmed in PvP is good.” I suggest you remove this sentence as soon as possible. The following arguing is really..umh. Makes no sense.
-Defense : I somewhat agree with you. My little own experience was arriving at Normal z9 with nearly 10k attack (and like 1k def)
at 500ish. Questing there was so long that I reached NM Vala with 10k def ! (and I had slightly more E than S!)
so yeah, basically I think I prefer enjoying the 40k average base damage from attack for all this time over going def immediatly.

Other things
-You’re talking about crappy legions, but you dont mention things like March IV. I’d advise anyone starting to get March IV or a cheap
direct buy legion if available (like NL) with his free PC. The difference is too high to be neglected.
-You don’t really explain the different possible gameplays, like bsi style, levelling style.
-I don’t like your quest guide. To any beginner I’d say : “First, use all your E on getting Normal Dahrizon done”. And not things like
farm ryndor until you get it. After that I’d probably say to him “maybe try to do Hard Dahrizon” “and Dahrizon General”, “if you’re failing
take a break and go grab ws2 if you dont have a strong pc legion”, with maybe a few mentions to sock1-3 between those lines ;)
Also, wanted to point out that your “climbing” method has never been proven to be effective (nor disproved). Unless I missed some study on the subject,
I don’t think anyone knows if it’s better to repeat N over and over again or climb.

Anyways, nice trying to make a guide, I hope it gets better through people feedback.

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root, could i have test results in a link?

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@maskofnite I only post a link to the guide if the magics on a raid are bad, like GMT, Harmony, Discord, LS, TB, Poison, etc.

@dajoopster Yes. The DotD community has proven really bad at math.

Damage on raids: Yes. The list in the guide includes when “a little more” should give more Epic loot.

PvP: Keeping your Rank low is good. Means you can win more. If you focus on increasing Rank, you will eventually reach a Rank where you cannot win and everybody in range farms you.

Legions: March IV is bad value for the PC. Better to work for the free ones while waiting for a better Legion to be sold.

Styles: I assume that people attempting to play this either want to get the Badges and leave, or want to play the game. “BSI” is a style where you play as little as possible. If you don’t like the game, don’t play it. Don’t say you are trying to have high BSI.

Quests: The guide states to do all Quests on Normal until you reach Z4, unlock SoD, and complete Normal SoD. Finish Normal through Z9. Then clean up some cheap Quests and get SoR and Hard SoD. I don’t have SoR yet. Maybe I should emphasize the SoD areas, but was better to list Quests in order by Zone.

Climb: I have no idea. For some, reaching NM gives AP. Others, NM may be a waste, or might have better odds. If it is wasteful, it isn’t much.

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Sol, I have to strongly urge you not to give PvP advice. You don’t seem to get how safe ranks work, you give confusing advice about setting up a Colo team, and you really don’t know about how high ranked pvp works. I’m not sure what you’re even trying to maximize by your advice – SP income from PvP wins at low ranks is trivial, and AP from wins is likewise trivial. If you’ve done the math and shown that all the benefits of PvP ranks (bonus att/def, items, essences, etc) are outweighed by reliably farming 2 SP every day or two, OK – show it. If not, this advice seems to only maximize the subjective joy of winning easy matches, which isn’t something that belongs in a guide. And that’s fine – you shouldn’t claim expertise when you haven’t seen that part of the game.

To some extent, the same goes for your advice on BSI farming. Some very active players farm BSI, and even though they don’t level as often as you do, that doesn’t mean you should pretend this playstyle is a form of insanity. The most hardcore farmers are perhaps not playing DotD very much. But there are those of us who incorporate a fair amount of SP farming into our game without sacrificing anything too dear. At level 860 or so, I’m close to the top 100 in BSI (which is pretty decent), yet I’ve been through almost every zone, hit top tier on multiple WRs, acquired almost all legendary items, gotten to top 100-150 in pvp, and farmed over 100k AP. Farming BSI doesn’t always mean being as disciplined and focused as the #1 guy on the leader boards. But not farming BSI would certainly have made most of the things I do in this game MUCH harder or put them off until far later.

Again, I think this guide points out some good things, but there is also too much assumed about what people want. If you present your way as THE way, you make the game worse for other people. I don’t need people thinking I’m crazy when I suggest they summon a Normal raid instead of a Nightmare one. I don’t need people thinking I’m ignorant when I don’t want Haste or QM or GID or IL on my raid. And frankly, I think you do people a disservice when you suggest that solely dedicating any resources to SP farming is a bad idea.

@minersail I’m going to retest the commander right now and gather more data. Thanks for your patience!
EDIT: Here’s a link to my post on this topic over at the official forums:

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The hard badge was kind of grindy, never got it though.