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Updated in August 2013:

Greetings! I am Douglas Blacktyde, leader of Iron Fleet. We have a Greyjoy alignment, but we accept players from all houses. This is because we encourage you to reincarnate until you have all the fealty houses unlocked, and beyond.

If you join Iron Fleet you can expect to make new friends, form pacts, receive invitations to join quests, receive help in your own quests, and join our alliance challenges. If you want to be a top player, we’ll help you get there. If you want to play for fun, that’s fine too. We are small enough to value every member as an individual, and we are quite sociable. Essentially, we play like a group of friends.

Around half our members are highly ranked and fast-rising. If you are keen and competitive, but also positive and friendly, then you can expect to become a key member of our alliance. Our other members take a more casual approach to the game. All are very welcome. As long as you are reasonably active, there is a place for you in Iron Fleet. You are free to play the game as you wish.

Come and join us, have fun with us, and let’s see how far we can rise together!

For an invitation to join, add me as a friend, then write to me in-game.

After you join us, say hello in the rookery, and we’ll go from there.

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just a piece of advise, you should not care about what house your members belong to.
In about 2 weeks even you will be loyal to another house.
If you do not know what im talking about, you should inform yourself about reincarnation.

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Thanks for the advice. I know what you mean. However I have reincarnated twice already, and my decision to support Greyjoy wasn’t taken lightly.

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Actually Laconfire, I should really thank you for raising the topic of reincarnation.

For people who may not know, successive reincarnations allow you to unlock all the fealty houses, and to gain certain achievements. Therefore many people including myself will use reincarnation as an early game strategy. However, once all the fealty houses are unlocked, most people will want to choose one fealty for long term play.

Iron Fleet welcomes all players who perceive their long term future in Greyjoy. We encourage reincarnation, towards that goal.

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Can I join? I’m Greyjoy and I would like to join, I also need people in my alliance

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Well… yeah. :)

But you can only be in one alliance at a time.

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Greetings, men and women of Kongregate! Are you:

● Officer material with leadership qualities? or
● A friendly person with skills in reading, writing, and maybe even arithmetic?

Then join Iron Fleet! All you need to do is add me as a friend then send me a message in-game (or send me a Kong mail, mentioning your Game of Thrones name).

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Just one more thing, since this point seems to have caused confusion for several recent joiners.

After you’ve joined Iron Fleet, we expect you to demonstrate signs of life, as opposed to being utterly, completely and totally inert.

It’s hard to grasp, I know, but we are an elite alliance.

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If you want to join an alliance which is active and successful, and will help you to enjoy the game and grow powerful, join Iron Fleet.

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Are you an active, thinking player with good communication skills?

Then why not join Iron Fleet, an active, successful alliance which is focussed on helping every member to grow powerful and enjoy the rewards.

Any questions before joining? Feel free to contact me.

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Tired of politics, drama and power trips?

Willing to make your own success rather than ride on someone else’s shoulders?

Join us. You will not regret it.

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Looking for a good alliance? Check us out.

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I am Andrè Pietroschek playing Arlan Firecrane of House Targaryen. My alliance is called “Red Cloaks of R’Hllor” and welcomes friends, guests and all who like to wear red cloaks. It is for idle gamers or those who were ganged-up on when solitary. We do not much, we expect not much, as having our individual fun is top priority.


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Alternatively you could steer well clear and join Iron Fleet instead.

Add me as a friend, then write to me in-game for an invitation.

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My mistake, the brackets [] made me consider it the generic alliance post. It is the unique one of the Iron Fleet instead. My apologies, I posted in the wrong part of the forum.

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Thanks for explaining. Never mind, you helped me bump this thread.

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thanks then for your jovial, and benevolent, reaction to my foolish mishap. It is impressive to see you focus upon the good side-effects it had in consequence…


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Well, thanks for your kind words.

Now, back to business.

There has never been a better time to join Iron Fleet. We are recruiting quality players, going from strength to strength, and having fun. Join us and win with us.

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Some other alliances enforce limits on how often their members may hit a challenge. We don’t. If you’re willing to put in the time, we don’t prevent you enjoying the rewards.

Having said that, we make an effort to help each other out. We consult each other on when challenges should run. By enforcing a 24 hour notice period, we give everyone a fair chance to participate. Members who are planning to reincarnate will voluntarily let others take the top prizes.

If you’re looking for an alliance that offers both freedom and fairness, join us.

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Iron Fleet. A small but amazing alliance that just keeps on getting better.

Add me then write to me in-game for an invitation.

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Iron Fleet is a top 100 alliance looking for team players. We’d like to hear from you.