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How exactly does the class system work?
I used to be assault class, but after putting 9sp in 2 skills in destroyer, the icon next to my name disappeard.

I thought you “choose” a class by putting a set amount of SPs into it. But it appears it’s based on a ratio of points spent in one tree as aposed to others.

Anybody knows what exactly are the conditions for gaining a class?

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Assault. But what I meant was the fact, that I’ve had the assault class and the assault icon next to my nick in the ratings, but after puting a couple points into destroyer, I lost the icon, so I assume I’ve no longer had the class.

The reason I made this topic is I thought you need, let’s say 30 SP in a skill tree to get the class. But after putting SP in different tree, therefore balancing the SP spent I no longer had the class.

Please read what I wrote in my first post. I’m not asking how to check what class I am, but what exactly are the requirements to achieve a class.

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Eh just seems the one i spent SP on the most is the class i am. I have skills in all trees so i don’t see how it could be based on a ratio of points. I also noticed most people in the top 20 are assault classes. lol