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Originally posted by cedie:
Originally posted by codycash288:

these freiken people arent even givin tips man……..ill give you TIPS!!

you know……i get pretty bored with it any way but the master will give you tips.
make sure you have a map with alot of trees and rocks,get an officer,engineer, and a signaller.
build a radar and a com. tower and a fewsandbags in front of it. move your officer behind the rocks and everybody else im the sandbags.
after all that conentrate fire on whoever.ok.thanks 4 reading my tips.

still not a tip

Well whatever you call it, it’s still fairly useless. Radar’s fairly pointless, always gets blown up and you’ll get warned without it eventually anyway. Sandbags are fairly bad, trenches are much better for protecting units, and palisade walls are better for protecting structures. And JUST an officer, engineer and signaller? That’s no good, you’ll need some gunners too to keep the germans pinned down, and a sniper or too, as the starting troops are fairly terrible until late on when they get some xp (If they manage to live that long.)

In short, your not the master at all.

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End of intro . I’ve noticed quite a few tactics out there for getting the VC, but with the recent patch that doesn’t let zookas fire from cam nets, most have become obsolete and do not work anymore, no offence to the creators. I searched for something recent that ultilises standard deployment, but to no avail. Therefore, I present you my own tactic

End of intro, for real.

The actual strategy

A USEFUL TIP FOR THE STRATEGY AND IN GENERAL: DOWNED SOLDIERS (LESS THAN 10 HP) DO NOT COUNT TOWARDS YOUR ACTIVE SOLDIER COUNT, I.E. THEY DO NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE 6-MAN-RULE OR ANY OTHER THING. This tip has been proven correct. Note that with this tactic, unfair evens tend to happen more often (I didn’t get that many before). This is likely due to the fact that the Nazis hate my tactic because it’s awesome. I’ve recieved unfair events regardless of how many soldiers weren’t under cam nets.


Nothing but base knowledge of MnB, and a bit of luck. Everything else is optional.

Units and structures this strategy is going to use and approximate amounts:


Engineer ( 4 TPs ). Amount: 1. Needed for construction
Officer ( 3 TPs ). Amount: 1. Needed to remove Germans and for his “Focus Fire” command.
ATs (8 TPs ). Amount: 4. Anti – Vehicle and Infantry gibbing
Sniper (6 TPs ). Amount: 1. Anti – Sniper and Anti – Infantry. I think they may target Infiltrators as well.
Machinegunner ( 4 TPs ). Amount: 2. Anti – Infantry
Medic ( 3 TPs ). Amount: 4. They will act as Meatshields and will heal troops.
Soldier ( 0 TPs, your starting units ). Amount: 4.
Bunker ( 5 TPs ). Amount: 1
Trench ( 2 TPs ). Amount: 1
Camnet ( 5 TPs ). Amount: 4
Mines ( 1 TP ). Amount: 4

Total unit count: 17


Engineer ( 4 TPs ). Amount: 1
Signaller ( 3 TPs ). Amount: 1
Sandbag wall ( Made by engineer) ( 1 TP ). Amount: 1
Sniper ( 6 TPs ). Amount: 1
Barbed Wire ( 1 TP ). Amount: 1 to Any, replacements will be needed.
Mines ( 1 TP ). Amount: Any
Any other unit of your choice that does not impair the AT’s ability to fire and can be fit under the camnets.

Total unit count: 3

Start off with Regular Deploy ( Press the Deploy button )

Note: Do not worry if you can’t catch up to these instructions. It’s the order in which you do them that matters, if you follow this order / pattern of instructions, the game should go well.

Waves 1 to 12:

> Find a mostly clear field, or atleast one that has few (if any) obstacles on the lower part of the map. (Lower part in this case means below the center line).
> If you can’t, clear what you have with TNT.
> Arrange your soldiers in a horizontal line on the top of the field, preferrably a bit above the mute button. Make sure there’s some space between them. It doesn’t need to be regular, and the line doesn’t have to be perfect. If you have an officer, place him behind your line of soldiers.
> Get an engineer and place him in the middle of the line, alongside your soldiers.
> Build a trench on and slightly above the center line. Build a bunker on the trench. Its top corners should be in the trench and above the center line, ideally.
> Buy a machinegunner when you have enough TP and place him in the trench, preferrably on one of the corners. It will work better if the gunner has approximately 30 rifle skill, but at this moment anything goes.
> If you have a free officer from the ribbon, tactical retreat your worst soldier. If you do not have the ribbon, make him (your worst soldier) walk to the top so that only he advances to the next field to get rid of him. If one (or more) of your soldiers, excluding the engineer, is killed, ignore this step. If your engineer is killed, get another one.
> Get a second machinegunner and place him in the bunker alongside the other machinegunner ( called gunners from now on ), preferrably on the other corner. Both machinegunners should also be in the trench.

What to do if Arty / other support decides to come early:

1) Pray that it doesn’t hit your soldiers
2) Move them in the bunker (or trench, if you have built anything.


1) Die

What to do if flak decides to come early:

1) Move soldier slightly in front of it. Enemy and friendly AT guns can shoot themselves if the enemy is close enough. If you have your soldier on the edge of the graphic ( near or on the barrel ) there is a chance that the flak / AT will shoot itself and you will sustain much less damage than if you were standing on the thing instead, perhaps even live.

2) Pray that your gunners and soldiers kill the crew quickly if the flak is not dead in 20 seconds or so.


1) Die

Waves 13 to 39:

> Buy camnet and place on the lower left corner of the screen and move all your men ( excluding gunners ) under the camnet.
> Buy a medic and send him in the bunker, between the two gunners.
> Buy an officer and a sniper and put them under the camnet.
> Buy your first AT cannon. Fit it under your camnet. No damage from it firing to nearby soldiers yet.
> If something bad happens before you get AT or / and officer, check what to do in each case from the "list " on the 1 to 7 waves instructions.


1) Send Engineer into bunker and build barbed wire in front of it, so infiltrators will have a hard time CQCing your gunners.
2) Build a sandbag wall with your engineer in front of your camnet for goliath protection

Waves 40 to 75:

> Buy 3 more medics. Send the two to the bunker and place them in front of your gunners for meatshields and place the other under the camnet to heal the troops there.
> Buy 1 AT gun, place it under a camnet on the opposite corner ( width ). Use an engineer to place mines on the left and on the right side of the bunker. Try to cover from the sides of the bunker down to the camnet level. 1 pair on either side will get you by. If you want, place more. It is strongly adviced but not recommended to use atleast 3 mines ( I mean, buy the 3-pack of mines 3 times ) on either side. Note that the engineer should not have to go above the center line to plant the mines.
> If something bad in the form of a vehicle happends, concentrate fire. If it’s a WESPE, and you followed this guide, you should have 5 men above the center line. This will cause the WESPE to fire only on the top half, effectively ****ing the **** out of its fellow Nazis. WESPEs are no longer a threat. If the bad thing is in the form of an unfair event, hope and pray. I’ve survived those, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. I’m really unlucky at times.

This is after a V1 blitz. Fraps didn’t want to take a screenie, so by the time I pressed Print Screen the explosions disappeared. Most went on the top of the screen, no casualties, cam net down. One enemy soldier burned.

Waves 75 to 97:

> Buy two more ATs, arrange them on the bottom of the screen so that they can fire, and have an engineer build camnets over them.
> Concentrate fire on anything really bad coming your way.

Really unlucky here. Wespe nearly wiped me out, but my AT cannons offered me another chance.

Waves 96 to 109:

> It’s really simple. If you didn’t quite finish building everything, get on with it.
> Heroism gunners. They will draw sniper fire more often than your officer, if they’ve gotten the rifle skill.
> Heroism officer. Make sure he doesn’t die.
> Ranger train your sniper and remove his grenades.

Friendly fire is terrible. Same with soldiers from crates. This is just to show that I’ve survived the worst and yet got a good score with this tactic. Note that if something like this happens, you should focus on getting your soldiers under surviving camnets and repairing everything before building more things. Heroism your best soldiers above all.

Remember, even if the worst happens…

This strategy will most likely take you to atleast wave 100. It’s a big claim to make, but I’ve had just about everything thrown at me the second time, and I managed it. This game represented by the screenie ended at wave 106.

Waves 110 and above:

> Nothing more is really needed, just you paying attention to the game for that concentrate fire etc. When the AT guns get some serious exp and gun skill, you’ll need nothing else. TP should slowly start to overflow.
> Improve the guns of the soldiers you started off with, if any are still alive.
> Improvise and improve as needed.


1) Get a signaller and spam sitreps to get the ribbon, and keep him just in case you need support.
2) Build more sandbags to protect troops, or trenches, or even .50 cal guns if you like.

The rewards:

> I have gotten to wave 189 with this, when I lost the will to play anymore. TP was overflowing for a few waves, and if you’re smart, adaptive and a bit lucky, with this strategy you’ll always have some TP in your pockets for replacements. What I mean to say, this allows for a long game.

> I have gotten the Manuevre Ribbon, Survival Ribbon, Combat Ribbon, Medal of Honour and up to Silver Star following a bazooka variation of this strategy with a new profile. The last game I played ( with this strategy ) gave me the Gold Star and Tank Killer ribbons ( I got the Tank Killer because of the enemy WESPEs. They were blowing themselves up, especially when I got their blitz. I think I got that once or twice).

> Immense pleasure because little needs to be done on your part, and you can hear the lovely sound of your AT guns blowing the enemy up to little pieces.

> I earned westpoint commandation ribbon ( free officer ) from the third game.

> You can laugh at Unfair Events and get used to them.

> You can marvel at Friendly Fire WESPEs if you’re lucky.

Extra Notes:

> I used a medic to get the crates. They’re fast, they don’t fire at the enemy and don’t engage in CQC. No need for the officer to do much.
> End statistics: I got to wave 188 or 189 on my first try, and deliberately lost, and I managed to get to wave 106 on the second one, when I was considerably more unlucky. I’d say this strategy is a good one. I’ve survived V1 blitzes at wave 57, unfair events about there too and soldiers getting lucky shots.

Bad scenarios:

> If your officer dies, immediately replace him
> Do not replace engineer unless you need him for camnets
> If your bunker gets blown, immediately send your engineer to build another one
> If your gunners die, replace them, and save up 5 TPs for ranger training. If they die at the same time, prepare for a last stand
> If you lose units, replace them in order of importance ( Gunners > AT guns > Officer > Sniper > Everything else)
> Everyone loses at times. The goal with this is to either reach 100+ waves, either to be lucky and get 150+ waves.

Making a last stand:
This is what to do if your bunkers are blown, gunners die and are irreplaceable, arty or something took almost all your troops because of hits / morale.

> Send your surviving engineer (or buy one) to the bottom of the screen, roughly in the middle.
> Group your remaining units around the engineer, apart from the remaining gunners, if any, snipers and AT guns.
> Put them all under a camnet, surviving or build one.
> Build up some TP and call in signaller, if you haven’t already.
> Call air support when needed.


> Place a few mines round the bunker / trench for extra safety.

1st attempt: 189 waves
2nd attempt: 106 waves
3rd attempt: 88 – 89 waves
4th attempt: 120 or so waves


The only one you need to worry about is the brandenburg blitz, simply because of their sheer number and proximity to the bottom of the screen. V1 is a bad blitz too, but not necessarily a game ender.

Credits: Rhyn0, Supersniper, and Machinegunner246. Everyone’s strategy ( ESPECIALLY Machinegunner’s and Supersniper’s) helped inspire me. Infact, most of my strategy is based on Machinegunners. Thanks to all.

Please, comments, constructive criticism (It’s my first post, my first tactic, my first attempt at humor inside a tactic, the first post I’ve wasted… erm, spent about two hours writing and many more besides. Trying my tactic and giving feedback is greatly appreciated.

i copied and pasted this

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mine is very simple only involves 2 gunners 1 pillbox mines 2 enginers 1 sniper 1 commander. im been getting 140+ my average is ~ 135-140 per game.if you look at this link u can see hole bunch of ingame pic’s and my guide.

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My guide to survive the most recent patch. Let me know if it needs some tweaking and be sure to vote/comment your thoughts.

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Whats the purpose of advancing forward?

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@Navybromike. Advancing Forward changes the tactical situation, making more cover or a possibly easier location to be in. It also gives you one Tactical Point every time you advance to a new field. It is sometimes important for when you can’t deal with tanks and can afford having one German Cross your defensive line (The Tank being that one German).

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Don’t forget that advancing also gives every unit in your squad +1 experience point. Very helpful to Advance a few times at the beginning to gan tac points and experience to soldiers who need the help.

My question is (Im not sure if its already been addressed but i dont want to look through every post), What do you guys do about flankers? Im talking those armored cars with the gunner thats very accurate/deadly and always seems to flank right into my position, at which point one of my three m3s or tank blow up EVERYTHING. Usually everything and themselves. I know that having an officer with high enough EXP can remover flankers and what not but It doesnt seem to help long. Any suggestions?

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Originally posted by DcDoMiNaToR:

My question is (Im not sure if its already been addressed but i dont want to look through every post), What do you guys do about flankers? Im talking those armored cars with the gunner thats very accurate/deadly and always seems to flank right into my position, at which point one of my three m3s or tank blow up EVERYTHING. Usually everything and themselves. I know that having an officer with high enough EXP can remover flankers and what not but It doesnt seem to help long. Any suggestions?

You need to line both edges of the map with Anti Tank mines. Put them on the very edge and be very careful when you call in a vehicle unit or they will blow up. Each Anti Tank mine should be close enough together to not allow one to slip through too close to you. My line of mines goes up the first 1/3 of the screen on both sides.

Keeps me safer.

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I never even thought of that! trying right now hahaha!!

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Not only that guy, it gives you exp but not ranking up
It will also boost up morale by 1 for soliders (2+ for officers and 3+ sometimes for Sarge)
It will clear up terrain (but be careful, you can leave a sniper or a infiltrator or even a dead german in form of standing as an enemy behind)
It will also gives you free TP which is very useful in the early game (this is the only easy way to get the Guerrilla ribbon)
Beware that : Special deploys will increase enemies difficulty when you are trying to move your men up! (you can get even a Flak panzer in wave 34)
Surpassing hard enemies like WESPE or Tiger is extremely brilliant!

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in early game i taunt for the first 10 waves to have quick tactical points then i build bunkers and in late game i try to fill them in with as many browning units possible. I rarely use vehicles and to deal with enemy vehicles i put AT mines while their coming at me.enemy halftrucks have an mg that can shot in bunkers for some reason which is painfull also watch out for snipers

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the tactic that has worked the best for me is to save up for machine gunners, snipers, engineer, one officer, and a signaller (and if you want/need special troops, spec op, scout whatever you prefer). put snipers in back corners, gunners in the middle, your grunts at the top, and build structures to protect officer and sinaller. after you have your positions establshed save up points, at all times have at least 12. if you are being overran, order the airborne, they are very effective against almost everything even tanks. the only things that can go wrong are unfair events, and artillary. good luck.