Funny picture or epic you can say!

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Thanks 58 murg to show me how the tactics and how to up picture, this is for him/her!(One of them contains Questionable, and the rest are Safe, if you have ever got in, you will understand what i meant) <——————- Freaking Arty upper map!
(Enemies’s not mine)

Arty shelter not only in the downer part of the map but can be at your upper so no one is safe or no where is good to hide!

Flag Post ( you should have taken the bunker as far left /right as u could but u were 51% up the map,another thing that really really helps vs unfair events ary is sandbag’s.

its so hard to wright with your handz on the paint. how were u able to write in type ? i would love to know how to do that.

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Probably my paint program has what so called “Enter a caption” Symbol of a “A” in your paint!
mine is paint 2010! And yours?? probably 2007 or 2003 , they also have caption!