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…but can’t because you’re not a member of Humanwar? You’re not alone! I’d like to organize shared WF runs for members of other guilds and for those of you who aren’t part of a guild at all.

Requirements: lvl 50 character, any class (although preferably DPS), full lvl 50 gear and at least T1 weapons. Everyone would have to donate Wind Stones (or craft a key every couple runs) since we would use the actual keys instead of duping them – and that’s also why we won’t be able to do 10 WF runs a day… :P

If you’re interested pm me in chat or talk to me in game (ign Vardan, Valeria). As soon as I got 5-6 replies I’ll look for a way to let you know who else is in.
Please note that this is just something to keep us busy while we’re waiting for an update and therefore not supposed to replace any present guilds… and I don’t want to be your leader or anything.

Cheers, vrdn

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You know I’m usually down. Still need to craft my flame items since I didn’t obtain any by duping or buying dupes.

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I’m game for this aswell.

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I’d join but im lacking some lvl 50 stuff.