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So I’ve been playing with the samurai class for a bit, and figured I’d share my thoughts about it. It’s an interesting class, I think its main strength lies in its ability to exert some control during battles. It also has 2 decent AoEs and can tank fairly well. Don’t expect it to do a lot of damage though, its damage output is nowhere near that of the officer.

I won’t go into detail about all the skills, but I have a few comments about some of them:

- I think Miedo Arrow is one of the skills that can make samurais an invaluable asset in tough places like Shogun’s Castle, and probably the skill that makes samurais worthwhile. At level 5 it has 50% chance to inflict fear status on enemies. But in my opinion, currently it’s not effective enough, especially bosses that block or dodge a lot render it nearly useless. I think it should either have 2 strikes and/or reduce enemy dodge, and maybe block too, to 0%. I’d also like to see the chance go up to about 80% with a skill manual.
- The trap skill is nice, but it has some glitches. If you kill an entire wave with it, sometimes the battle gets frozen. Also, if you lay a trap and it doesn’t trigger during the battle, it stays on the screen.
- While I was leveling in lava fortress, I noticed after I used Loco Arquero it would randomly skip people’s turns in the middle of the timer, even into the next round. Could be an isolated incident though, but I’ve never experienced it before on any other chars.

And finally, some questions to the devs which I’m sure a lot of people playing samurais are asking themselves:

1. When will the bow recipes become usable? They currently seem to have no description and don’t end up in my inventory when I try to loot them.
2. When will there be skill manuals?
3. How much stun chance does the trap skill have?

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I have been testing the Samurai at early levels and did comparisons with same level similar gear with officer.

I concur with pwnstorm, this is a more difficult class to unlock than officer yet it under-performs in terms of damage done.

The very least one would expect is to have base damage to 2-3 strikes!
The poison arrow is an opportunity to also add some flavor to this character better than the officer and in my view it should get a double strike.

Also I dont think the developers have created the special bows you get from quests like for all other classes which is a shame…. at early levels you can only have a bow level 1 till level 10 there is nothing but your training bow…I have been leveling solo to truly experience the character and I have to say it was a bummer…. I will continue experimenting with the Samurai since its a great opportunity to remember the early days of my gaming in Esgrima 2…

Update: This character effectively gets 3 AoE, each stronger than the firemage. Although a good class to play around with I am still unconvinced of its worth comparatively to the work needed to unlock it…

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The recipes do drop now, but one of the materials (quality wood) doesn’t seem to be available yet.

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what does the flying skill (passive) actually do? it has a % chance and i have it at 6% now but i havent seen anything new…i hope its not a +1 fly element only because then the % chance makes no sense….

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I think it just adds more flying if it triggers, I skipped it

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I would really appreciate it if the samurai class could get a little boost, rather sooner than later. As it is, it doesn’t live up to the expectations. In terms of damage output it pales in comparison with the officer class. Which would be ok if it had some other vital role it could play in battles, but it hasn’t. I think its fear arrow and trap skill should be almost a sure thing to make it worthwhile.

Also, we still can’t craft bows yet due to quality wood being unavailable. Quality wood is available now at the collector, but it has no graphic.

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I agree here, the Samurai could use a good attack/crit buff (so it can actually keep up with other DPS classes) or better support skills (more chances to inflict status effects, stronger poison attack…), the flying element is kinda useless as well.

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Edit: quality wood is back on sale at the collector shop

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how do u unlock it?

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To unlock Samurai:

1) Last 6 turns against Omurai (no need to kill, he’ll escape after his 6th attack, even if it kills you) (Omurai quest)
2) Go talk to Samurai (O. quest)
3) Bring 1 Assassin Symbol (Samurai quest)
4) Bring 3 Moon Stones (S. quest)
5) Defeat 2 Grimzar (S. quest)
6) Bring 1 Guardian Beast Horn (S. quest)
7) Bring 1 Strong Weapon Element (S. quest)

And you’re done!