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Originally posted by omalphaomega:

so basically there’s no point in supporting this developer is there…from what i’ve been able to gather from talking to a couple ppl that everytime something screws up and they can’t fix, they just start a new esgrima title…i’m curious if this is the case why should we even bother offering suggestions

This has happened only 3 times in a row. So maybe this one will be a success?

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lol…only 3 times in a row…its called beta testing…if a game isn’t ready for release, you further test it…what you don’t do is just shrug your shoulders, and release the game with your fingers crossed that you will still make alot of money off it…just sad

edit and you close the suggestion page because you don’t want any more negative comments from E2 users putting people off from using E3, heres a way you could have solved that…when you “hired” theses new people to make e3, fkin fix e2 moron

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I like B…
And about combat i choose A… (+ customizable skillbar)

And in ESGRIMA 3 i wanna see more bigger map too :)
What about randomized map levels, not only randomized monsters, but level stages too…