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Cunning Character Guide

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Hi everyone!

I just posted a little bit of info on the main forum about cunning characters (or at the very least, my cunning character), and I thought that maybe I could address the topic here too, to try to reach the most of you.

If you think I should copy it here, do tell me. Otherwise…

This is the link:

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awww nobody commented here, it look like a great guide! too bad i already chosen prowess, its squishy but high damage!

prowess mainly use meteor or swath, can ur cunning do 4-1 to 5-3 speed runs without dieing? :D

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I’m currently running with an evenly balanced char… just enough fortitude to make healing work well, yet enough prowess to be able to kill enemies directly, and cunning just sorta comes as a byproduct of the two but it makes firebomb and ninja escape nice. caltrops too

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will swath break you out when you are surrounded?

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I am all for the cunning character, I’m all medium armor, with energy regen up the wazoo! I just kite and lay Caltrops/firebombs, Chi mend and prayer are great on my build. I don’t need to be fast because I always slow the mobs down, and they die pretty fast. I love this build, except they nerfed the damage output last update. My caltrops use to do 103 per tick with Caviar/cat spirit/dark hunter, and after it only was 63 per tick! Go Cunning!