Brick-Force Q&A (Useful for first-timers!)

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Hey guys! quicklite here. I’ll tell you guys a bit about Brick Force, how things work, and a few tips on how to be slightly more awesome at this game.

Q: So, what is Brick-Force?

A: Brick-Force is a Sandbox Multiplayer First-Person Shooter. In short: A FPS game where you are the level designer. Build your own maps Minecraft-style, and then shoot the brick out of your friends on them!

Q: And why is it in Season 2?

A: Brick Force has been going on long before it came to Kongregate! Season 2 was a milestone which marked the release of all the space gear, including the new bricks, which you can find in the shop and on other people’s maps! Their official game client can be found here, on their official website:

Q: Why aren’t there any user-created maps on beginner servers?

A: Beginner servers are rigged to only give you user-created maps simply to help protect you from exp maps. However, not every user-created map is an exp map, so if you wanna play on you or your friend’s map and think you can handle the pros, feel free to toggle onto the normal play server via the server list! Of course, once you reach a high-enough rank, the beginner server will be disabled.

Q: Exp maps? What are those?

A: Exp maps are infamous maps which come in 2 different kinds. Sometimes, they are just small boxes where everyone spawns on each other and kills each other, which helps everyone with gaining EXP and Force Points. However, the other kind of exp map, referred to by Infernum as ‘exploit maps’, are a certain kind of map where the room leader sets the teams to 1v8, and while 8 players spawn in a small box, completely vulnerable, the other guy mows them down with whatever weapon he has, or in some cases a turret. These get the host a lot of Force points, but usually aren’t too fun for the other guys for obvious reasons. Try to steer clear of these if you want a fair game.

Q: Force Points, Brick Points, and Tokens? What do they do? How do I get them?

A: Force Points are the standard, free, currency. You earn them through daily missions, or just by doing well in a match. You can use these to buy guns and equipment. Brick Points are a special kind of currency which you gain from rating other maps, and having your maps rated highly or downloaded, if you choose to set a download fee. You use Brick Points for publishing maps, buying the Season 2 Bricks, and downloading maps where the map creator has set a download fee. Tokens are premium currency, which you have to buy. Everything is available with Tokens in some way, and some things are only available by tokens.

Q: Daily Missions? What are those?

A: Daily Missions are a set of three objectives that you can complete if you want. Completing 1 gets you 100 force points, Completing 2 gets you 300 more, and completing all of them gets you a pick n win coin. If you don’t like your missions, you can always abort them. Also, don’t worry about running out of time; your daily missions will be constant until you abort or complete them. Once you do this, you must wait another 12-24 hours for a new set of daily missions.

Q: You mentioned a ‘Pick n Win’. How does this work?

A: The Pick n Win is a lottery! You can get one coin for the pick n win by completing the daily missions, or several via tokens. The pick n win works like this: For every ‘board’, there are hundreds of squares. Each square contains a different item, and although you could get a practically useless item (such as a 1 day gas mask bag, which does nothing), you will never actually get nothing. There are 5 rares in every pick n win. Rares are utterly awesome pieces of gear completely exclusive to the pick n win, and usually as powerful as a fully upgraded 5 star weapon.

Q: Upgrades?

A: Gem upgrades are very useful ways to obtain armor and drastically improve weapons. More can be read about these here:

Q: Can you upgrade rented gear without losing the upgrades when the gear expires?

A: You can! However, in order to do this, you must buy another rental of the same thing. For example, if you have upgraded a 30 day jetpack, you must buy another unupgraded 30 day jetpack. Then, merge the unupgraded jetpack with the upgraded one. You do this with the merge button at the bottom of the screen. Then, you will have 60 days of this upgraded jetpack. You can do this as many times as you want, effectively giving you as much upgraded jetpack as you want. Many people do this with all their clothing (not just the jetpack), as it is a relatively cheap, easy way to have armor. You can also do this if your upgraded jetpack has expired (when the day count reaches 0). However, you must not delete your expired jetpack. Deleting expired gear will delete all the upgrades with it.

Q: You mentioned ‘armor’. How do I get it? What does it do?

Armor is only obtainable by upgrading equipment and accessories with any kind of gem. When someone has armor, the majority of all damage done to them will be absorbed by the armor, meaning that while their armor is still intact, they still take some damage, but very little. You can have up to 140 armor points if you upgrade enough things to the max. Unlike health, there are no armor potions, so when you lose your armor, you will not be able to get it back until you die. It is very useful to have at least 20 armor, as it will help a lot with keeping you alive for that much longer.

Q: How many ranks are there?

A: 65, each significantly harder to get than the last. Nobody has even gotten close to rank 65 (field marshal) yet. Could you be the first field marshal? A full list of ranks can be found here:

Q: I made a cool map. How do I publish it?

A: Publish it by going to your map, hitting ‘register’ by going to the game menu via the Escape key, and publishing it! Registering a map costs 4000 Brick Points, 6000 Force points, or 800 tokens. Sounds like a lot? Relax! You start off with 10,000 Brick Points, enough for 2 maps!

Q: How do clans work, and what are these clan logo things?

A: Clans work like most other games. They are player hubs which anyone can join. Clan members have their own private chat room, and are all united by an in-game clan title and clan logo. Clan logos are cool, customizable symbols that are made by clan leaders. All clans get one, but in order to change it after you first make it, you need a clan logo ticket, purchasable by tokens from the shop. It costs 12k Brick Points to make a clan.

Q: Why isn’t Brick-Force working?

A: Firstly, if you are using Google Chrome, you might want to try another browser, for Google Chrome can have unity issues sometimes. If this doesn’t work, try refreshing or updating your unity player. If this doesn’t work, you can always download Brick-Force from Infernum’s official website! Be warned: the downloadable Brick-Force isn’t compatible with Kongregate, you’ll have to make a new Infernum account.

Q: I have this cool idea that will help the game a lot! Can I show it to the devs?

A: Sure! Post your idea in the Constructive Feedback section of the official Brick Force forums, which can be found here: If a developer doesn’t respond directly to your idea, it doesn’t mean they haven’t seen it! These threads are looked at more regularly than you think! Fun fact: the idea to put Brick Force onto Kongregate didn’t come from the developers, it came from the Constructive Feedback board, from a thread which I made and GraveBear massively helped push forward! Thanks, GraveBear!

Q: What else is on these forums?

A: Many things! Places to discuss Build Mode, Play Mode, and Brick-Force in general! Places to discuss anything and anything! Places to discuss ESL! Places to discuss anything and everything! You should check it out, it’s a cool place, and many people, myself included, are very active there!


A: Electronic Sports League. This is a special place to compete with the best of the best in tournaments, versus matches, and events. A link to ESL can be found here:

Q: Okay, but who are you?

A: I’m quicklite; a player of Brick-Force since it’s beta days, an active community member, and a Brick-Agent! I don’t have particularly good stuff on the US server, but I’m pretty active on both EU and US servers, as well as both these forums and Infernum’s! I’m also a long-time fan of Kongregate, with another, older account used for other flash games and whatnot. Feel free to say hi if you see me. I’ll be more than happy to talk.

Q: EU and US? What are you talking about?

A: On Infernum’s official client, there are two game servers, EU and US. Although you can only access the US server on Kongregate for the time being, there is a good chance that will change. Although the EU server and US server are exactly the same, expect for German being as heavily-spoken as English on the EU server. After all, Infernum is a German company! If you wanna try out the EU before it is put here, feel free to create an Infernum account and give it a spin.

Q: You said you were a ‘Brick-Agent’. What are they?

A: Brick-Agents are the eyes and ears of this community. Brick-Agents help spread events, listen to the feedback of others, and help Infernum improve the game and see what the community thinks, as well as helping the community see Infernum’s intentions. Unlike Community Moderators, which are a little like Brick-Agents, but with more, well, moderating, Brick Agents can be of any age.

Q: Sounds neat! Can I be one?

A: Unfortunately, Brick Agent recruitment is closed for the time being. If a Brick Agent, community moderator, or moderator notices that you are a strong community member and a good person, they can recommend you for the position of Brick Agent, so don’t despair, because there’s still room for you!

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Hey, everyone. I am boopboop from the official brick-force game and forum. I am a very active member of the forum, and am also a Brick-Agent. If you need help, please feel free to contact me, or quicklite in game. quicklite is in the EU server commonly. I am in the US server commonly, and we’re both on the official Brick-Force forum commonly. Hope to see you in game, and enjoying the game.

boopboop ; Brick-Agent.

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Ah, right, Death=boopboop. Not sure why that post was removed, but it isn’t anymore, so that doesn’t matter ^^.

Anyways, list is fixed now, so this post has no use for now :3.

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The double FP event is about to start shortly. I believe it happens on valentine’s day if I’m correct. And a couple people have said “Happy Valentines Day!” to me already(as I am unsure when Valentine’s Day is). So putting the two together I can only presume they we should start experiencing double FP.

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Hurry up and get those points people! The double FP event doesn’t last all day!

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Thanks for this incredibly helpful Q&A, Quicklite. The whole team at Infernum are very appreciative for the work that went into this.

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If someone else has sci fi pack and I don’t can they place sci fi stuff on my map?

EDIT: Anyway if you can and anyone has both the sci fi pack, some time, and doesn’t have a problem using about 500 swappies, (if their if a way you can use mine in my level go ahead, or if you want me to do a swappie thing in your level that is fine also.) and is feeling helpful, can you send me a /w on kong?

EDIT: Scratch that 500, about 3400…

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Helpful thing you got here :P

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xProStar, as nice as it will be when the connection issues are all gone, it isn’t gonna be easy. The connection problems lie in many places, some being the core game mechanics, some being the actual game engine itself (a.k.a the Unity 3d player). Although Infernum is trying their best to fix the connection problems, it’s not like this is going to be something that can just be fixed in minutes.

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Sticky plz?

Seems good enough :3

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Bfquickelite, i know it wont take minutes, i was simply asking how much time it would take, like a week or some months? .

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Firstly, don’t bother putting the BF before my name, I just put it there because ‘quicklite’ was taken ^^. Secondly, darned if I know. I’ve talked to 2 mods, a community rep (again, a little like a community mod mentioned in the Q&A, but more so) and 2 CMs (the people who basically manage Brick Force and the community and such, including things that go on here), and nobody’s given an ETA, though they’ve all said that work is being done. I guess this is one of the things which it’s hard to give an ETA on. Hopefully the fix will come in a few weeks :/.

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I don’t see anything on armor, i’m confused how it works because no item shows “armor stat”.

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Oh, yeah, I covered armor a little bit via upgrades, but I’ll do a more detailed bit on it now. Thanks for the heads-up, skullhead!

EDIT: I wrote a little something about armor. You can find it below the thing on upgrades. Is that good enough, or did I miss something? :P

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The link in the upgrades doesn’t work and nothing about how upgrading works for rented things (buying for 7 days etc).

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Here you go, skullhead51!

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Stormwulf, that was kinda already in the Q&A, but thanks for pointing it out anyway XD.

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The link you posted is broken.
Try it. And watch it bring you to Disneyland. Literally.

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Originally posted by skullhead51:

The link in the upgrades doesn’t work and nothing about how upgrading works for rented things (buying for 7 days etc).

Sorry, I missed your post here, and didn’t respond right to this XD. Well, I’ve fixed the link and I’ve added a bit about upgrading rentals. S’it good?

Originally posted by Stormwulf:

The link you posted is broken.
Try it. And watch it bring you to Disneyland. Literally.

Oh. Wow, it really is. And to think that I triple checked the darn thing. Though I think I know why it broke. A while ago, the entire post completely broke down for some reason, and I spent half an hour rebuilding it. The link must’ve broken too. Darn >_<.

Well, thanks for letting me know, man! I’ll fix the link right away.

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erm, this might sound like a n00b question, but where do i go to rate maps?

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drew1017, in order to rate maps, you must play a full game on them, and in the results screen, look to the right side of the screen and you will see 10 squares, labelled 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Click the one that represents your rating /10 and then press the rate button, which can be found below this. Below the rate button is the download button, which lets you use the map you just played on in your own room.

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why is there so low players on this game REALLY WHY im from estonia

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i can’t select the fullscreen option how can i do that?

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Originally posted by restinpeace21:

i can’t select the fullscreen option how can i do that?

you have to be on the game’s website in order to get full screen

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ok thanks swordarmjohn :)