[Server Maintenance] 2013/05/25 00:00 ~ 01:00 (GMT+9)

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[Server Maintenance] 2013/05/25 00:00 ~ 01:00 (GMT+9)

Hello, Sword & Magic fans!
Finally, we will release “Mystery Dungeon” contents.
Thanks for long patience.

  • Mystery Dungeon
    - There are three types of “Dungeon”.
    . Hard : Lv.25 ~ Lv.55 Monsters.
    . Hell : Lv.35 ~ Lv.75 Monsters.
    . Inferno: Lv.45 ~ Lv.80 Monsters.

- Players need energy to enter dungeon.
. Hard : 20 / Hell : 30 / Inferno : 40

- Open time[GMT + 9]
. Monday ~ Friday : 00:00 ~ 01:00, 06:00 ~ 07:00, 12:00 ~ 13:00, 18:00 ~ 19:00
. Saturday, Sunday : Always
. After server restart, “MD” will open during 1 hour.

- Floors
. Hard : ~ B50F
. Hell : ~ B70F
. Infero : ~B100F

- Check Point
. Players can save check points each 10 floor, automatically.
. So, players can start from check point after then.
. “Check point” will be reset at every Saturday 00:00.

- Ranking
. The player who go more deep, more fast can win.
. Players can get rewards based on rank.
. Rank will be reset at every Saturday 00:00.

- Unique monsters
. Players can meet “Unique monsters” every 5 floors, or randomly.
. They have unique skills.
. You can check the skills here → http://bit.ly/18joE1S

- Item drop
. If you clear one floor, you can get one chest.
. There is one gear in one chest.
. The gear will be at least “RARE”.
. If you defeat “Unique” monsters, you can get better rate for “legendary” items.
. If you can go more deep, you can get better rate for “legendary” items.
. If you complete one “Mystery dungeon”, you can get one “legendary” item.

- Legendary item
. It can’t be traded at this moment.
. The base stat of this gear will be better than “Epic” gears.
. There are many legendary options, now. And we’ll update continuously.

- If you leave the dungeon, you can get gears. Don’t worry about that.

  • New package
    - We update new package “Healing package 3”,“Healing package 4”.
    - This potion will heal 5000 hit point.
  • Price of healing packages down
    - Healing Package 1
    [BEFORE] Price : 9, amount : 20 —> [AFTER] Price : 2, amount : 50
    - Healing Package 2
    [BEFORE] Price : 19, amount 20 —> [AFTER] Price : 5, amount : 50
  • Price of pet down
    - [BEFORE] 19 —> [AFTER] 14
    - The difference of price will be refunded, soon.
  • Daily gift
    - Players can get “Crystal Point” from daily gift, now.
    - We fixed daily gift bugs(can’t get gift)
  • New functions
    - You can use skill by keyboard(Q,W,E,R,T)
    - You can use potion by keyboard(1,2,3,4)
    - You can select target when battle.
  • Bug fixed
    - Elemental resistance calculation bug fixed.
    . So skill based on elemental like “Judgement of gaia”, Knight skill, will get more damages.


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Psst… you forgot to mention a huge nerf in Priest’s Wind of Life.
From about 300% heal, now it’s 185% in pve, 139% in pvp at skill lvl 14 :(

I wonder what other “skill balances” you’ve done this time!

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Ewwwww !! I don’t even wanna hear about spending more crystals. Less focus on earning + spending crystals & more focus on improving the game. Do something to bring back the fun & player base. If not, bye bye game! :P

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I can understand that the game need money to maintain a profit,

but it forget that it need a whole change that will bring player and even bring player back to the game

If no good action are taken, than bye

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Yep, this game is screwed.

Day 1 (pre-update): This game is alright, let’s keep playing
Day 2 (after-update): This is a write-off. New games that make such a significant change to prop short-term profits, no go. I quit

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I do not understand so many discussion, I have a good equipment and am premium and I did not spend a dollar in the game.
Simply it is necessary to have patience and go little by little.
I sit it if good is not understood, use a translator.