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What is the best equipment for everyone’s solo arena and what is the best team to take into the Champion Tournament? (BTW I already beat Mardek’s Solo)

EDIT: Beat Champion Tournament. :D

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What helps a lot with the solos is: Get all fairies in the shop in the eastern part of Aeropolis. (Each one costs 40k gold, and you need a key to enter the shop). Trade 4 of them in for the lost fairies quest, but keep the yellow one (Auto-haste). For trading in 4 fairies you get “scarab of health”, which will give you a nice health boost and auto-regen. So, equip scarab of health and yellow fairy.
If you still don’t have enough HP to beat the solo, get a Green Stole +6 (in total this item gives you +9 vit because of the +3 vit passive skill) for 68k in western Aeropolis.
Also, you should have a few elemental bombs in case monsters appear against which you do almost no damage. You can also buy these in Aerpolos… In a shop in the south of the temple of YALORT. There are 30x Liquid Lightnings, 30x Bottle o’ Acid, 30x Alchemists Fire (Actually the only one you can loot in this chapter) and 30x Really cold water.
Use Chocolate milk for healing, it removes all the negative status effects and heals for 1k HP. There is an unlimited amount of Chocolate milk in the dreamworld version of that shop in Goznor..

So that’s pretty much everything you need for the solos.. You don’t really need to level up the chars.
I still had some trouble doing Solaar’s solo, but training dark ressistance should help here.