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Rpg fan =/= grind fan.
Before starting Mardek 3 I “need” to finish M2. ~190 fights to learn all passive skills only for Mardek(or more…), and around 600+ more for Zach and Vehrn. Same 1 hit kill battles 600 times. Where is fun?

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Originally posted by Gremlion:

Rpg fan =/= grind fan.
Before starting Mardek 3 I “need” to finish M2. ~190 fights to learn all passive skills only for Mardek(or more…), and around 600+ more for Zach and Vehrn. Same 1 hit kill battles 600 times. Where is fun?

Yes. I know Mardek 3 can be very annoying because u need to train all skills to every playable characters so they can pass their survival tournament. To be honest, Mardek 3 will be a fail RPG game if it wasnt for the jokes. Mardek 2 is better than Mardek 3 because Mardek 3 has lost almost all fun component.

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dude mardek, all of it sucks and epic bttle fantasy is just better so deal with it

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Originally posted by daxteen:

dude mardek, all of it sucks and epic bttle fantasy is just better so deal with it

Mardek 3 has better storylines than EBF3.

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Before starting Mardek 3 I “need” to finish M2. ~190 fights to learn all passive skills only for Mardek(or more…), and around 600+ more for Zach and Vehrn. Same 1 hit kill battles 600 times. Where is fun?

You don’t need to do any of that to finish Mardek 3. The fun is in not doing that. Why do you force yourself if you can play through it without?

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From what I can tell, Mardek seems not to be able to make up its mind about taking itself seriously (the story) or not (the dialogue). While EBF3 is completely up front about it being a game with a plot just for the lulz, and its charm is in the fact that it doesn’t take itself seriously at all.

Now while I haven’t played Mardek (and by the sounds of it, don’t want to), EBF3 gets mark downs from me due to the fact that it’s just simply out and out frustrating on epic difficulty. When you can have level-capped, maxed-out characters with full-on buffs and for whatever reason get your party wiped out in a volley or two, that’s just unacceptable in my book.

That said, if you’re looking for story, I think Starwish wrecks either of them. Easily.

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Seriously . . . I’m just going to ignore the topic for a second. I’d like to highlight how amazing people here are. Ilk1986 – you and all folks like you really need to go get your head checked.
I can understand people like daxteen who are obviously just trolls . . . or people like Gremlion who lobby valid complaints against Mardek (for completionists Mardek is almost like torture the amount of grinding required to get ‘perfect’ endings) . . . but folks like you who walk in and try talk like sages while OPENLY ADMITTING you haven’t played the games in question? What is going on in your noggin.
You haven’t played Mardek, but you think the story in Starwish is better. Thanks man. I think living on Mars would be preferable for you. I haven’t met you, or been to Mars, but it seems absolutely reasonable to me.

EBF generally has easier flow in combat. Mardek has vastly better dialogue and story. Pixelated graphics can be nostalgiac, but EBF obviously put a little bit more work into it. Mardek has ridiculous grind factor, and some incredibly hard challenges if you look for them, whereas EBF you just set it on epic and voilâ, you have a hard game.
I’d say the two games are pretty on a par, Mardek is my personal favourite, but entirely understand how EBF has more mass appeal, largely due to being more casual gamer friendly (see angry birds).

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Mardek has ridiculous grind factor

May I ask, sir, what did you need to grind for in MARDEK? I personally got the impossible without grinding.

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It doesn’t have a grind factor, reactions can be mastered in 1-2 battles. You’ll only ever need to grind if you want to master every single passive for every single character which is completely unnecessary.

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Tried Mardek 3 for 5 minutes: pixelated graphics, no mouse (what, are we back in the 80s of previous century suddenly?), enemies not visible on map (what is purpose of map then?), no tutorial, unnecessairly complicated combat. Epic Battle Fantasy: starts with cool graphics and funny intro, explains why heroes lost their levels and have to start from scatch (very rare among sequels) and first conversation? “This town does’t have name because it’s the only town in game”. IF there is any humor in Mardek I couldn’t find it, because my eyes were hurt from all those pixels. We live in HD era for crying out loud! Nostalgia is one thing, but if I wanted to play with pixels I’d just google some emulator for old games.

Conclusion: How is that even a competition? EBF 3 >>>> Mardek 3.

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Tried Mardek 3 for 5 minutes
Conclusion: How is that even a competition? EBF 3 >>>> Mardek 3
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Originally posted by Seizan_7:
enemies not visible on map (what is purpose of map then?)

Random encounters (akin to Pokemon).

Originally posted by Seizan_7:
because my eyes were hurt from all those pixels. We live in HD era for crying out loud!Nostalgia is one thing, but if I wanted to play with pixels I’d just google some emulator for old games.

If your eyes are legitimately hurt from the pixelated graphics, you need to have your eyes checked.

I like EBF more, though Mardek isn’t far behind. Having actually played all three, however, I have to agree with the person who said that Starwish’s story is superior to either EBF or Mardek.

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EBF suffers from the typical NPC amnesia. It’s boring saving someone’s grandmother only to see them going back to welcoming you to the village for the rest of eternity.
Mardek has an absolutely perfect AI in that respect with pages and pages of great humour and characters basically realising the things you hope they do and commenting on them.

However, now a couple of years have passed since this thread was started and we know that the Mardek series has basically been cancelled. Tbh the storyline of Mardek 3 was depressing and it hasn’t even been closed off.

So take your pick.

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I played Epic Battle Fantasy 3, yeah…. for a whole hour. I hated every minute of it. Graphics were chibi, which I absolutely despise, and combat was boring and too easy. The sidequests were very lame gave me no sense of reward. I don’t know how people could stand the massive tits of the girl shoved right in front of you that shook when you clicked on them. Could you get more perverted? The jokes were, quite simply, overused memes that I never found funny in the first place and jeez, 3 waves of enemies? Why not just 1 really hard wave or something? I’d feel more fulfilled. Next, the healing while you walk was pretty dumb, as most RPGs even nowadays don’t need that to be even slightly challenging. I could literally walk in a circle to heal to full, then go to the next fight. How is that fun? I usually like turn based RPGs, but that one sucked eggs.

MARDEK was good, not the best RPG I have ever played, but at least it made sense and I knew weaknesses without having to look them up half the time, which in EBF3 you had to waste a turn to look up! Yes, it had a lot of text, and yes it had a lot of skills, but it is called DIVERSITY! And to the person that said he was so bothered by the pixelated graphics it made it unplayable, exactly HOW many games have you played? I thought the graphics in the game were great for pixelated style, and while the combat wasn’t ugly, it was better than EBF3 which made me feel like I was playing in the kiddie pool, with so much focus on graphics and little on challenge. I beat both EBF 1 and 2, and had much less complaints except that you can’t stop until you go through literally 10-15 waves of pure annoyance…

Some people really need to know a gem when they see one, 50 hours as compared to 5? What, do you want to have no fun for five hours and then masturbate about Natz boobs the rest of the time, or feel like you’re actually DOING something that has at least somewhat of an actual story.

So in the basics: MARDEK >>>> EBF3

As for the game being closed off for either, we might being seeing EBF4 sooner than MARDEK 4, but I can wait a few more years for quality in MARDEK then quality in EBF4. Needless to say, I probably won’t be playing EBF4 anytime soon…

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Mardek 3 – Realistic story but horribly repetitive and boring gameplay

EBF3 – Cute story and better gameplay, better design too.

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MARDEK:Very cool game and yet funny at the same time.If you played the first two chapter before starting the third,the fun starts… :p.Being a Completionist is very fun(Not really Completionist,what I mean here is finishing all superbosses and all the Solo Arena.I have some tips to beat the Superbosses.PM me)

EBF3:Very cool game with awesome skills.Just the problem is you have to scan the foes to see the weakness.(SPOILER:In EBF4,Lance Scan skill probably would not appear,replaced by the Scan bot.Going to miss that.Forgot how do I beat Akron in EBF3,but it was in Easy anyway,so it’s worthless.)

I am very excited to see EBF4 but can’t wait to see MARDEK 4.Especially against Gaspar(Moric was…meh.Qualna was far too easy with Champion sword II.Hopefully Gaspar is more challenging than those both.)

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Wow, this topic is still going?

On-topic, I can’t really decide. Imo, they are both awesome RPG:s and have their +’s and -’s.

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For me Epic battle fantasy is a great flash game but mardek is a great game, in other words mardeks are more than flash games for me, if the next mardeks would come oout on a console id buy them, they have everything rpgs had in the golden age of video games + a good humor. I wouldnt buy any epic battle fantasy tho unless its like 2$.

Theres no open world in epic battle fantasy and most rpg devloppers that dont do open world do it because they want to focus more on story at least thats what they say(final fantasy 13) but in epic battle fantasy where is the story?

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I vote Mardek. I have a very sarcasitc sense of humor, so theres one reason, and the other is because I do love how they point out certain things which seem so cliche. Pseudolonewolf is a fucking genius.

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No contest. Mardek destroys EBF easily. Everyone saying otherwise has not played both games FULLY. I easily beat EBF4 in about 1/3 the time or actually probably less, it took me to get through Mardek 3. Mardek 3 has faaaaaaar more content than EBF4 does. People liking EBF4 more are just swayed by the graphics and how much easier it is probably.

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I personally think that Mardek 3 is a far better game then EBF3. this is because I felt a far greater sense of achievement upon finishing the game.
One character truly set the tone for me in Mardek and that character is melchior

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I played all EBF games, along with MARDEK 1, 2, and stuck-on-the-Sun-Temple 3, and I like both. The thing I’m amazed about is that MARDEK was created before EBF was even a thought. But we are doing 3v3 here.

I’m going to make a list, like a previous poster did.

Puzzles: MARDEK has tons of puzzling areas, (I hate you cataclysm, sun temple!) And, EBF3 only has 1, which is the Kitten Kingdom Ruins. On the difficulty of the puzzles, MARDEK wins. On the less frequency of puzzles, EBF3 wins.

Gameplay: MARDEK has difficult challenges, but you can compensate by going to a weak battle and hitting your allies for EXP. I am pretty good at grinding, so that’s helped me beat the Saviors. EBF3 can only let you grind by completing a battle. MARDEK wins.


Drama: MARDEK has lots of drama SPOILERS like Moric’s battleship shutting down, leaving you with 10:00 to escape. A boss appears out of nowhere, but your fighter Deugan fights it alone, as you escape. Deugan is never seen until chapter 3, and he doesn’t reveal himself there. EBF3 had me seething with fear (and rage) as I approached the Pyrohydra and Akron on Epic difficulty. Tie.


Difficulty: In EBF3, I only died once on Epic mode, and that’s from Akron. I then slew him after one retry. In MARDEK, I’ve had 3ish gameovers, and that’s from being Zombified by undead Social Fox, and the others were from the Griffin battle in MARDEK 3. MARDEK wins.


Humor: I’m not too interested in humor, but talking to Vehrn in the grotto B2 with that unsetting theme made me laugh.
EBF3 you wouldn’t understand unless you’re an internet-guy, but my ratings are my opinion, and I’m an “internetd00d”, so EBF3 wins. I’m not interested in wobbling breasts, either, the community hungry for them is just as bad as those League of Angels ads.


Surprises: MARDEK had tons of surprises up it’s digital sleeve. In both MARDEK 2 and 3, the Saviors pop out of NOWHERE, and say they are looking for a crystal in Coronia. Then 4 plot unrelated minibosses appear, and you cannot flee. It’s a tough battle, too. It gets even worse in MARDEK 3. EBF3 had little to no surprises, so MARDEK wins, yet EBF3 wins for fleeable boss battles and lack of surprises.


Bosses: Some MARDEK bosses had unoriginality, but overall they were good. EBF3 bosses are biased off of Matt’s sketching, and some fanart. Also, why would a pumpkin robot that is extremely vulnerable to hand bombs appear in a forest? The other bosses are good though. MARDEK wins.


Music: I’m a giant fan of the music in games, and I’d have to say.. Earthbound wins? No, seriously though, it’s a tie.


Save: I’m a big fan of being able to save wherever, so EBF3 wins. In MARDEK, the save crystal replenishes your health, mana, and that stuff, but in EBF3 status effects go away after battle, and you can regain health by walking around. EBF3 wins.


Art: MARDEK opposes to pixel art, which turns into drawings and animations during battle. In EBF3, it looks sort of like an enhanced version of Microsoft paint. In EBF3, there is chibi art outside of battle. I like both art styles, but I dislike when middle aged men look bald in their pixel sprite, but on their face portrait they don’t. EBF3 wins.


Well, it’s a tie, and Earthbound didn’t make it because we’re not doggone comparing it. I still love EB though.

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Even though I liked EBF series a lot,I would still prefer Mardek.
I can easily beat EBF3 in EPIC mode and even get all 60 achievements in two days, (I did it before, not in Kongregate,though) and that was way too short for me to get focused. And since I can beat it without trying,I will soon be tired of it. It sure needs a longer storyline and more things for me to achieve.

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For me Mardek 3 is the best RPG in kong

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MARDEK games are easy, and I had more challenge playing Pokemon, and those games are sooooooo easy. Almost everything (aside from bosses and golems) in MARDEK games dies in one hit especially with advantageous matchups applied, plus they barely fight back forcefully. Why can’t MARDEK be hard? The only challenge to MARDEK is the sidequests, which I love doing. Honestly, EBF3 and the MARDEK games are not all that hard, but MARDEK fighting is mostly one-hit/turn kill battles, and one-hit kills are lame. Whereas you have Cosmic Monoliths and other deadly enemies and bosses in EBF3/4 that don’t go down that easily. I earned every badge in all games in both series, and I owned EBF3’s epic mode too many times.

Aside from the lack of difficulty, MARDEK is where it is at when it comes to story, that’s for sure. I loved it just as much as your wildest dreams. MARDEK’s humor just rocks my socks too, gotta love the security parodies in the Warport. There was one guy complaining about how his pocket knife used for food would not allow him to warp while Mardek (loaded to the teeth) was allowed. Being asked ridiculous questions by the workers led to constant smiling and giggling. Honestly I would have been bored of MARDEK faster if its story was on the same level as EBF’s because of MARDEK’s severe easiness despite depth, so I am grateful that Pseudo would write such an expansive story. MARDEK still remains better for these reasons in terms of substance. w00t!

P.S. Kill the foes faster to avoid death! And this kind of question is somewhat touchy.