Infinite Armada Update/Preview Thingy

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Just giving a little preview of the updated version of my first game.
I uploaded the the lastversion before it was really done at all. I Still need to work on some Sprites, and other stuff, but its coming together.
Here are the Links if anyone wants to compare
Unfinished on Kongregate (

Newest Build

-Added Preloader
-Added Menu
-Added Reset
-Added Music with on/off
-Added Bombs (Shift key. Place Holder Graphic, will destroy wreckage)
-Added Pause(Backspace key.Seems sticky. Using on onEnterFrame Event, any -suggestions to fix this?)
-Added Animated Dynamic starfield
-Enemies only have a 30-50% chance to leave wreckage now.(Changed from 100%)

To do:
-Power Ups
-bonus lives
-bonus Bomb Drops
-Improved Beginning menu
-I have sprites for 3-5 more enemy types Just not sure how I’m going to implement them.
-Bit more artwork, maybe spice up the background a little bit.
Right now when an enemy is destroyed the clip stays on stage(invisible), and enemies won’t respawn until it moves off. This creates that sort of wave spawn effect, any suggestion on keeping it, or changing it?

Any Suggestions/ bugs/ Comments Please post!