What is this game?

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  1. Playstation ONE game
  2. 3d Shmup(shoot em up)
  3. has a lock on system, where you target enemies, and a huge green flying saucer/tortoise thingie shoots lasers at it.
  4. Special attack involves the super large green flying saucer/tortoise thingie bashing the target at high speed.

I can’t find any images. In fact, I’m not even sure if this game even exists. Its just something in my memory. I recall playing it on a demo playstation at one of them shops.

Thumbs up to whoever can dig it up :D

edit at 10hours: noone? – sobs -

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Sorry had to bump this… :( Does noone know?

I remember it was a Japanese game.

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You could try asking at yahoo answers, they seem to be able to answer some pretty specific questions.

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I’ll try thanks :)

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when in doubt, wikipedia it

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Wikipedia won’t work if you don’t know the name…

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the name is 3d shlump, or somethin like that…

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No, he means that’s what it is: a 3-d shoot ‘em up. I guess, technically that answers the question… lol. But seriously, give us more details. I can’t help but picture a game like Star Fox…

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Sounds like a Gamera game, maybe this? http://hg101.classicgaming.gamespy.com/gamera/gamera.htm

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OMFG Flying Turtle!

You are a Genius, friend. Thank you very much :)


The gameplay can be summed up in two words: Panzer Dragoon. Pure and simple. With one exception, you are in control of a jet which flies through the air, and you use the L1 and R1 buttons to shift your viewpoint through quadrants… forward, left, right and backward. Tapping the fire button sends a rapidfire burst of energy at your target. And that’s largely it.

It is at this point that I shamedfacedly admit my earlier oversight, and tell you that you do not undertake your missions alone… You have a wingman, of sorts. Indeed, it is nothing less than Gamera himself who flies on your wing in a support role. By holding the fire button, your targeting reticle shifts and you can then lock onto multiple targets, in a fashion identical to that of the Panzer Dragoon games. When you release the button, your plane does… nothing.

…Okay, I’m being disingenuous. When you release the button, Gamera kicks into gear, launching a batch of fireballs (in the number of how many lockons you had) which home in and damage your foes. In actual use, not very different from PD’s homing lasers, but it certainly is a lot funnier to behold. Each launch also comes with the signature Gamera roar, straight from the movies.

Also, there is a special attack button, which must be held down for a duration while Gamera begins charging up. During this time, the giant sea turtle retracts all his limbs and begins spinning like a dervish, small streams of energy coming from the holes in his shell where his flippers and legs… err, thrusters… used to be. If you’ve never seen a Gamera film, I swear I’m not making this up. When you release the button, Gamera flies into a fury, still spinning, careening off of every enemy in sight multiple times. The longer you hold the button to charge, the longer this special attack lasts. And obviously, when you’re charging and releasing this attack, you have only your rapidfire energy weapon, as Gamera’s too busy spinning to launch homing fireballs.

okay… fireballs, not lasers. I was close =P. I’ve only ever played 1 level of this game, and it was on a demobox at a store. Been trying to rack my brain for the name for ages. Thanks again. I’ll send you a cookie.

this is some frickin funny FMVs though
<embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/R0UQOCx7L1c" width="425" height="350"></embed>