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I will make a nicer banner in the near future :P

What is this thread for?

It is for posting your screenshots of cool things you made/done on Mutilate a Doll , Talk about the game and Suggest new items, options, ect.

The developer of Mutilate a Ragdoll has stated that he is always glad to hear suggestions on what you would like to see in the game. So if you have any at all be sure to mention them here.

I want to suggest/help design a new item or weapon, is there anything I need to know?

Yes, there are a few guidelines for designing items and weapons for the game.

  • Straight lines only (It converts better over to 2Dbox physics engine)

  • No concave shapes (if shuriken was a single shape, it would be concave, which is why it has been split into four triangles and a square in the middle.)
  • Any image file and size will do If you have access to Flash, weapons in .fla or .swf would speed up the process.
  • The Developer probably won’t add every single weapon

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    List of updates:

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    Imma go ahead and put all my screenshots in this post so they are not so spread out :P

    sorry bout how long post will be

    Settings: Density -1, Time .8
    Action: Press and hold “2”
    Result: WIN

    Chain + Half Sized Hammer=100% WIN

    You have to have “Joints Break” unchecked for it to work.

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    Is there a way to hide the HUD? If not there should be a way. It gets annoying.

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    Dull….really dull

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    @Doomoo, I’ll see what I can do.

    @iAddAll, projectile weapons are implemented in the next update. Teaser.

    @JoshinatorKY, awesome gif!

    @PiggybackList, I will add a way in the next update. Would you like to hide just the help, just the menu or both?

    @dd790, suggest a way to make it sharper then.

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    Drooling for the next update already?

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    Hell yeah!

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    0rava when are those guns coming out?

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    density i know right :)

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    The more things the better, variety is what this game needs to build on the most. The more tools you give the player the more things they can do. I would like to see some sort of rope or string. also I would like to see more items OTHER than weapons, the gears are a cool idea but the issue is I can’t seem to put gears together well so it is hard to make anything using more than two. I would like to see a larger variety of shapes as well. why should breakables only be one shape? Maybe you can drag a tool to define the shape of the rectangle you want like you do in MSpaint or something. that would be nice. Another thing that would be cool is ad in some things like a few triangles (right, obtuse, acute) so we have those to mess around with. some “cone” shape ones would be cool too (like the shape of a needle sorta)… lets see… Oh I know you say the breakable thing is a total bitch to work on (coding wise) but maybe you could ask another coder/developer to look over it and give suggestions and/or help “optimize” the coding and such. I would like to see more precise cutting (when i try to cut from one corner to another I often have issues doing so) and maybe have two Types of breakable objects. One could break similar to glass (the one that we currently have) and one could “crumble” like dirt (fall apart into not so sharp and long pieces) that would be cool. Well thats about all I can think of. Even without all the stuff I’ve mentioned this is one of the best flash games i’ve played You should be really proud of yourself for making such a fine flashgame.

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    Spending rest of my time inside the holy triangle of Bed-Fridge-Computer

    No toilet?


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    i agree with doomoo

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    @fireballs591, the gun-update will be released fairly soon. Still needs some tweaking here and there.

    @Doomoo, I’m most likely going to re-do the whole menusystem at some point, not in the next update though.


    I would like to see some sort of rope or string.

    Joints are a planned future addition. I have the system pretty much done in one of my other games, just need to scavenge, translate and tweak it.

    Also I would like to see more items other than weapons

    After remaking the menu so I can fit loads of things in it, why not. If you feel like helping, draw the objects or make a list and/or find pictures of them.

    the gears are a cool idea but the issue…

    tbh I never liked the gears myself, they’re massive and don’t even work properly. We’ll see…

    Why should breakables only be one shape?

    They have to be fairly thin to minimize the collateral damage. Like mentioned before, getting the direction of collision has proven to be messed up. Meaning that I can’t really direct the breaking, instead the cuts are randomized around the collision point. If your breakable was very wide, not only would the breaking look worse, it would also break “non-breakable” things everywhere around. I’ll see if I can work around that.

    Another thing that would be cool is ad in some things like a few triangles

    A triangle maker shouldn’t be that hard to do. I’ll add it at some point.

    two types of breakable objects…

    I’ll see if I can make some sort of dirt breaking appear more natural.

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    :O its gonna be so much fun :)

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    Shoot a Doll update changelog:

    - Added pistol (1) shotgun (2) assault rifle (3) grenade launcher (4)*
    - Added single-object size modifying runtime (Up/Down), rotating objects around center (Left/Right)
    - Added hiding the menu and help on Enter **
    - Modified damping value to be less effective (easier to fine-tune)
    - Modified damping o affect weapon rotation extremely much to help aiming.
    - Modified weapons to spawn pointing at the center of stage (left or right)
    - Modified Gear-object to spawn just one gear, allowing more complex gear-systems.
    - Fixed red blood not working (use negative bleed values to enable it)
    - Fixed destructable objects destroying other objects
    - Fixed destructable objects’ properties not being set properly
    - Limited destructable shrapnels’ size
    - Limited script-generated cutting considerably (It was cutting way too much, causing huge lag)
    - Removed saving&loading while I work on it (or: “for now”).
    - Removed fairly useless damage counter, might implement it with proper stats later on.

    *First key press spawns a weapon and following presses shoot with said weapon if it's ready.
    ** First press hides help, second hides menu, third unhides help, fourth unhides menu.

    tldr: projectile weapons and lag fixes

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    what happened to the menu bar at the bottom?

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    Originally posted by fireballs591:

    what happened to the menu bar at the bottom?

    It’s still there. Maybe you accidentally hid it by pressing Enter.

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    I was supposed to add recoil but I totally forgot about it as I wanted to release this as soon as possible. Will do.

    Toggle lag [X] Sounds good indeed. Some sort of limiter-value that throttles everything laggy might do it. I’ll see what I can do.

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    Yeah _ thanks, i was at school playing this that’s when i first experienced the updates. And that’s also when i posted “what happened to the menu bar at the bottom”? But when i first logged onto my computer at home, i saw the menu tab. BTW the updates are fantastic. And i have no problems with them :)

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    I was looking at all these posts, and thought of an idea for a weapon in the next update. Maybe a flamethrower would be really cool, and possibly simple. Here is a link i found of a very cool picture of a flamethrower. Sorry the 2 weapons are together couldn’t get it alone:

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    How do you shoot the guns?

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    You press the number that spawned them. Ex: shotgun, 2 to shoot it press 2