change _mc (anim)state when grabbing ledge

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change _mc (anim)state when grabbing ledge.

in my game the _mc runs on land and jumps up to grab: ledge 1,2,3 etc

when hits ledge 1, I want the to gotoAndPlay(

(anim of .char pulling himself up onto ledge1)

can anyone please help with the coding of these jumps?……..thankyou in advance!

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// on’s code.
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (,y,true) {
gotoAndPlay(frame where the pullupanimation starts);
} else {
gotoAndPlay(frame of the normal animation);

Also, this goes on the programming forum.

Edit the code before the x and y. The forum automatically edits the text and won’t show it correctly.

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hello senekis93,

thanks very much I shall try this!