[GemCraft chapter 0] Gem color wheel and elemental affinities (just some random thoughts)

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This is just nitpicking from a purely aesthetic point of view, but it always seemed strange to me that the eight gem colors in GemCraft are not uniformly distributed around the RGB color wheel. If you have eight gem types in a color wheel of 360 degrees, it makes sense if the gem hues are spread out evenly in 45 degree intervals. However, this apparently isn’t the case, for example the hue of an orange gem is like 30.

Again, from a purely aesthetic point of view, I think the gem coloring system would look much better if the hues are spread out in 45 degree intervals:

Also, some of the gem special abilities don’t really make sense. For some colors they make sense, such as green; you can sort of “feel” that green is the “poisonous” color. But for some others it’s just totally random; I have no idea why orange gains mana, or lime deals chain hit.

If the game was to adopt the eight colors in my picture above, then there could be a different arrangement of special abilities that tie each color to a specific element:
Red = Fire: Bloodbound. Think of it as the flames burning hotter and hotter.
Yellow = Holy: Critical hit. Divine retribution deals multiple damage.
Lime = Acid: Armor tearing. Acid corrodes through armor.
Green = Poison: Poisonous. I don’t need to explain this one.
Cyan = Ice: Slowing. Ice in fantasy games traditionally slows enemies.
Blue = Spirit: Mana gain. The color of mana is blue in the game.
Indigo = Thunder: Chain hit. Lightning can strike multiple targets.
Violet = Mind: Stunning. Mental attacks briefly enthralls and stops monsters.
White = Arcane. The Arcane Guardians, the Gem of Eternity, etc.
Black = Shadow. The Shadows, the Forgotten, etc.

Please note that all of the above are only for aesthetic and flavor purposes; they don’t really add anything to the game. They’re just some random thoughts, but I wanted to post them anyways.

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good thought

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Hues were intentionally moved a bit as RGB color format does not exactly correspond to spectral characteristic of human eye. Now they are easier to tell apart.

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Now they are easier to tell apart.

Not really. Lime and green weren’t that easy to tell apart; sometimes red and orange too. And even in my color model, lime and green are the only two colors that are kind of similar. All the other colors are distinct.

Besides, I’ve heard somewhere that gems deal more damage to monsters of the opposite hue and less damage to monsters of the same hue. Monsters come in all hues, but gems aren’t as evenly distributed. This imbalance kind of bothers me.

Also, why do some of the colors have specials that don’t make sense? I have no idea why orange has mana gain, or why lime has chain hit. At least my color/element associations make some sort of sense: fire is red; holy powers are usually golden; acid is usually yellowish green; poison is green; ice is light blue; mana is dark blue; lightning is sometimes purple; and psychic powers are sometimes depicted as pinkish violet.

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Computers wreak havoc to classical artistic ideas, I guess. RGB color wheels just come from the technical facts of today’s color monitors. The classic color wheel in art is red – yellow – blue, with orange, green and purple in between them. Of course, that is only 6 colors so far. Mixing further yields another 6 hues for a total of 12.

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Technically the RBG model is the “correct” model, since the human eye mixes red, green, and blue light to see colors; it’s not related only to computer monitors. And I know that by combining the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors you get 12 hues, but GemCraft only allows for 8 so you’ll have to vary the hues in intervals of 45 instead of 30. I just think that my model works better than the one GC currently has.

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Your model seems more appropriate for relating special abilities and colors, yes. :) The artist’s color wheel was modeled after how we feel, what looks balanced to us when we just look at colors. Our biological means to see them is just that, means.

Color is a construction of our brains, a classification of the eye’s data input. The eyes don’t mix it yet, and their data input isn’t really 3 colors at all. The 3 color receptors react to a broad spectrum of frequencies, each. red, green and blue just happen to be where their maximum reaction is. When you see blue, the green receptor still works, too. In fact, when only the “blue” receptor works, you see violet!

But I guess this isn’t really the point of this thread. :)

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I don’t want this change because I got used to the original colors already!