Escape from hartwell walkthrough!

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1. Click the pillow to get the change.
2. Click on the left of the screen to enter the hallway.
3. Go right one screen to the living room and take the right antenna off of the tv
4. Go right again into the kitchen. Take the spoon from under the butcher’s knife on the counter and check the number on the fridge. Write it down; you’ll need it for later.
5. Go left two screens back into the hallway.
6. Go in the right door to the bathroom. Pick up the toothbrush and the zit cream. Also, click on the bathtub and use the antenna in the hole to get a key.
7. Reenter the hallway, and go left to screens out to the shed. Combine the toothbrush and the zit cream, and use your new item to clean the lock. Then use the key on the lock.
8. Take the axe and the glove from the shed.
9. Leave the shed and go right one screen to the foyer. Use the axe to break down the door.
10. Grab the key from the coat pocket and the coat hanger and return to the shed.
11. Use the coat hanger on the crack at the top of the window to pick open the mower. Then use the key from the closet to start it up.
12. Ignore the hole for now and go right two screens back to the hallway. Go into the door on the left, click on the fuse box, put on the glove, and use the spoon to connect the wires (don’t try this at home kids)
13. Return to the hallway and go right into the living room, pick up the phone, and dial the number from before (312-9425).
14. Go left all the way until you return to the hole in the wall.
15. Go in the hole, click the train door.
16. Congratulations, you’re free!