Asteroids Revenge III - Crash To Survive

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Anyone have any strategies or tips they want to share? Questions on the game? Suggestions or feedback? I’m open to it all! :)

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Make circles, kill fast, mindless button masher really.

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Are you talking about AR3? or the previous ones?

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I really enjoyed the game myself. I went 4 speed and then just as much armour as possible, however i made some mistakes and had to take random grows for health. Overall a very good game albeit quick to beat.

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Speed and armor are definitely the way to go for maximum score!

There is a bit of a replay if you want to try a different development path, different high score or work for the better endings.

But overall I was aiming for a short fun game that didn’t suck up hours and hours of your life (like DDT and some others have done to me). :)

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Hmmmm…there should be a kind of splitting power-up where instead or just waiting to die to split up, you might have to split to do more strategies :P.

Let’s see…Oh yeah, more mindless destruction would be nice :P.

Oh, and grats on the JiG article thingy :P. You truly deserved it.

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Thanks Sylicas!

Here is a tip from Anthony who scored over 12k kills:

Short version:
10 speed all the rest in defence.
Last level get close to the edge but not outside.

Long version:
First of all i only put points in speed and the shield, the more allies you have the more they get hit so buying more of them is pretty much a wasted point, no points in rotation speed because frankly i don’t see the point unless you need them as a shield but if you need them that bad then you can give up already, as long as you have a few allies to blow up the mines there’s no need for them to be more numerous or faster(oh and they can take away opportunities to regenerate as well).
It seems the healing/growing is a one time thing (correct me if i’m wrong), at first i thought it made you heal/grow more with every enemy you crush.
So that won’t work because the bigger you are the more you get hit so eventually you just stagnate at a certain size.

On my highscore (only my second try so i didn’t experiment much) i used 10 points on speed and all the rest on the shield that way you avoid more bullets and get hurt much less from bombs in the last level which means less health to restore.

Also i tried to get close enough to the sides so that i could sweep over the fullgroups of enemies but not too close so that part of you is outside, this can get you hit by bombs whic loaded already outside but can’t be seen yet. (i assume they all load outside since they don’t just pop up)

And off course a bit of luck might help since all it takes is one good mine to end your game sometimes.
Hope it helps you to get closer to (but not higher than!) 12k

Also if you look at the review on new grounds you might learn another secret or two. :)

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All i did was 5 speed in the beginning, and rest armor, until the last few levels, because allies will help a lot in the end. I killed most ships by myself without getting hit a lot, until the boss. The boss..i sent all my allies so i wont lose health. Then, for the final one, I held left mouse button so that my allies will fly free, and i rotated around.

Something i did wrong was i made too big of a circle…and hit a mine that killed about 900hp. I was at 6500 kills and 15 health…but the armor payed off, and i found allies xD

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This was another great guide written up on NewGrounds by Elvarg:

Tips for doing well in final round:

- Throughout the game, ONLY invest in speed/armor bonuses (equally). You should have at least 12 of each by final level. If you can’t survive without ally/health bonuses, keep practicing, because you can replenish those in the final round, but not your armor/health. Don’t sacrifice a permanent bonus for a temporary one. And faster asteroid spinning bonus is pretty much useless by the last level, so don’t bother wasting a bonus opportunity on it.

In final round:

- Unless you see a blue or green mine, always hold shift, so you can fly freely and kill ships. Remember, you must kill the ship yourself to gain health and size, if your allies kill it it doesn’t count. So fly your asteroid alone and just go for the biggest bulk of the ships.

- Don’t bother dodging bullets, you’ll hurt yourself more trying to dodge than just going for the ship that shoots them. So just try to kill as much ships as fast as possible, yourself.

- If you see any red mines, go for them ASAP on your own, or they will obliterate your asteroids. Also, needless to say, immediately pick up any asteroid bonus you get.

- Your asteroids meanwhile will bounce around the map on their own, allowing you to clear a large area of ships which are otherwise hard to get (because you only aim for the concentrations yourself. This especially applies to the dodgy yellow ships – never bother to waste time chasing them with your main, just go for the white ones and the yellow ones will get hit by an ally sooner or later).

- When you see blue or green mines, release shift to call your asteroids to circle you, then use them to destroy the mine. Don’t wait till those they get destroyed on their own, because the last thing you want is a ton of ships/repel devices spawning with you unable to reach them because of the mine. You’ll lose a few asteroids, but it sure beats losing your own health. If there is more than one red/green mine, OR there is one REALLY big one, “throw” your allies at them instead (get far from them, start flying towards them with your allies summoned, then at last moment hold shift and change your course. But only do so if really necessary, because it slows you down from killing ships which should be your main task.

- Size is as critical as health. With a large size, you can wipe a huge area of the map in one go. The only downside is that its harder to dodge blue/green mines. A little-known ADDED bonus is that if you have a huge size and then get hit to a smaller size, your lost size result in extra bonus allies! So that’s another important reason to try and kill as many ships on your own, without ally help.

- Destroy repel devices as soon as they spawn. With 12+ speed bonus, you should be able to fly fast enough to crash a repel device despite its forces. But if you allow many of them to stack, their repel power stacks too, so you are screwed, in which case you need to use the good old “throw” ally trick to get rid of them.


- Ally bonus squares: Highest priority, get them ASAP unless you can’t without being blown up by a blue/green mine (in which case it’s not worth the damage)

- Blue/green mines: Second highest priority, summon allies around you (don’t hold shift) and get those destroyed by allies without taking damage yourself; or throw your allies at them in particular.

- Red mines: Third highest priority, Kill yourself, allies released using shift

- Repel devices: Fourth highest priority, kill those any way you want, usually you only need ally help if they outrepel you on your own. Point is, don’t let them stack.

- White ships: Normal priority, kill them yourself (asteroids released with shift), go for the bulk of them.

- Yellow ships: Lowest priority: Ignore unless they are in your way anyways, your released asteroids will get them eventually.

I got over 10k killed ships, and probably could get more, using these tactics.

Happy spaceship hunting!

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lol….dats all