Which Video Game Site is better? Kongregate, Maplestory, WoW, Battleon, Gaia Online, Dead Frontier or Runescape? page 2

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Kongregate is obviously the best.

Too bad Maplestory was only fun during and right after beta. It sucks now..

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I can see Runescape PK system ruining in active subscrlptlons (!?) and if there would be Runescape Classic that was great with it 3-hits system and all that. Now i say WOW.

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runescape was good before but now i wouldnt recommend playing it. The hd makes it suck even more after aboput a week your just walking around the place shouting random things. Kongregate is good but does get boring after a while. I havent played maplestory but from screenshots it does look a bit babyish and probably would get boring after a while. world of warcraft i dont have much experience in but i have played the 10 day trial and it was awsome the graphics music combat and everything is just great but it is a bit on the expensive side. (I do have a lot of experience on runescape so just trust me on that) I vote world of warcraft if you dont mind paying the price. Also you might want to add xbox 360 because you do play online If you add xbox i vote that!

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sadly i wont allow xbox to butt into the pc votes sorry! XD

it is only famous sites that is accessible by your very own pc!

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Kongregate isn’t an MMORPG. World of Warcraft has my vote. Don’t get me wrong, I love Kongregate, maybe even more than WoW, but it isn’t an MMO.

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Flare x

i mentioned in a previous post i knew kongregate was not a MMORPG but most of the other sites i mentioned were! I did not want to say which MMORPG or site is better? then add the MMORPG’S/SITE’S that would be too confusing!

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Oh, sorry, missed that post then :p

I still keep WoW as my vote.

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aww xbox wouldve won :( oh well I still vote for wow though. Is this a double post if it is tell me please?

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Well currently WoW is in 1st kongregate is in 2nd i think Anarchy and Battleon are both 3rd and runescape and maplestory are 4th! XD for a more explained way of the rankings…


1st: World of Warcraft

2nd: Kongregate

3rd: Anarchy & Battleon

4th: Runescape & Maplestory

Rofl… Kongregate is cool but WoW keeps on beating up Kongregate just to earn its maybe rightfull 1st place! Oh well!! =/

And no aihem you are not double posting just to be sure! =)

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WoW: Not bad but gets extremely boring after a while and there are people called “WoW zombies”. The graphics are not that great and the gameplay gets boring soon.
Also it sucks your money you need for more important things.

MapleStory: I’ve played that for a while, level 60 wizard. With the graphics you’d wanna stay for longer. I don’t mean they are great, I mean they give you some life. It gets boring like all MMORPGs but you should try it. Besides, it’s free.

Kongregate: Do I have to comment on this? O.o

Runescape: …no…

Guild Wars: I’m gonna buy it this year maybe. I hear it’s good.

My advice: Try MapleStory and stick to Kong.

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So speardudezor what is better? Kongregate or maplestory? you pick…

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i vote battleon! SUPRISE!

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Artix Games created battleon.com games. they are Adventure Quest, Dragonfable, Mech Quest, and the newest game. http://aqworlds.com

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phew i dont get banned! :) and you might wanna add mech quest cos its advertised so much it will be 5th tho

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nah… Battleon created MechQuest as well as AdventureQuest and DragonFable… it would be pointles to be honest =)

sorry! i can’t put it on the votes list XD

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WOW is the best!!!

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can you add gaio or gaoi online tho. Just to give more variety and maybe that game on miniclip with the robots that kill each other i dunno what its called tho. (it is online I thinks its called robot wars)

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nope aihem! No can do! sorry! =(

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Other than MS being 10 poitns lower than what it really is and wow being 9 points over looks pretty good

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Eh, havn’t played runescape in a while (and I never got very into it). Anyways, Kongregate is a community, not an MMORPG. THe only one i’ve played indepth is Maplestory, got a white knight level 70 (when I got there, i was like, okay, i have no reason to play htis game any more, I am not gona spend another year or 2 (or 3 considering how i don’t play too much ) to get to level 120, kthxbye.

Maplestory is a waste of your time, it sucks you in with fun stuff from levels 1-30, and then after that it’s just grinding period.

Plus, Nexon is greedy, yes, you can play for free, but you’ll be gaining exp twice as slow as other people, as well as the fact that you have lame clothes on, and also that you need to press buttons to use potions, still pick up money and loot, and oh… did I mention, you lose experience when you die.

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In my opinion?

I still play WoW currently, and it’s the best game I’ve ever played. World is huge and seemless, graphics are very nice, the classes can fit your play style, talents allow further customization. The community for the Alliance can be a little rough, but not always. It rocks for me. To all those people who say, “omg wow is the worst game evr i h8 it”, just because you don’t like it, it is not a bad game.

Maplestory was fun at the beginning, but as you progressed, it becomes tedious to grind, and if you were certain classes then you rely a lot on money, which is not good in a game. I wanted to try to get to higher levels and advanced classes, but grinding through all those levels was just too boring. A good game for some people, but not me.

Runescape…is bad. The graphics are horrible, the community is rude, unhelpeful, and mean 90% of the time, gaemplay consists of autoattacking this, auto attacking that, with a few occasional clicking of a couple skills. Its a drag having to walk around really slowly, and the point of a game should be leveling, killing things, having fun. Not walking around. This game is very boring, and you must pay if you want most of the game. Maybe it would be better if it was free, but to pay for so little is not worth it.

This is what I think of these games.


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The kingdom of loathing. The graphics aren’t that great, but if you read the text, it is very funny. It doesn’t take much time , so try playing.

Also, MMORPG stands for massively multilayer online role-playing game.

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No.Most of the things you listed sucks

The Best MMORPG i played was Ragnarok. Ftw
Second- Gaia, Hey if you got Kongrate up there why not gaia?

Oo also The Real game. Get a girlfriend house child even be a hobo! The best part is its real time and all the time! Even right now. Yup the best

But im waiting till i find my perfect game. Not grinding mostly fluff and not really fighting, just to hang. Is free it can have a cash shop but not give advantage to them. The cash shop items must last FOREVER not like MS which is only 2 or 3months or 1. And it costs alot!

So whats the best mmorpg?
You decide. Make ppl tell you what games too play. If you dont know what the game is about ask. But dont ask what the best game is kk? Good

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MapleStory = Grinding, boring, only good for MMVs.

WoW = Grinding, boring, hardly good for.. um.. WoWMVs.

RuneScape = No.

Anarchy = P2P, so no thanks.

BattleOn = WTF.

Kongregate = Yeah!! :D