Fallout New Vegas tips? page 2

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dont ever put a special at 10 because there is always something to uprade it and have speech because it can really help

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Learn how to play caravan! That’s an easy way to get caps! In one of my save files I got about 6000 caps before I got to New Vegas thanks to caravan! So learn up and you’ll be super rich in no time!

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The allocation of skill points is entirely subjective, depending on what character you’re rolling,
but I would recommend, for any character, a decent speech and medicine.
Speech opens up a broad spectrum of dialogue choices, and medicine grants you more health from stimpaks.

As for weapons; it depends on whether you’re going for lead-spitters or laserweapons. Or melee. Or Unarmed.

The best place to visit to check these things out, is the fallout wiki.