Rock Mobster Badge - Brief Guide (tactics)

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Firstly I’d like to start out by saying what a great little game this is and how much I enjoyed it. Badge took two attempts – although I scraped through in the end.


Firstly I recommend playing through once, maybe going for the card. This will help you get the feel for the control system. I personally played the whole thing with a mouse, but big props for the fact that it has a WASD sytem for those with a touch pad and an alternate to a jog wheel.

Early game

Speed – i only chose speed up to level seven. Speed is your greatest asset IMHO in the early game.

Remember if you kill the ships it increases your mass (life force). If you let you allies kill them you don’t get any increase, so wherever possible kill the ships yourself.

Mid Game

After I reached lvl 7 speed I built up my shield to lvl 7.

When going for the badge a good shield is critical, but still possibly secondary to speed. Be careful when destroying the mines. Subtlety is the key to the rows of reds and blues – and remember once the mines are gone, leave your allies and destroy the ships yourself so you increase mass.

Be careful when killing the green mine – let your roids’ rotate untill you get small ones in line then chuck the little ones at it for minimum damages to your allies.

From lvl 7 speed and lvl seven shield
I leveled up alternatively between the two, and increased my size once when i got below 100 mass (top left corner).

Final Boss

Use your allies to destroy everything – keeping yourself alive and with a high mass is important for the final stage

Use the last few levels to increase your shield and speed even further but I would suggest making sure your mass is above 200 at for the last level

The last stand (last level)

Due to your high shield and speed the early part of this level your mass should increase.

Four main tactics-

(1) Hold the left mouse button down and let your allies just float around – this leaves you free to kill the ships and increase your mass. I flew in a square pattern, not too near the edge as you won’t see mines in time to avoid them

(2) Whenever you see a +one ally(asteroid) bonus go straight for it. Extra allies are critical

(3) Whenever you see a red mine attack it with your ship

(4) Avoid blue and GREEN at all cost – i nearly lost the challenge as i hit a green mine

One last little trick is to release the mouse button if you become smaller than the largest asteroid on the screen. If you release then click again you become the biggest one.

NB – this is how i completed it – I have read since that recommended tactics is as many shields as possible. – I guess it depends on your playing style

Enjoy, once again excellent game, good reworking of classic concept, with layers of tactics, good powerups and enemies.

Kent Spank

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Hi Kent!

Great write-up! Speed is absolutely key and perhaps more useful then armor to a skillful player. Armor is a “safer” choice since you don’t have to worry so much about dodging bullets.

I’ve added some great tips in the comments of the dig story. These are some “developer secrets” that might be hard to learn on your own. I’m sure people will post them elsewhere but hopefully if you really like the game you can take the time to digg it. I won’t get anything personally (besides some extra fame) but things like this will go a long way to building up the Kongregate user base.

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i just get speed the whole time and i dont worry about anything else

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I got 7 speed, 1 rotate, and the rest went to shields when I got the badge.

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Those mines are crazy :( I liked my >2000 mass :o

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I just pumped up on armor. Little speed.

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Speed makes it easy to kill those repeller things :P

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If you have alot of shield you wont shrink at all and just keep growing and once you take up half the screen you can’t be repeled.

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…but mines?

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You need speed?

I stocked EVERYTHING on shield…
Oh, and DarthNader, that won’t happen. The biggest I got was 1600 then I couldn’t avoid the green mine

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I always took speed to 5 and then put the rest on grow. If you take out the repellers in the early levels (move to where they’ll spawn), you get a high mass & health boost.

Speed boosts over 5 didn’t seem to do much for me, armour I never needed. Spin I don’t see the point, and you get allies for free (although they tend to run out quickly if you’re aiming for pure grow).

Edit: How much armour do you need to take no damage? I got up to 16 at one point and was still taking damage from shots.

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You can’t take no damage, I already said I stocked all on shield and I still took damage.

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Every 400 ship kills increases the damage of all bullets by 1 (effectively reducing your armor by 1 point).

Red bullets do 10 damage (so initially 11 or 12 armor will protect you from them). Green bullets do 20… if you have around 22-23 armor you are immune.

Of course once you make some progress on the final level your armor will rapidly lose effectiveness.

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You cheeky person =P