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Hello Friends.

Heres the deal.

I did one big gem with 8 amplifier’s and i cant beat wave 115.
I did two big gems with 8 to 10 amplifier’s and i cant beat wave 121.
As per last posts suggestion i have gone with upto 10 gems with no amplifiers and it worked upto wave 130.

The settings are Quad monsters. 20% + hp. Unlimited endurance. Other settings i hae dropped now or make no difference over all. Aka faster monster setting.

My gem setting is Y/O/L.
1) WHAT the hell to do when after wave 100 monsters with 10 million + hp come?

2) At that stage have one super gem or upgrade all to at least 10?

3) What are people doing to earn wizard level 500 +

4) Also i have noticed when i do mana farm only i need to keep pressing M every 3 or 4 seconds is this true for all? Any ways around that. To hit 200k mana its like 30 or 40 M’s pressed.

5) How can you have enough gems to kill even one monster on normal setting with many grade 10 gems or 1 with amps. Amps will kill however then 30 million?

6) With normal waves even with no extra settings how do u ensure on all maps you can have 400k + mana to keep upgrading and keeping alive?

7) What is angering and the purpose?

8) What use is dropping gem bombs on the waves?

As you can see friends what i need help with is going to 200 or 300 waves.
What i need to do is get grade 15+ gems.


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2. lime/orange traps for your serious mana-gain, you should be able to pretty much go to instant-filling by wave 110. you will easily have grade 14 gems by wave 100 this way. lime/yellow or lime/yellow/red to do damage.
1. 10 million hp is nothing.

6. again, L/O traps. and armored only waves is ideal.

7. angering: dropping gem bombs on the wave-stones. in chapter 0, it would give you an insane score increase, in labyrinth_endurance, it only increases the number of monsters (without decreasing the managain/monster)…so, instead of setting quad monsters, set double monsters (or less) and a higher increase in hp-the starting managain/wave is the same, but lower monsters means more managain due to angering. in other modes, it will give you a multiplier. in endurance, anger early to make things easier later on.

8. again, you can increase the mana gained due to killing monsters, and give your mana farm more monsters to work on.