[GemCraft Labyrinth] The Zero-Effort Win Challenge

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Okay, I’ve done this a couple of times now and I wonder how many levels this is possible on. Here’s the rules:

Start a level. Do not create any gems. You may build ONE tower or trap if the level does not have any already. Place your Wild Gem into the tower/trap. Summon ALL waves (not in Endurance mode, obviously) right at the beginning. Win the battle without doing anything else whatsoever. (You can set your Mana Pool to auto so it expands when filled, but that’s it.)

I’ve pulled it off with default settings for levels a couple times. On the earlier levels, you can probably get away with the harder battle settings and still manage it. It’s not exactly going to win you gobs of XP, but it can be an interesting experiment.

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I have wild gem, triple gem, and the three gem skills (for whichever three the wild gem is) maxed. Here’s what I have been able to do so far:
G13: Quadruple, Tenfold, Giants Only, +20 waves, Higher Armor, Faster (but without summoning all waves immediately)
Quadruple, Tenfold, Giants Only, Higher Armor, Banished Heal, Faster, Banishment cost increase (calling all waves early)
This multiplier was 61.1 for battle settings- pretty good considering I literally did nothing all game.
It would also be interesting to see how far in endurance one lasts, without calling waves early. I plan on doing more of this later- interesting challenge, sir.
The real limitation is firing speed- obviously, I could win without summoning waves early with +20 waves but I couldn’t win with +5 when I called all the waves early. Granted, those 5 waves are harder than the first 8, but still…