[GemCraft Labyrinth] firefox on mac bug

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If I use firefox on a mac, the game has all kinds of bugs that a clean reinstall and upgrading flash and everything to latest won’t fix.

Mostly pressing shift or alt will result in the same result of typing ‘3’. That means changing the targetting style is not possible so you can’t shoot tombs; have to pause to do anything involving shift or alt or risk putting an boost tower instead of whatever you’re trying to put down which is really a bummer when it happens more time than you can destroy stuff in the average 50-wave game.

There is no way in hell I am paying 50 kreds if this isn’t fixed. Whatever bug flash may have, none of the other kongregate games have it so obviously it’s a fixable/dodgeable bug!

Going to an internet cafe (5$ taxi in, 5$ taxi out, 5$/hour) I did find out that there is exploits relating to this bug that aren’t in the not-buggy version.

My mac friends all have the bug, too.

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Also shift is usable on gem bombing, so this isn’t a keyboard driver type bug. Also: holding keys down too long lags and eventually crashes the game.

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Just a question: Does it occur in other browsers too?

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FF on Mac happens to me all the time, as well. Shift defaults to an “A” hotkey to build an amplifier. Pressing it twice will let it act in the usual way, but it is extremely annoying. I reported it as a bug, but don’t see any action on it. Just checked Safari, and it doesn’t happen there. Seems exclusive to FF on Mac.