[GemCraft Labyrinth] Explanation of how gems work

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Whats your explanation? Use your imagination. And try to make it as realistic as possible!!!

Here’s mine:

Gems are holders of immense, almost infinite energy. You must use a different form of energy called mana to summon these containers from another, alternate universe where they were charged up for eons.

The towers are a means of using that energy for offensive purposes. The towers channel this energy into orbs which are lobbed at monsters. However the towers can’t do this effectivevly. The amplifiers use the powers of more gems to assist the towers in their effectivness. Traps are the same as towers

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I have a different explanation:

Gems are objects that transform the energy in the air into “damage-energy” – harmful to the enemies. Mana is required to create these transformers. Towers and traps direct this “damage-energy” onto monsters. shrines use the energy to unleash certain effects on the monsters. However, they break down in a short time, that’s why you have to create new gems every level.

gems are living beings, they absorb the nutrients in the towers and traps to create orbs to attack the enemy. The orbs absorb the target’s life and returns back to the gem to activate the special effect. (example: bloodbound gems use the target’s life to upgrade itself). the gems require mana to reproduce, and they die between levels.

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I was about to post the similar thing that wecl0me wrote, but read your post without being lazy..
BUT, (just because you divided it up into ‘impossible’ and ‘realistic’) I would say that the idea of gems transforming atmospheric energy (?) into usable energy is realistic (comparable to wind power or solar power). On the other hand if towers were to be the gems’ source of energy, they would have to be much more expansive than gems, which are merely sources that extract energy, and shouldn’t get more and more expansive as you build :P

Just my idea in different forms than the rest of you guys :D

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“Gems” are actually 7th dimensional bee-like animals called the Wodash. We just can’t really perceive them properly, so they remind us of pretty stones. Most Wodash live in colonies in trees (or anything that keeps them above the ground) – towers are quite attractive to them. When they spot invaders, they will attack these invaders – the ‘shots’ are of course actually individual Wodash strikes. Other Wodash live in antlike colonies under the ground – we call these ‘traps’. While they can’t spot enemies from as far away, they are far more territorial than their distant cousins. Being a social species, workers form a large portion of the Wodash culture. These build monumental structures, dedicated to strengthening nearby colonies. We call these ‘amplifiers’, by lack of a better term.

Wodash will readily sacrifice their own lives for their species. If needed, entire colonies sacrifice themselves to destroy invaders. One would be a fool however to think they are unorganized. In fact, they have been noted to use intricate combat systems, even attacking enemy bases just to provoke a large counterattack – which then inevitably gets massacred by the real Wodash army. While they are not known for their technology, they do seem to have an aptitude to use technology for their own goals. Which usually is the destruction of anything not Wodash. Many a sacred shrine has been turned into a weapon by them, through means we do not quite understand.

Within Wodash culture there are several different groups. Like we have male and female individuals, they have at least nine different subgroups, each with their own specialties and appearances; often individuals of a certain group will stay together, though they will mix if the situation requires it. Yellow individuals have great strength. Limegreen individuals are very agile and good multitaskers. Green ones leave a deadly toxin, if their victim survives the attack itself. Cyan-colored individuals paralyze any victim that survives; blue ones release a sticky resin on their targets, making them easy to finish off. Purple Wodash are extremely violent and will likely destroy anything around a target before finishing it off; if you survive, you won’t have anything left to defend yourself with. Red Wodash are most prone to self-sacrifice, violently exploding and damaging a wide area – this group has not been spotted recently and is assumed extinct. Recently a new blood-red group has been reported, while further research is required, they seem to funnel their victim’s lifeforce back to the hive before dying, thus strengthening the hive as their victims pile up.

Wodash do not eat plants or animals like we do. Instead they appear to feed on the lifeforce of their victims. Lifeforce draws them, and though we have never clearly documented their appearance on earth, many stories exist of strange events occuring after great bloodsheds. Many a scavenger after a war was found dead after chasing an elusive gem – though of course it is not certain to be connected.

Wodash are extremely dangerous and best avoided; luckily they are not native to our dimension, and indeed, if they survive a visitation they will usually quickly return to their own dimension. However, some humans, particularly mages, foolishly believe they can harness their great power. Drawing them with lifeforce, often from human sacrifice, they try colonizing the species and employing them as a weapon against their enemies. The results may have been great successes – many great armies in our history were “suddenly” defeated, and we can guess how – it should be noted that these victories always come at a great cost. Usually little in the wide area survives, most mages who attempt a summoning are killed immediately by their ‘visitors’, and the few who survive often disappear shortly after – rumored to have become a being of pure evil.

Wodash, suprisingly, may be good pets, as long as they’re alone. They like cookies, apple pie and children. A great advantage is not needing to feed them, nor having to clean up their waste. It is best to get them before birth, so they may become attached to you. Do note that this is not a good idea if you have loved ones, neighbors, milkmen or in fact anyone else ever coming close to your house.

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Uh, what Tenshi said.

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Originally posted by Tenshi_Samshel:

A LOT of text…

Wasn’t it obvious? :P

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Tenshi, that was amazingly original. Wodash… lol
Go make some gemcraft fanfiction books :P

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Definition… Gems are amazing shapes that FIRE THEIR LAZAR WHENEVER POSSIBLE.