[GemCraft Labyrinth] Cyan and Blue Gems: The Snares of Gemcraft

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I know most people opt for the L/Y/O triple but I find Cyan or Blue helpful as support for LYO as snares, that they trap or deter monsters that are far ahead and “push” them into a group. After all, Lime components won’t be so effective if the monsters are scattered all over the map.

A long range cyan can help stun monsters that are far ahead of its group, letting the one behind it catch up so you can properly hit with Lime’s chain. This is particularly effective in stopping the push towards your orb by one single monster and works decently all gem ranks. I also tried Cyan/Lime to the same effect but if you do not kill the monsters fast enough, they may end up building too much resistance, breaking the snare faster than a pure Cyan.

Blue works to the same effect as Cyan with some difference. Blue does not has strong of an effect as Cyan until you get higher rank in which blue is a great and more reliable snare. You can also Lime/Blue for a group snare though the speed reduction is lower for numbers unless you anger.

You need to take note that blue and cyan should not exist on the same snare as the 3 second stun from cyan will waste 3 out of 4 seconds of blue’s slow. A way to partially override this negative synergy is to have blue with lime components or blue do suppression slows with random monsters.

A few miscellaneous notes, snare gems in traps only work well on slower monsters. Faster ones like swarms and runners will overload the snare due to trap’s pathetic range defeating the purpose of the snare. For this you want traps for slow monsters and towers on fast monsters. It is possible to make a snare filter by setting your snares to highest banishment cost so they will target the slow monsters and letting the fast one through to be picked off by your attack towers first though a few of them may be caught in the snare if you have a lime component.

It is optional to add orange component into snare traps. It reduces the overall effectiveness of the snare itself but allows you to gain mana in the process and the nature of the snare synergizes with orange.

I haven’t experimented amplified snares just yet so if someone has done so, post it in here.

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Non-premium solution is double-trap, L/O/C plus L/Y/* since one trap can’t provide enough mana early on to create a big enough gem earlier.

Amplified traps are worth it to no extent, you get one, you’re set. L/Y is better in an amped trap than in a tower starting with G8, and with amps from G10.

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I simply use a L/B/O instead of L/Y/O in my mana trap, and make a separate L/Y/* tower as damage. The L/B/O will easily rack up enough mana to get your offense up before anything gets out of the snare (if indeed it doesn’t already kill the creeps).