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There should also be a custamizable charecter and maybe a story mode or like missions and stuff such as get close to a void eater-this would probally be done by running in after a shock wave. Also there should be more awards. WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more awards.

P.S. what Sikesalicous said is true i hope they do make a sequel = P

P.S.S. I think it should be named either Amorphous+2, Amorphous++, or Amourphous-.

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Great IDEA Add something to create ur own bestiary of glooples plz!!!

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Add pie please.

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here is a list of monsters:
Sharp+Goople:Sharple, like a sharp,but bigger and takes 2 hits to kill.
Horror+Biter:Death biter, like a horror except it has a vod eaters shockwave, it becomews a horror when rolled over by a grinder, and takes 2 hits to kill and it’s black.
Clutter+Oozle:Clutterzle, this pesky creature takes two hits to kill, is purple, and fires two baby clutters at a time and the size of an oozle.
Oozle+Oozle:Razele, is redish green,and is the size of a grinder, only takes 3 hits to kill and is incredibly slow.

also i recon that you should have a hardcore mode again from the begining and a nest mode where you can explore the whole nest by going to the edge of the screen and the screen shifts to the next part of nest.

i don’t think you should have a store but, i do think you should have a massive award page that you scroll through.

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yeah it would be good i have many gloople ideas:

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story mode
mission mode

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“Hey, i wonder if they’re making a secong one!”

Sorry inno isn’t making a secong one he’s making a second one though, and he probably won’t check this thread, leave a shout in his profile.

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sparxie: a electric gloople

ifrit: two torchies
blizzard: two frosties
electro: two sparxies
hades: three torchies
shiva: three frosties
ixion: three sparxies

depredator: a gloople that can turn invisible and has poison claws
kuriboh: a cousin to the fuzzler but this can eat you from far swallowing u ( sorry for the name its that this gloople is really like it )
angloople: an angel gloople can throw divine blasts

giga: grey+angloople
furpaladin: grey+angloople+kuriboh

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also there should be more awards here are some:

descharger: splat a sparxie
electricist: splat 20 sparxies

heat off: splat an ifrit
bomber: splat 10 ifrits

ice survivor: splat a blizzard
cone of cold: splat 10 blizzards

lights of: splat a electro
electricity eater: splat 10 electros

god killer: splat an hades, a shiva, or a ixion
divine hater: splat a hades a shiva and a ixion

sharp sense: splat a depredator while invisible
perfect eye: splat 20 depredators in or out of invisibility

swallow this!!!: splat a kuriboh while in absorption
furball: splat 20 kuribohs

divine hater: splat a angloople
agent hell 007: splat 20 anglooples

machinist: spalt a giga
malfuction: splat 10 gigas

little cute divine exterminator: splat a furpaladin
dark knight: splat 3 furpaladins

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Stop the double posts pl0x.

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oh by the way i think there should be bosses hades, shiva, ixion and furpaladin are bosses like razor queen altho i would like it to be razor KING.

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pwoner theyre talking about amorphous + 2 ther is amorphous, amorphous + and theyre thinking of amorphous+2 or ++ theyre talking about the third one.

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Nice ideas guys!

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Queen+ Horror= King
Queen+ King= Overlord
Razor Queen+ Horror= Razor King
Razor Queen+ Razor King= Razoverlord

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You do know that it would actually be the third game right? Not Amorphous+2? I would probably be Amorphous++ or 3.

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ok in Amorphous+ 2 should have
#1 more monsters of course
#2 A level editor
#3 some new weapons would be nice
#4 maybe an adventure mode would be cool
#5 why is this guy fighting monsters in the first place
#6 different outfits
Monster(i’ve thought of)
Chalkie- a White gloop similar to inkie but when it hits you you turn white and slow down
Stinkie- a gloop that smell is so bad when it hits you your face melts
A better sword
a spinning surican on a stick
and a wand that turns them into bombs
OH and bombs

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I like combination monsters, but what are the odds that all these BILLION types of monsters will appear when you’re more likely than not to just kill them in their first ten seconds?

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larger nest ( even though i cant beat big cause of lack of patience ) incase i get sweet at it.
as for new weapons iam just fine with the cloud strife buster blade look-a-like lol. should make the turret not kill you though that almost got my keyboard broke lol

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I think some of the features suggested are great. I’d like to see larger levels (that is, scrolling), but how are glooples going to spawn if there are walls? And having set spawn locations would make them far too predictable. Natural obstacles (in larger levels) wouldn’t stop gameplay from being smooth, either. I think that small factor of luck where glooples can come from the edge and kill you right away keeps the game challenging. If I couldn’t be taken by surprise and be utterly defenceless, nothing would stop me beating a huge nest every time.

I also like the idea of an experience system, though I’d probably implement it a little differently. Rather than tangible, gameplay altering bonuses, I think allowing the player to purchase trivial things with their experience would be cool. Everyone wants to customise their character, so why not make them work for it? Aside from their character’s appearance, new levels could also be available for a price. I like the more useful upgrades suggested, though.

A statistics section on the menu would be good, if only to see what’s killing you most often.

I really don’t think there needs to be a type of gloople for every single object in existence. A few of them were ok, but some plainly ignore the logic behind their appearance. Grinders shouldn’t combine, because when they hit each other they glow and become vulnerable. If players couldn’t rely on that, fighting grinders would become a lot more difficult. When a horror hits something, it kills it. It can’t combine with anything. Also, I know glooples are fictional, but they’re organisms. They’re not supernatural, and they’re not technological, so shooting powerful, accurate lasers is beyond their aspirations.

Sorry for the winding post, and I don’t mean to attack anyone’s ideas. You’re welcome to dissect mine.

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well this stuff is really kewl.i think that 2 razoroverlords should combine to become a razorgodoople and produckt, how would a gray spawn if oozle+oolze= Razele? my weapon suggestions: Upgraded Splatmaster(no damage bonus but customisable), Revolver, Dragon sword atk 2 with dragon decor, Big SM atk 3 and customized, Burning Blade, atk 3 with extra damage to freeze glooples but turns fire into stronger fire used with Freezing Blade and Shocking Blade switch with 123, Holy Blade and Evil Blade atk 4 do extra damage to opposite but heal same element gloople switch with 12, and Final Blade atk 5 with an all element decor and expanded time that your blade will kill glooples after swinging so you can move before deathzone ends.
and there should be a stonele, Basic Gloople, hp 2 and shielded like grays, but small, and attacks by breaking nearby ground, creating a temporary fissure.

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I was thinking of these new monsters I was thinking of.

two inkies= darkle/like inkie but the size as a grinder/4 hits to kill

two fuzzles= beast/throws it,s own fangs and creates fuzzles/3 hits to kill

two void eaters= doom/can self destruct and create five void eaters unless it sees another doom them it creates a forcefield/6 hits to kill

two dooms= dimentors/can destroy you by instant marage of bullets but takes 18 seconds to charge/9 hits to kill

new wheelies/ can get you stuck in dirt by burrieing you for 3 seconds or can kill you by running you over and goes really fast/2 hits to kill

new stormies/ shoots electric beams but takes 5 seconds to charge/1 hits to kill

new hand/ chokes you and extremely rare/ 11 hits to kill

new taser/if it touches you, you will get electricuted/3 hits to kill

stormie+wheelie=caution/ can shoot blades of electric and cause a portal that create doobles

new doobles/can slice you and look like you but red/1 hit to kill

heres some rewards i thought of

atom bomb/ destroys all glooples on screen

malfunction machine/ makes all glooples on screen kill each other for 15 seconds

bomb sword/ turns your sword into a weapon that turn glooples into time bomb for 10 seconds

death/ when death appears and freezes time and gives you a choice to kill all of this kind of gloople on screen

and thats it

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lol it would be awful but im still trying to get to the queen some one tell me how!!!

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I wonder if they will include a weapon/reward that’s similar to the Gray’s tendril lance?

I’d also say there should be a story mode, maybe even a challenge mode.

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here’s some more glooples i thought of

two sharps= jack/ can create a portal that shoot balls of any element and can shoot it,s spikes at you/4 hits to kill

new cupid/ it looks like a heart and it can shoot arrows at you and it might hit the glooples with arrows and the gloople the arrow hits helps you till its death/2 hits to kill

new j+/ its white with a halo and shoots electric at you,also if it touches you, you will decindergrate/6 hits to kill

new d-/ its red with horns and shoots fireballs, also if it touches you, you will burst into flames/6 hits to kill

d-j= mercy/ its pink with a horn and a halo around the horn and it can bring any kind of glooples on the screen but it either has a halo around them or have horns/12 hits to kill/extremely rare

new gloobot/ its looks like a robot and can set mines that either freeze you or set you on fire/3 hits to kill

heres some awards i was thinking of

game player/ kill 30 jacks/ must have been like the origanal game BUT DEADLY

firer/die by burning 25 times/you could become fired by fire

caveman/ kill 20 gloobot/ you must hate technology oh wait if you hate technology you wont be playing on this computer

frozen heart/ kill 30 mercys/ if you got this reward i might have permission to call you a big fat bully

here’s some modes for this game I thought of

gloople creator/ can create a gloople for a diferent mode

gloople maze/ you play a gloople which you create in gloople creator and have to get out a maze but watch out for threats like sword guys, void eaters, melties or grinders

and thats it