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A 2 player mode where 1 person bes the sword guy and the other player creates glooples based on how many you killed

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what about 2 razor queens that use reverse mitosis and create the Emperor ?

to fight him would be hard: like 10 hits from a sword

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here’s some more ideas for you


demon/ have to kill 20 j+s/ you even might go to hell muhahahaha

angel/ have to kill 20 d-s/ YAY youre going to heaven halehuhah

messy/ have to kill 30 darkles/bad news you have to clean up this mess, good news you get this award

what to do now/ if you clear the screen in bounty run on fast/ this is good to you but bad for the glooples


creator of rewards/ when you go to this him, give him a reward key and he gives you a silver key for the special reward but you have to unlock it by beating story mode

story mode/where you have to get missions and defeat them to unlock stuff

crazy mode/ like bounty run but they just keep coming, they never give you a break


new miney/ it sets itself on the ground and tentekals come out and start slamming and swinging all over the place/1 hit to kill

horror+void eater= terror/ can shoot heatseeking blades that dont just kill you by cutting you it kills any thing around you with a matter explosion/9 hits to kill

meltie + torchie= harzard/ it,s first create more melties, second it shoot a marauge of fire balls, last it goes into the middle and self destruct and makes lots of meltie puddles/invincible exept when it about to self destruct then 2 hits to kill

new amorphous/ its can transform into any gloople and extremely rare/ 5 hits to kill

that,s it

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heres some more glooples i thought of

torchie+queen= hellfire/can summon torchies and uses hellfire attacks to put you on fire/3 hits to kill

frostie+queen= icage (ice age)/ can summon frosties and uses freeze ray to freeze you/3 hits to kill

frostie+queen+torchie= elequeem/rare/can use detonate,freeze,tentacle slam,flame,and armageddon/armageddon is when he uses every attack all at once/6 hits to kill

that it

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I thinked about that.. but i have 1 idea, (maybe not the best idea ever but why not?) that powerups jumpt in some times

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this game should be 3d like spyro or jak and daxter

heres some glooples

new windie/creates tornado to brakes your bones and throws couches that it picked up/2 hits to kill

windie+ queen= hurricane/ like a grinder but it can shoot tornados

thats it

Flag Post void but need 3 hits.

goople+void=tank.verry deadly but can’t move.he is like you SCAER but fires faster.

horror+biter=nichtmare.dark-blue long thing with 2 horrors at his begin.a bit like the razor queen. stickie exept it not only left stick-pools when he is dead.when you know what i mean^/^

void+torchie=fire point.can’t move but don’t let an inkie hit him…can’t be destroyed without grinder or meltie

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Razor Queen + Horror + Void Eater + Grinder = A really big rock that eat everything in his way and shot something hard.

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hum.only 2 types of gooples are able to fuse with each other at same time…

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Have you ever played crimsonland? Try it and you’ll know how Amorphous 2+ should look like.

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what would be awsome is getting rewards for ding in certain ways like being killed by your turret 5 times -betrayed:congrats everthing and everyone hates you doesent it feel good to be uhhh er hated

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Razor Queen + Horror + Void Eater + Grinder = A really big rock that eat everything in his way and shot something hard.

This quote is why typos were conceived

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Maybe a special mode where you play as a gloople and fight gloople hunters.

Or a 2 player mode where one person is razor queen and the other player is a gloople hunter.

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Thorny: NEW. Appears normally. Description: A green blob, slightly bigger than a gloople and slightly darker green. Every 6 seconds, it’ll shoot a trail of thorny branches. These will not kill you, but you will get stuck in them for 3 seconds if you step in them. The thorns can be destroyed with your sword and the thorny takes 2 hits. Awards for this one: Garden weeder: Silver. Awarded for chopping up 40 thorns branches.

Brightie: NEW. Appears normally. Description: A bright yellow blob with a slightly darker yellow ring above it, representing a halo. Do not let these hang around. Every 20 seconds, they’ll stop and charge themselves for 3 seconds. If you see it happening, KILL THEM IMMEDIATELY! When they are done charging, their halo comes off, multiplies rapidly and they are chucked at you rapidly. The halos have about twice the speed of a lunging biter and they will be chucked at you 5 a second, for 5 seconds. No specific awards for this one.

Brightie + Brightie = Holy. Description: a almost white blob with a big halo. It’s about the size of a oozle. These guys always have a orb hanging above them which gradually becomes bigger, and if you let them alive for 10 seconds, a big concentrated light beam will aim for you. They also every 30 seconds jump, and land with a unbelieveable blast of light which will blind you with twice the lenght of the blinding of a inkie. Takes 3 hits. Award: Repeller: Silvire (Between gold and silver). Awarded for reflecting a laser of an holy and killing 10 glooples total with it. Say your prayers!

Holy + Brightie = Saintly. Description: A completely white blob with a halo full of diamonds, sapphires, rubies etc. and also has wings. This blobbie is not to be messed with. Most of the time, he’ll fly above the battle, and every five seconds his shadow comes down and he will try to squash you while also creating a small explosion. When he is down, he will take 3 seconds to get back up. If you swing at him then, he will lose his wings. He’ll continue on the ground an he’ll blast you with shining beams continously. You will need to hit him 4 times, and even then he’s not done: He’ll shake, shudder, expand… and explode in a vast light explosion which blinds you partially (Can still see but the whole screen is much brighter than normal). This half-blind will last a whole 2 minutes. No specific awards.

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i think guns would ruin it to be honest .

yeah like what was said above maybe unlock one or two as an award
and something comical maybe ?

maybe more combinations of glooples
not that much could be done to improve it
though maybe another game mode or two.

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more combinations, multiplayer (online+offline), MORE WEAPONS, new glooples altogether, and a less… er… wierd name.

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i think that all the gloops should have hats!

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idk mayb sumfin like a r gray and a queen and a razor and a meltie?

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Amorphous+ is a science fiction, not a fantasy. It has technology, not magic. So all the stuff in it should at least be somewhat scientifically explanable. All the stuff in Amorphous+ is perfectly scientific, maybe except the Void Eater and the Teleporter…


Doom: Horror + Biter. Dark blue, slightly bigger than the Horror, with three rows of teeth inside it instead of two, has six long spikes/tentacles. Normally when a Horror touches a Biter, the Biter will be splattered. But occasionally they will merge, and the Doom is born. It can shoot spikes like the Razor Queen (the spikes don’t hurt if you’re wearing the Reactive Armor), although it doesn’t have to dig its tentacles into the ground. From its center it can hurl forth balls of teeth, which will explode immediately when they hit the ground; the explosion range of the teeth ball is a little less than the Razor Queen’s proximity mine (those spiky larva). The Doom can extend one of its tentacles and make a swipe by rotating 120 degrees, or it can extend all six of its tentacles and spin like your saw drone. Sometimes it’ll shoot one of its tentacles out as a projectile, dodge it and take a swing at the Doom before it could regrow its lost tentacle. It can also shoot out all six of its tentacles, and shrink itself into a tightly compressed ball of fangs, then move to you quickly. It moves exactly the same speed as you (in the ball of fangs mode), so you can’t outrun it; with the Razor Glaive you can send it flying into a distance but you can’t damage it. After a while the Doom reverts to its original state, before it regrows its tentacles, go near and take a good swing. It takes 3 hits to kill a Doom, and the only time it’s vulnerable is when it doesn’t have its tentacles protecting it. Unlike the Horror, it will not foolishly expose its weakness by sending out disks. Like the Horror, it can also shoot little hooks that turn Glooples into Biters.

Shadow: dark purple Gloople. It is able to turn itself invisible by bending the light around it, although how it does it is unknown. When it moves while invisible, the air will become distorted because light is being bent. It is quite harmless; the worst thing it can do is bumps into you when invisible, stunning you. Note that it can turn invisible, not intangible, so you can still splat it when it’s invisible. One hit kill.

Wraith: Shadow + Shadow, a bigger version of the Shadow. It moves slower but can lunge at you like a Biter despite its size. It can also turn invisible. The Wraith can absorb you like the Oozle. Two hit to kill, but if you swing directly in front of it, it will lunge away from you to dodge your attack. You’d better attack it from the side.

Nightmare: Wraith + Shadow, slightly bigger than the Wraith with little stubs around it. The Nightmare is capable of using an advanced form of light-bending ability to focus light into a point and shoot it out in a concentrated beam from one of its stubs. The beam looks like a white beam of light, and unlike the Void Eater’s gravity beam, it does not have a gravitational pull. The light beam will not kill you immediately; it will merely burn you like a Torchie, so you still have a chance ot surviving. It cannot turn invisible while shooting. Its favorite attack is materialize out of nowhere and shoot at you. It needs to charge its light beam for about one second, so you better take the opportunity and dodge it. It moves very fast and tends to move away from you, so the only time to hit it is when it’s shooting. It can be invisible even when moving, you will not see any air distortion. Two hits to kill, and when you land a hit, it will immediately stop shooting and turn invisible, then lunge away from you. It’ll keep shooting for three seconds, and if you still haven’t landed a hit on it, it will turn invisible and lunge away.

I’ve got some more ideas, but I’ll post them later…

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when r u planning on bringing out armorphous++?I been w8ting ages to play it but at least it gives me plenty of time to finish the first 1 when it comes out let me no.

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The new game should not be called Amorphous++. It should be called AmorphousΩ! (That’s the Greek letter “omega”)

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awards:splat an stickied biter.
to easy…duel some1 from you own difficulty and don’t touch my baby’s wil ye ?
splat an frosted ‘goople’(any type)ow holy craaaap,how holy craaap.and that in christmas !huh?what ?!
brake you saw drone:good training but any goople wil never use this tacetice!
splat exactely 101 gooples in bounty run(like 777 points) is that zoë101 ?
get 100 awards:you didn’t saw this 1 eh ?you got 101 dalmatiër… i mean awards XD

possible upgrades.evry badge wil give upgrade points.easy badges give low and hard give much!.like my be:5 upgrade points to upgrade SCAER:faster fireing.2nd upgrade:
10 points:extra munition for it etc
extra goople:morphous:‘morph’ himself in any kind of unlocked goople.

2 player modes:
*alie mode#1 2 players or more try to get highest possible score.
*hostyle mode#2 evry1 against evry1 try to get highest possible score
*dead mode!#3 try to kill you hostyles by hitting the in danger.evry hit stunts you for 2 sec.
*send mode#4 evry goople yiou kill wil be sended to hostyle territorium hopping!
that’s it for now!

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i think Inocuos Games put a Leaf Gloope that make you sleep for some sec. called Leplle

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2player mode? ALOHA! the PC have one mouse and no 2!

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Hey New suggestions!
If have a Razor QUENN can have a Tornado King (lol)