[GemCraft Labyrinth] special building systems

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1: blockhouses, one amp and 3-4 towers, this makes best use of larger gems

2: trap runs traps at 2 sq intervals SET TO HIGHEST HIT POINTS, slowing jems should not be used, this will cause clumping, use blue and cyan only next to blocks of towers

3: poison runs can be made with build 2, but poison jems will need to be strong,
pink jems, though a unlikely subject can be used when set to target most hit points

4:mana mines investing heavily in these can avoid the need to allocate skill points to focus, and unlike killing monsters, you will still get mana even if monsters are getting through

5:many systems of slowing with walls exist, but these do very little as towers can only shoot so often, but by placing lone towers at intervals it is possible to rotate huge gems so damage is continuous, this is good for bosses and giants

post your own:)

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1. Effective up to very late game with extra armor optional setting. I would think multiple amps would be better though.

2. Clumping is best for lime gems though is the basis of the snare aspect.

3. Poison is actually best used with random monster so you can spray the poison on different monsters instead of just the high HP one.

4. Add some amps next to the mana traps for maximum effectiveness. I like to put blue components in them so they double up as snares.

5. You’ll only need to do that with lower to mid game as higher level ones have good range unless you are playing a spread path map like L9 or H2.

My formation.

1. Spread snare mines (random monster) with several shrines nearby. With a minimal investment I can wipe out monsters that I anger to the point that I would normally get overrun.

2. B/O/L trap (random monster) with C tower (nearest to orb), and damage dealer L/Y/R to wipe the snared monsters. Works in conjunction with #1.

3. Spiral around central tower and back out. Makes very optimal use of tower range, works mostly with open maps or natural center with possible spiraling pathing like I9.