[GemCraft Labyrinth] Chaining Gems and Other Specials

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Because I’m lazy, and so it can easily be found…

When chaining gems are combined with others, and the attack does chain, does it carry/apply the specials to each hit monster, or just the first?


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For the shock, slow, poison specials (maybe also armor tearing, never checked), the effect chains regardless if in tower or trap.
For the mana gain special, if the gem is in a tower, the mana gain is applied only once.
For any special in a trap, the non-chain specials proc for every chained hit.
Note that if there is only one monster in range, a L/X in a trap will have the X special proc as many times as the lime hits (so if the gem has 100% chance to hit 3 targets, x% to hit a 4th target, if only one monster is in range, the gem will always hit at least 3 times and the X special procs at least 3 times).

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Alright, thanks