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Originally posted by ChickenBarbarian:

What did I do? Was it too long? It was just a story about the lighting and how I barely made it alive to another outpost. Or was I spamming?

Sometimes the spam filter preys on unwary forum-goers, don’t worry though it should be fixed. :)
Odds are that if your posts ever get removed for no good reason, the spam filter is to blame.
The admins are quick to fix things like that though!

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Jane was just something i got from a TV show lol

btw dachius ended up in the nether realms for 2 weeks and 4 days and figured out arcane magic there
he also realised his staff hurts when you trip over it (yes all my characters are going to be comedy)


(will be continued)

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basically i took the “Black knight” concept and ran with it,

of a cliff

and kept on going

Black armor, black sigil in chest, black hair, black eyes, black eyepatch, black skin, black moustache, blacklisted acount on facebook, when i take a concept, i overkill it until it hurts again

(made him a samurai to avoid negative connotations due to dark skin color)

NEXT: Lord Asplodakus

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Damn, I can’t wait for the Multiplayer. The creativity this game brings out of people is incredible. Hope to see the Multiplayer soon!

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Multiplayer testing with Ariana and friends!

Some customization code still buggy so weapon detail color is not matching the actual player choice. =(

C’mon everyone! Let’s test the multiplayer out! =D

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C’mon everyone! Let’s test the multiplayer out! =D

I tried the other day, but everytime i joined a channel it appeared like noone was inthere while they war, a very annoying bug when trying multiplayer D:

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Nyvrem friend, as you may know the world map is infinite, and not everyone is very fond of oppening the chat. Maybe you are just not in the same place as they were, especially now that I do not force the characters to spawn at the portal on multiplayer so, yesterday I’ve found a player on oriental outpost!

The thing is, I’ve done the multiplayer and it works inspite of some minor customization bugs but I see a very small amount of players testing it.

Actually you are one of my main testers, sending me bug reports trought private messages, and it helps a lot, almost every bug you’ve reported has been already fixed.

So I insist, c’mon everyone! Let’s test the multiplayer out! =D

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I have an idea. 2 actually:
1. Put an ONLINE thing up, so we can see who’s online.
2. If we can’t have this, organize online game times, e.g:
“Hey guys, let’s meet at 10:00AM (GMT) and kill some bandits and each other!”

Hope to see you guys online some time soon.
PS: good job with fixing the sound. That music was really annoying.

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Anti-Guardian is an Evil opposite of Pala-Dish and a member of the Anti-Heroes Anti-Community not much known about him he knowed as a giant separated dark plate armour parts and armed by Hell’s Gate (the reversed version of Pala-Dish’ Heaven Gate) an seen as a human with dark plate armours and armed with Hell’s Gate and Darkness Magics….if you fought him you must defeat him 3 times..first you fight him on where you now.second he transforms into his true form.third he will sent you to Anti-Earth and you must defeat the Anti-Heroes and The Anti-Guardian himself if you win you will sent back to Earth
The Anti-Guardian Himself:his Anti-Light Magic
and his Hell’s Gate
note:another fail xD. but fixed,uuuguuuuu~
Edit: thanks for Sanctus for Reminding my fault! xD

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Chambo is my brother’s Character in Kingdoms of Amalur (my brother,Uncle,And Self Favourite)
he is a good assassin and a Badass Warrior i try my best to making his armor in this game look the same….but almost failed
heres the link
note:make more skin color pls so i can make my uncle’s Character (Lorcan)

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Lothario is my Character in Kingdoms of Amalur
im was a good Face-to-Palm Warrior i do the best to make my KoA Armor looks the same in this game….and worked!
heres the link!
note:please make more skin color so i can make my uncle’s Character (Lorcan)
another note: Fixed Lothario! :D
Edit: thanks Sanctus for Reminding me!

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Those are LolSpongeBob characters! =D

Actually LolSpongeBob, you’ve sent me 4 links with only 2 images, the other 2 where duplicated images. So that’s why I’ve only posted 2 of them =D

Thx for showing us your character! =)

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Does any1 know why it keeps crashing on me? Because everytime i go on it, it freezing the internet and i have to start up task manager and close it. Plz help!!!

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Hey does any1 know why on kongregate when i play this game it wont let me play? But on any other webiste it will. Plzzzz help

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hey is there any way im able to play the actual game of this???

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Hi kojak friend!

Maybe you’re having trouble playing the game because of you computer configuration?

Do you have a 3D graphics card with at least 128mb, 1Gb RAM memory and a dual-core processor?

Cause the freezing is probably a side-effect of not having one of those, especially RAM memory.

Can you at least make a character?

Don’t worry I am already taking care of a fine solution for all low end users that can’t currently play the game due computer limitations.

Thx for reporting and wanting to play this game! =D

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Grastonian is a holy paladin on his time (you may notice his hair cuz that hair indicates his age) until he is died killed by the bandits. wanted Revenge. Grastonian becames the Dark Lord and almost conquer the world but stopped by his Grandson,Elfatorius

Grastonian with his sword
Grastonian with his Magic

Note:the image was when he is alive (still a paladin) but i will make the Dark Lord next soon

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the Dark Lord was Grastonian when he died. just as i said,Grastonian is Already dead and wanted Revenge.
Almost conquer the world but failed by his Grandson

The Dark Lord with his GreatSword
The Dark Lord with his Dark Magic

Note:the image is when he is died (becoming the dark lord)

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Elfatorius is Grandson of Grastonian and also the one that stop Dark Lord (the other was Phixer the Orc,Lorcan,and Le Maestro)
he travel the land to seek where is his grandfather, then he got an answer from The Great Tree that his grandfather was the Dark Lord,Along with his SideKick,Phixer the Orc along with others Lorcan and Le Maestro goes to the underworld to defeat Grastonian from ruling the World, after Grastonian defeated. Elfatorius married with Phixer the Orc(which was a female orc) and having a male Orc and a Female Elf as their children

Elfatorius with a Bow left by his Grandfather
Elfatorius with dagger left by the Elf Queen

Note:Create more Skin color so i can make Phixer and Lorcan

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These are LolSpongeBob Characters:

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I <3 the choices but there should be more weapon slots, having 2 weapons isnt enough, maybe add a penalty for extra weapons? and also, the wizard hat looks like its made out of cardboard.. make it a bit less stiff to make it look more like a normal cloth wizard hat, and why are book pages the secondary colour instead of white? also, if you have 2 magic items with different elements, there should be an option for merging the two items because carrying 1 book on your hip and one one your butt is pretty weird…

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hm… how about this?

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Here’s mine!:

His name is Chaos, he was raised as a ninja-like assassin, with the power of dark magic!

As for gameplay, I made him into a glass cannon, high damage, but can’t take as much.

What he will do is adventure and explore the world!

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when i am back from end of map,i found bandit,near outpost where you spawn.