[GemCraft Labyrinth] How to level effectively

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Anyone have a video or a guide they could link me. I find it hard getting past 45. I am premium btw.

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…….Your premium and having problems. Really?

Once I got premium, I went from level 45 to 90 in a few hours. Very easy to level up in Premium. The only thing I can suggest to you would be to re-play the very beginning levels, and use your new abilities to hammer enemies. In a lot of cases, I would use middle difficulty settings on endurance (e.g. double enemies, 50% more HP, banished monsters cost more/heal). Usually, you can make pretty good XP multipliers.

After getting a few more level ups, you can raise the difficulty, thereby giving you more and more XP. After a few rounds of endurance, once I got to level 90 it became very easy to get 100,000 or 200,000 XP in a battle using all hard settings except for waves get exponentially harder (which is about a 40x multiplier).

At your level, I’d say maxing Bloodbound is a good way of beating levels on endurance with good multipliers. Make sure you use 1 tower and 8 amps to really make that gem destroy everything.

Eventually, you’ll want to have enough manna to have a very high level wild gem, which can hold off enemies while you charge up a great Y/L/O combo, which is the best gem in the game.

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Well it depends on how many maps you have unlocked.Otherwise you could try:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ibx9dNl0vpI
Although it is for non-premium you should still be able to get a decent amount of experience.You can also try setting tougher settings and replay earlier levels.(Off topic, but sadly I only have 48 kreds and cannot get premium.)

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i got premium at lvl 37 and used endurance to get to lvl 42, but i was able to get from lvl 42 to lvl 47 by
readjusting skill points to max skills for the 2 gems on particular map im working on, ive only gained 10 lvls in last few days but beating new maps is much more enjoyable for me than having superhigh stats