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Okie doke, I have been in the top five for several weeks now (on Kongregate) in the Endless Zombie Rampage, so I fell secure enough to pony up the tip on how to get the badge, and score lots of kills.

1) First, be in Survival mode (duh). You don’t get the badge if you’re not in Survival mode.

2)Buy the Pancor Jackhammer. It’s the third automatic shotgun…and its wide, high-damage cone fire is the only way I’ve found to last past 300 kills or so in Survival. Plus, the way it shoots, the sound it makes…it’s just dead sexy, so this getting badge will sound nice and war-zoney. And zombie-gut splooshy.

3)Click on the “Power Ups” tab, and purchase Quick Reloader (second column, towards the bottom). This is essential…it only buys you fractions of a second, but when there’s a teeming horde of fast-moving red mutant zombies splooshing through the knee-deep cabernet-sauvinblown sludge of their former compatriots’ grimgrislygory demise to break apart your precious base and rend you limb from fragile limb…YOU WANT THOSE FRACTIONS OF SECONDS! In addition to this, you want to get very very good at opening fire at the very nanosecond reloading is complete. Don’t bother buffing up your base or yourself…if you get at all into the Red Tide of Doom it doesn’t even matter if you have a few extra armor or hit points, they’re going to shred you and your base if they so much as touch you once or twice, anyway.

4)Waste zombies. You can get the badge fairly easily by just standing in front of your base and waving the Pancor back and forth in an arc. For getting into the higher echelons of scoring, you’ll need to move around a bit, in my experience. First of all, don’t be afraid of zombies that are just a few feet in front of you. The closer they are, the faster your Pancor will bite their piggy heads off. (>.>) Drive back the wave of zombies by moving (splooshing) forward and swinging the Pancor in an arc until it’s out of ammo. This will cause you to get better kills, since the shotgun works best at closer ranges, as well as buying you a few moments when you need to reload. The artistry of surviving into the high numbers lies in the seconds after reloading. Get good at backing up (galoosh sploosh gish) while reloading, then, as soon as you can fire, swinging a quick arc that shreds everything close. Then fire-hose charge them back out to decent range so you can back up again and repeat. Keep a sharp eye out for baddies that get knocked out of the usual attack pattern—there’s not a lot, but they happen and can terminally crimp your hairstyle if you don’t catch them. Backing up to one side of the base or the other (while reloading) is a good way to catch zombies that are right in front of it that have pressed in too close for you to fire effectively at them. Remember that the best place for a zombie to be is inches in front of your barrel…digital gore cleans off real easily, so the blatant, raw agression of pushing straight into the shredding crimson wave is the way to go!

And that’s it! Soon you, too will be gablooshing your way to the Knee-Deep badge and the satisfaction of a thousand corpses splorshing into splooshy splishiness all round.


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To just get the badge I’d use the GAU-8 minigun. 999 ammo will get you to 200 kills without needing a reload. It’s more accurate than the shotgun, and has greater range so it’s pretty much click on a zombie to kill it. The minigun can be used in a similar way to your arcing method, and there’s always the chance that if you move too slowly the extra bullets will hit zombies behind the rekilled ones. Just try to conserve ammo, the 4 second reloading time isn’t fun. Buy marathon man with the 500 EXP you have left for a little help.

This probably won’t get you on the high scores list (except perhaps the day’s if you wake up early), I certainly haven’t been able to reach 300 kills with it (281 is my highest), but it should get you the badge. Danohk’s strategy will get you a higher score, but I feel that the minigun gives you more control for at least up to 200 since you are faster than them and have the ammo ready if you need it.

Thanks for the strategy though, got me an extra 150 kills XD

Edit: Just checked cocak, seems both methods are quite popular (well, 2 for each with no competition)