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Hello People

I would like to show you my last game experiment. It’s a weird mix between a shooter with simple RTS elements. If you are interested to publish the game in your website you are free to do it. You will find all the game in this URL: ( http://upload2.net/page/download/wcYretSFPSSozrM/CellDefender.rar.html ) I would have loved to upload the game to Kongregate, but the game use several external XML files, and it’s impossible to fit all the XML in the SWF.

Game’s goal:
You command the white cell squad against the virus attack. You will have to destroy mother virus and protect your mother cell in order to keep the health of the human body.

Two modes of control the white cell army:

- Heroe Mode: You control one white cell unit with ARROW keys, A button to shoot and space bat to zoom in and out.

- Commander Mode: Take the brain control and give the proper orders selecting by area the cells you want to give orders and selecting in another area the goal of the cells.
You can select these kind of orders depending the destination area you choose:

  • Attack Mother Virus: You select an area where is the virus mother.
  • Protect Mother Cell: You tell to keep near your cell mother and protect it.
  • Attack virus unit: You select an individual virus unit to attack.
  • Follow cell unit: You select an individual cell to follow.
  • Go to position: You have selected an empty area where the unit will stay.
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I forgot to post an url to the game for the people who just want to play it without download it.

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I think Kongregate supports multiple file uploads.

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No, only the SWF and one aditional file. I asked to Kongregate team if there was any way to upload multiple files, they still have to tell me something.

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I’m playing it and it’s pretty fun, but is there any way to turn off the zooming in when you get near an enemy?

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No, the zoom is activated automatically when you are in heroe mode and you are near the enemy virus. It’s done in this way because you only can able to avoid the shoots in this way. The only way to stay with all the map on the screen is playing in commander mode.

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Finally, I could manage to split all the data in small strings and include them in the FLA, now I’ve uploaded the game in Kongregate system.


Thanks for the support.