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Originally posted by MasterToki:


Is Left 4 Dead really being that underrated?

Seriously, check out Left 4 Dead, that game at least has some strategy and team-work put into that game, especially since if you have X-Box live, you can play a full 4 VS 4 match where you can play as either the Survivors OR the Special Infected (Zombies with special abilities to hinder the survivors). Left 4 Dead 1 doesn’t have as much extra content as Left 4 Dead 2, but both actually added depth to the Zombie survival games unlike CoD Zombies which I will also agree, is a rather dumb game mode. I wouldn’t hate on it so much if it weren’t for the fact that the game has been played into the ground so much it’s practically in China now!—And even then it’s still being played into the ground.

Now, I will also recommend you another Zombie game: Dead Space 1 & 2.

Before you argue though, I will have you know that the Necromorphs follow the Zombie criteria. The game had awesome gameplay and if you want game where you can crap your pants at from sheer scariness factor, Dead Space is your game as both games are extremely scary (and Dead Space 2 offers a extra dose of creepiness on the side :) ).

Dead Space isn’t scary.

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Well first of all define scary.
I think the Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption is neat only head shots or fire kill also it has zombie bears,wolves,cougars, ect.

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whatever. There are almost no good zombie games.
plants versus zombies.

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zombies ate my neighbors!

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it varies depending on what type of game

I loved the Dead Rising games. it took hack and slash, survival with some shooter aspects and combined it into a fun, great to play game.

Left for dead though has also been a great series for the fps type zombie games with a great multiplayer game style.

The Day Z mod was a huge step in open-world type zombie gaming although I wouldn’t recommend it to the casual gamer.
and other simpler zombie games like killing floor and zombies on call of duty have made the simpler joy of killing zombies fun for whenever boredom strikes.

honestly there’s a lot of great zombie games out there and I believe it more or less just depends on your favored game type as to which you
will like the best.

I’m honestly hoping for a really good zombie survival mmorpg to come one day.

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Personally, I loved the game ‘Dead Island’. It’s a free-roam game, with a decent storyline, but the best part is you get to kill dozens of Zombies while completing quests and missions. If I remember correctly, there are six different types of zombies and four acts to complete along with some decent DLC.

The game includes four characters with unique skills and an incredibly diverse weapon arsenal along with mods to upgrade/improve your weapons. You should check out some reviews, you can find the game for about $20-$30 now since it’s pretty old, but I can guarantee you’ll have a fun time playing either by yourself or co-op multiplayer.

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Strategy coop multiplayer (text+flash)

MMO RPG skill-based style
*This is the BIGGEST zombie multiplayer+online.
you can check the traffic.

zone control style (no update anymore but I am still playing)

database simcity style (like travian)
The last stand dead zone

Adventure story-style
The walking dead

These game are good and I always look forward into them.